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eBay app update improves support for international shoppers

eBay app on Windows Phone

The eBay app for Windows Phone was today updated to better serve shoppers outside of the United States and Canada. The update to version brings a lot of features that international shoppers are sure to appreciate.

The eBay app's last major update came in April with a full-on redesign. The new update is more subtle, and not even something eBay users in the United States would be likely to notice. Here's what's new for those outside of North America:

  • Items flagged as GSP (Global Shipping Program) are now purchasable from within the app. This means fewer redirects to the eBay website and faster shopping.

  • Prices for items in My Feed are now displayed in the user's local currency

Additionally there have been other "various localization changes and corrections", as well as the standard bug fixes all around.

The newly updated eBay app is available now from the Windows Phone Store for free — get it now and let us know if your global shopping experience has been improved!

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Reader comments

eBay app update improves support for international shoppers


Two main shopping apps gets update in same day..flipkart & eBay...flipkart now provide push notifications spell checking bug fixes and the icon of the app changed...where is our indian editor for reporting the news..

Not god at all!! It used to show the price of the products in R$(Brazilian currency) now it only shows in Dollars or the country a select in the settings in which Brazil is not shown. I didn't like it..

Actually, the GSP change is significant for those in the US.. I had a lot of purchases that directed me to the web because the seller supports GSP, even though the address I'm shipping to is still in the Us. Just enabling the feature on the auctions caused it to dump to the web for purchasers, regardless of shipping destination. Was very annoying.

Ebay's mobile website works far better than any of the apps on the various smart phone platforms. The only good thing these apps offer is notifications of auctions ending etc.
For purely browsing /buying, I've no idea why anyone would use the app itself.

It is great for sellers, the app could do with a little more refinement but works well for those of us running stores, etc online.

But will only work in the US only. The selling option is hidden when you change country/ region in-app.

The last couple updates completely changed the look of the app and it is getting of lot of bad reviews. I don't like it either-looks too Androidish. Too many apps getting away from metro style lately.

Well that DEFINATELY sucks!!!  I hope they correct that soon for you!  Running on the Desktop website is not too bad on my 1520 - one of the reasons I got the larger phone :-) but no app support for other regions sucks.