Ffffound update lands in the Marketplace

Ffffound updated

Ffffound was our first WPCentral App request, where we saw a need for an app and reached out to developers to make one. Ffffound is a client app for the website of the same name that is essentially a photo sharing site. Ffffound, the website, allows users to post and share their favorite images found on the web and also dynamically recommends inspirational images based on users tastes and interests.


Ffffound, the Windows Phone application, pulls all the image joy from Ffffound (the website) to your Windows Phone. Key features include:

  • Images can be save to your phone for wallpaper use
  • Share images via SMS, email, Twitter and Facebook
  • Images can be tagged as favorite for easy access
  • Live Tile support is present to view random images on your Start Screen.

Ffffound's (the app) update takes the app to version 1.2 and includes several fixes to saving images and Live Tile performance. The update also addresses speed issues and adds the option to load images sequentially.

There is a free trial version available for Ffffound and the full version is running $.99. You can grab your copy here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: Ffffound


Reader comments

Ffffound update lands in the Marketplace


cool, didn't realise that was a request from y'all. good work.
..in keeping with this, maybe you can also convince a dev to make an app for Quora. That would be awesome.

This is one of those apps I use to show off why the Metro design language is so damn sexy and works awesome on anything digital. 

So, I only currently have the demo version. In the full version, can it attach pictures to text messages and email directly?

I have no plans to cease development. And now that I have these big problems fixed (save and live-tile) I can get working on "nice-to-have" features.

I'm doing the try right now it's pretty darn nice fast and smooth.it makes great use of the merto design. This app is on pare with Das Imag which I think is a fantastic imag app.

It seems a little bit better.. Took a few extra minutes before it crashed on me. Has been doing this for me since day one, on three different phones. While browsing through the pages, once I get about ten pages back, it'll just freeze and then crash.

Slide up the menu at the bottom and click the crashing? button and put on subtle loading. That should fix it.