Facebook beta for Windows Phone 8 updated with improved notifications, new Live Tiles

Although it’s a bit early in the week, the Facebook team has pushed out yet another update for the beta app on Windows Phone 8. Version is now live in the Store, a bump in version numbers.

That means we’re not expecting anything revolutionary with this update, although the developers do have a rather detailed changelog that falls under the rubric of version “5.2”. (Edit: turns out this may be a pretty big update after all).

According to the changelog, here’s what is new:

  • Faster and more reliable notifications
  • Toasts for Facebook chat
  • Redesigned primary tile
  • Redesigned secondary tiles for chat, events, groups, pages, and photo albums
  • Messaging improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Support for additional languages

We’re not 100% sure that all came with today’s update, rather it seems like a backlog of changes starting with the 5.2.x.x, which began earlier this month. Regardless, updates are updates and we’re going to assume things are better with this update over

Notice anything new? Let us know in comments.

Update: Microsoft's Joe Belfiore just Tweeted "Get our latest #FB beta update now! Push chat, more languages & our best live tiles yet!" with the above screenshot of the new Tiles.

Head to the Windows Phone Store now to grab the latest Facebook beta app.

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Facebook beta for Windows Phone 8 updated with improved notifications, new Live Tiles



My 925's screen cracked on Saturday, and depending on how much I'll be charged to repair it, I might be considering to move on to the HTC One. I really dislike Samsung's TouchWiz skin, but HTC did an excellent job with the One. The phone looks fantastic and Android doesn't seem neither laggy or confused in it - the Sense skin is awesome.
My only drawback is the upcoming 8.1 update, which I'm really looking forward to! Plus, I just love my 925. But if WP Blue fails to impress me, this change will be necessary.

My friend think twice before  you go with Sense UI its crap its heavy and it removes the android experience from the OS... if you need my opinion go with Moto X anything that doesnt have heavy customization even Huaweis Emotion UI is better than sense and touch wiz

You think so?? Every review I saw, people said only good things about the Sense UI - except for the non-removable BlinkFeed. In Pocketnow, particularly, they said they even prefer the HTC One with the Sense over the Google Stock edition. But I gotta agree with you on that, Samsung + TouchWiz is crap.

I have a NL800 and I have waited for a 5", but nokia made a 6"...I bought a nexus :( I'll be back when a 5" will be available...I really like wp and nokia.

Agreed. I realize that not everyone has the money to invest in a new device, but WP 7.X really should be dead by now. It was poorly managed, and the sooner it goes away, the better. Hopefully with the upcoming Lumia 525 you can have a great WP 8 smartphone in the cheap. :)

I'm waiting to see the same thing happen to wp8 once they announce wp8.1. If I'm wrong -I'll buy a new wp device, but otherwise I'm switching to anything else.

Why did they stopped updating it for 7.8. This is the third update which didnt go for 7.8 as well :(

They stopped updating it because it's not the product they're marketing anymore. Its an old OS that they don't care about. The point is to get people to upgrade to WP8, not to hold onto the past and complain when they only update the WP8 version. They're trying to kill off 7 which is a fantastic idea.

I know how you feel, I was a wp7 owner and I switch to wp8 because I realize what was happening. Enjoy your phone and when you get the opportunity sell it or something and If you want, switch to wp8 :) Thats the best thing I can tell you. (Was what I did)

I curenntly cant afford a new phone so its not really professional from them to "not care" about 7.8 users anymore. If I could I would by a WP8 phone but I cant. I must stick with this one for a while.

But look I am not complaining about things that WP8 have and 7.8 dont have, but when you UPDATE the APP for both platforms and then just suddenly stop for 7.8 its just stupid and especially just right before a crucial update like this. 

I want to be the top commenter to inform you that, finally the notification is working perfectly! Took them about 3 years though. Still mad.

Guys, it's not always about not having money for wp8 phone. Like for me it's about availability. I have NL800 and I love it. But there's no wp8 alternative. Either it's too big or it does not have amoled display.

I use 920, but have kept my 800 as a secondary phone. I love the 800 design. They should keep it and move on to WP8 with some hardware changes.

I had pinned the Messages tile but still nothing, on the other side I receive Fb chat notifications from the Messenger Hub instantaneously :D

If we have push chat on the FB app does this mean they're abandoning the built-in FB chat in the Messaging app? Having both there to use would seem kind of confusing...

I think you will, just as the "Me" tile and "Twitter" for example, we can Tweet from "Me" or "People" Hub .


I quite like it, because I can rapidly answer a tweet from "Me" instead of launching the app, also Me tile doesnt sound when updates are coming, so is not disturbing, at least for me.

for me the chat page is not updating itself. I had to refresh the page the see the new message, didnt get toast notifications also for the chat 

Mine have started working very reliably since the update earlier this morning.  So far, so good, NOTICABLE improvement.

When are we getting the final version? We've been using the beta version over 7 months now,if I'm not mistaken.

