Easily switch from an old Nokia to Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia UK has published a new video to help you get started with a Lumia Windows Phone. Should you be rocking an old Nokia mobile device, this walk through will have you back up old content and transfer everything across to your new smartphone. While Windows Phone is simple to get to grips with, it's neat to have a resource available for those who aren't tech savvy.

Be sure to check out the video if you're a little confused as to where to begin. Catch the Windows Phone apps below:

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Easily switch from an old Nokia to Lumia Windows Phones


My Dad uses nokia 5233 and he wants new phone I am telling him to buy Nokia Lumia 630 when it releases.

1020 has amoled. I honestly don't think it looks good. Too saturated and dark. The 1520 and 8x, i think, has the right balance. Though I wouldn't mind new guts and less bezel. Do I think the Icon and 930 are the successors. No. The 920 had this new feel, design, and tech to it that it excites. It paved the way for the future of Nokia Lumias. Icon/930 doesn't add anything. Doesn't open any new chapters.

But 1520 has sensitivity problem...
Sometimes it will response as you touch the screen but actually you want to swipe on the screen

True that. Even with the latest update it is about I'd say 70% improved. really though I was commenting the screen. I prefer my 1520 LCD rather than amoled.

Lumia is staying. Its a recognized "brand name". Kill it and MS will have to start all over again. I wouldn't risk that.

+1520, Microsoft should consider adding this feature platform-wide.

After live tiles, this is the identity of Windows Phone in standby mode.

Please Richard, I understand you're writing for a predominantly American audience here, but it doesn't mean you have to use such crass Americanisms all the time - especially as you're the "UK editor"! Phrases such as "rocking an old Nokia" sound horribly cheesy and can be left to the Yanks to use. (It's not a personal attack btw but I've seen such instances increasingly often on UK-based sites, and just had to point it out after seeing it here.)

How about "Should you have an old Nokia"? Or "Should you own an old Nokia"? Or even "Should you still possess an old Nokia"? There are umpteen ways of expressing the concept of owning and using something, it's a sad indictment of the state of the English language today if the first thing that comes to mind is some awful construction like "rocking". It would be slightly more tolerable if it were used very sparingly, but it seems to be popping up everywhere. It just reeks of the writer trying to sound "hip and down the the kids", but instead it just looks tacky. And if it's used repeatedly, its use becomes normalised to the extent that the writer doesn't realise how bad it sounds.

As andrewb65 says below, would you ever hear that phrase used in a normal, everyday human conversation, regardless if it's between adults or not?

Haha that turned into quite a rant but it had to be said :P

"Rocking..." Sounds like the oldest swinger in town trying to be hep with the kids. Yuck!

Seriously, would you use 'Rocking' in a conversation with grown-ups?

N8 FTW!!!! The 12MP 1/1.8 sensor and Carl Zeiss optics is still larger than any smartphone camera that isn't made by Nokia. It is the 3rd largest smartphone camera sensor. 808 PureView: 1/1.2, Lumia 1020: 1/1.5, Nokia N8 1.1.8.

My N8 still takes great pictures after 4 years, it is slow as molasses in the winter cold but the photos are great. The battery is almost a gonner and I honestly don't use it enough to buy another battery and torx screw driver and replace it myself. Like Drago said, "If he dies......he dies".

For the record: Microsoft developed a "Sync with SkyDrive" app for Symbian Belle. If you have a Symbian^3 phone, you can have that, and your transition to a Lumia will be easy.