Good cybersecurity measures, like the ones put in place by large companies, must be tested in order to determine any weak points. The cybersecurity experts who carry out these tests are well-paid and in high demand. Getting started down this career path, though, normally costs a fortune and requires you to set aside more time in your already busy schedule.

What you need is a course that covers everything required to pass the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) and Certified Security Analyst (CSA) certification exams, and you need a course that won't put you into debt.

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This course is actually two in one — learn what it takes to become a Forensic Investigator, then focus on the skills needed to lead a lucrative Security Analyst career. Practical application of the standard tools in these fields will have you comfortable and ready to ace both certification exams.

This bundle has 305 lectures with over 48 hours of content. If you're worried about your schedule, keep in mind that access to this course stays open for your entire lifetime. Even if you don't have time now, pick up this bundle for later. Act soon — this deal won't last long.

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