It will always be there, it's the evolving version, thefinal vrrsion is there it just gets more features slower but more reliably.

There are non-beta and beta versions in the store. The beta gets updated just about every week and the non-beta gets big updates every once in a while.

Definitely faster. Comparing to fb on nexus 5 its on par. Images still load a hair slower. Everything else is super smooth/fast.

Wow. Chat notifications actually work. If you pin the chat tile the tile counter updates on that tile only and not the main one. If you don't pin the chat tile, the main tile updates. I'm actually impressed!

Chats still don't seem to update in real time though, and there's no sticker support still. Hopefully that'll come.

I don't know about you but I've got stickers in mine now. 
I can see stickers, not send them. I don't use them very often.

Now we just need general speed improvements, chat heads, etc.. It would be nice to be able to chat through the app and have it load instantly like on other platforms. Sucks for me because my built in fb chat won't let me connect. :(

Chat heads will likely never happen in Windows Phone, its an OS limitation not the app.

I for one hope it stays that way, if we open the way to app being able to be in your face and in front of the OS, then WP might as well just be Droid

Twitter notifies instantaneously. The Messaging hub is great, it feels better then using an app (I am also an iPhone user), however It would be nice if Facebook notification work as well as Twitter's (or Instagram, or Vine...etc)

For the first time since wp7, I actually see a notification instantly on fb app! WP is now becoming more complete each day..!

What a confusing article. Take your time guys, don't publish until you have at least gathered everything that was available when the update came out ...

The rate at which this app gets updated, reminds me of android apps (cos they get updated like everyday). So does hat mean that most android apps are in beta?

The updates on droid apps are usually because of the fragmentation on the OS.

You update an app on droid and you make it work for a Samsung device, but in the process you break for a HTC, so you update to fix the HTC issues and that breaks it for an LG, you fix it for LG and that breaks it for Samsung.

Then you add in the different models within each brand and then different versions of the OS and realise why droid apps are constantly being updated.

You are so wrong in your statement, and the fact that you use the word 'droid' to refer to 'Android OS'  tells me that you don't know what are you talking about.

To be fair, lots of people are doing that.  Grats Verizon on a successful marketing campaign that for the most part launched Android into relevance.

I love how the notifications actually work and the live tile changes, but dislike that the cover photo no longer shows and it just shows a blue tile with a Facebook F on it

Ugh couldn't stand seeing my cover photo. I like that the reguilar is tile actually a normal app tile, and it only gets all graphically when you get a notification

Notifactions are finally working on my 920,but doesn't seem to work on my wife's 620. I also dislike that the cover photo is no longer showing on the big tile, Bring it back please!

funny that joe would tweet about facebook app update.. :|

anywho, always nice to have updates with more than just "bug fixes and performance improvements" :)

I switched to the actual Facebook app because the performance of the beta was too sluggish. This update may be reason enough to come back.

Notificaitons have never worked for me in Facebook or Twitter.  Besides Text message, the only app that I get toast notificaitons for is NFL Mobile.  It actually works great.

As for the Facebook live tile, until now I just use the ME tile.  I will give this a chance once it is updated.

In my feed am still seeing dozens of random people (I'm not friends with) wish a person (i am friends with) Happy Birthday after this update.

Haha me too, but isn't it strange that it only seems to be happy birthday posts from randoms and never general chat? Its as if it knows that this will piss you off due to the influx!

Still a piece of crap, my News Feed in this app is a mess, missing a lot of post from friends, like when a friend is listening to an albmum or if a friend was tagged, etc.  its just garbage.  staying with the mobile.facebook.com

Yeah,that's the biggest issue Microsoft should address asap.It forces you to go back to the web version or apps like jdb for Facebook.But other than that a beautiful app.

Installed the update on my 1020, all of a sudden the app couldn't load, kept crashing to the ERROR REPORT message. Uninstalled it and reinstalling it now. I hope it works....

Cant lie, that livetile is gorgie when you get a notification. Almost surreal now that it's working. Got used to not working.

Cant believe the notifications work, messaging its a lot better! Already turn off the native messaging system to use the facebook app one!

wel when u turn off the native messaging system, you will not be online anymore even tho on the facebook app you are logged in and online. I checked it on my dads account and i was online even when i was using the facebook app. it's weird.

What i get all my notifications on really that i receive a message or notifications from my account am i dreaming or Microsoft work hard to improve the fb app.... ^_~

Probably never.  MS convinced FB that they could do the app using MS resources, so FB just stepped away and left MS to do it.  The thing is that since it is not developed by FS, it still technically a 3rd party app and therefore not fully supported by FS.

i turned of notifications because they never work and i have the people hub notifications , other than that the groups live tile is quite handy

Wow, I am pretty much blown away! First reliable notifications in an official Windows 8.1 App and now this!

you can even pin messages to the start screen, almost like a facebook messenger app, i like it, but a seperate app would have been better. finally getting notifications instatly even for messages. This is a huge update, really happy now.

