Poor Jeremy caught! Fan-made Nokia spoof digs at Samsung’s GS4 announcement

We’ll just leave this here with little comment (warning for language, may not be safe work, yadda yadda). If you didn’t see Jeremy at Samsung’s Unpacking of the GS4 event last night, well consider yourself lucky. (You can see the original teaser here for reference.)

Evidently, Thom Starks had a little fun by showing us which phone little Jeremy really prefers with hilarious results.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Chiranjeeb J., for the tip!


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Poor Jeremy caught! Fan-made Nokia spoof digs at Samsung’s GS4 announcement


I can only maintain 12 seconds of excitement and then my girlfriend gets bored. So yes, 12 seconds is enough time to determine excitement and boredom... :(

I'm a huge WP fan and Lumia fan I have gotten 15 people to switch but maybe instead of making fun of s4 show case Nokia should be trying to outspec them im on the 822 and I knew It was underpowered before now I see it as pathetic going vs the s4

You don't have to outspec them to show that you are better. That's Apple's winning formula and same for Nokia and WP. 
As long as you have all the basics covered and give an overall superior experience, that should trump anyone. 
HTC outspeced(a new word coine, I guess) Samsugn, but they still lost, because of superior marketing by Samsung.

Very funny. S3 has three front holes (sensors etc.) and S4 has four holes. Expected number of holes in S5 is........five.

I can't front if the S4 had WP8 OS on it I'd be in heaven! Don't get me wrong I love my Lumia 920, but them specs and that battery on this platform would cause the apocalypse!