All we need is google to stop acting like an arse and allow us a proper youtube app :D

well notification seems broken on my phone but whatever, i am impressed with the messaging part of the app. it's so instant!

Still cannot see 50% of my friend's Facebook posts.
This "Official Facebook" app is still considered 3rd party by Facebook, clearly.

Getting pretty tired of this crap....

Nice, I won't use the Message app anymore for FB chat, which had few secs delay and no photo support.

Well i am still experimenting, too early to say anything.. But i am expecting another update to optimize it. Also the less the live tiles the better the battery is.

Okay this is the first update with actual improvements. I can now get in to messaging pretty quickly compared to before (not placebo) and when I touch "See More" it actually loads the rest of the message and doesn't redirect me to log in on the website.

I haven't tested notifications yet and the app is pretty damn smooth on my HTC 8X.

Notifications now seem to work for first time ever for me. However I have noticed when writing a message, press the camera icon in bottom left to add a photo and nothing happens, I press it 3/4 times and eventually appears or app crashes. Anyone else have this?

All of thse updates came in the update, I had and saw none of the improvements mentioned until I forced install of

Hey guys,

maybe someone can help me: when I sign in with my own datas to the FB Beta app still nothing works, No notificatios, nothing at all. But when I sign in with my wife's FB account on the same phone (L920) suddenly it starts working. How is that possible? Any ideas?

I did the same problem with my Facebook account. All my friends with WP were working fine but mine stayed 8 months off-line then without any change started work again unexpectedly.

Does this mean that Fb (also read Twitter) could always make notifications this reliable but just couldn't be arsed like all the other developers (yes Whatsapp you!!)?? Or does it mean that new hidden APIs somehow just appeared out of nowhere?!

Whatsapp has been reliable on my 1020, not sure why yours don't. Check you provider connectivity perhaps?

This is great. An update that adds real-world functionality and I love it! What I don't love is that if you're not specifically looking for FB beta... You're stuck w/the stock, under-performing, feature-lacking app. I love WP but this app needs to go away and be melded into the FB app so everyone can enjoy it.

When somebody sends me a message(chat) i don't get it on my pinned messages nor recieve a notification (from FB app), i only get through the build in messaging app.

Really weird.

Well, so far, the live tiles aren't so "live".  And it's not like I've even maxed my background events.  I. Got. Nothin'.


After two hours, I've not received any notifications.  I can go into the app and see that things HAVE come in.  Just not translating to the live tile.  So far, this version is as lame as the previous versions. #disappointing

CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW I PIN DOWN NOTIFICATION LIVE TILE (I stretch out facebook beta app i get notification but its just blue and boring like before). LIKE THE FIRST TILE PICTURE ????. ive been trying to get that tile for 30 min i can only find the others group,messasge,events TILES

When i get notification my tile do not become "beatiful" just the blue logo than a letter 1 just appear like normal. do i have to do something or its bugged?

So have they fixed the sluggishness of the app? It takes a good 2-3 seconds when pressing back button or going into stuff.

That's one of the two reasons I bounce back and forth to my RAZR m. The other is free tethering. I have been fb heavy the last week and I was missing notifications. If this is fixed RAZR is going back in the bag

Only down part is that when you use the facebook messenger of facebook and turn of fb chat in messaging app, you won't appear online anymore. even if you open facebook messenger in the fb app. Anyone else noticed that too?

This new Beta version came with a lot of improvements like faster, better toast notifications, new shortcuts for chat, events and groups.
But it's less reliable with multiple devices like when you're connected from two different Windows Phones 8. I'm using two Lumia 920 GDR3 and before this last update I were able to chat from Facebook Beta App on both. Now my Facebook Chat on-line contacts are showing only one phone. Please MS fix it ASAP!

Posting photos is extremely sluggish, and there appears to be np different functionality between the new status and new photo buttons in the new feed page.

Just installed. It IS faster!!! The last beta took an eternity to get going when I want to choose pictures... now its fast..... really.!!!.


What's that push status URL thingy under the Advance settings?

And, why the chats notifications is not able to be listed under the lock screen setting? I have Facebook beta set but the chat tile shows update, not the lockscreen?

Notifications are still not that reliable yet.... sad to say.

We've joked about this a MILLION times before but... It's faster! In fact, is not just faster, it's the way it's supposed to be and it finally works. We can say now we have a functional Facebook app. It took us what, 2 years? At last!

Installed Facebook beta on 920 but still having issues with live tile, when notifications show on tile I click to open app but then tile freezes. Only shows Facebook logo and does not flip. Only way to get tile working is to log out and sign in again. I suppose it will be a cold day in hell before Facebook starts functioning properly!
I suspect its a server issue and the live tile cannot connect. 

Notifications are arriving at the same time they arrive on my 5s and Nexus 5. Good job, MS.

not thats worth updateing, it actually is fast now...thankx msft. looking forward to more improvements with group status indicator, stickers...etc. keep up the good work