Formula 1 season kicks off this Sunday, follow with ESPN F1 app for Windows Phone


The Formula 1 season starts this Sunday, March 16th. It consists of a series of races, known as Grand Prix, held throughout the world on purpose-built circuits and public roads. The season opener is being held in Australia. If you are following the races, you should check out the ESPNF1 app for Windows Phone.

The official ESPNF1 Windows Phone app provides news, standings, driver positioning during races, and detailed information about teams, drivers, and circuits. It was launched for Windows Phone earlier this year. Check out the feature list:

  • Count Down Clock: Home page features a live count down to the start of the next race.
  • Simple access: Easy access to key content areas via an intuitive navigation system.
  • Circuit Detail: After selecting a race, users can view circuit information, including a profile of each track along with historical information.
  • Race updates: Upcoming race calendars and exclusive news.

ESPN F1 screenshot

ESPNF1 is a free download at the Windows Phone Store. Are you a Formula 1 fan? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Formula 1 season kicks off this Sunday, follow with ESPN F1 app for Windows Phone


Long time F1 fan here. The ESPN F1 app is one of the better ones out there. Now, if only the cars didn't sound like diesels this year...

They sounds different yeah, but every time there's these big rule changes hopefully we get some cool innovations that the rest of the auto industry benefits from :D

Deconstruct the sentence...then put it back together. You'll soon realise that there is nothing structurally wrong.
More to the point though, who really cares?

Not that I like smaller engines, but don't knock the 4 bangers. In the 70s' a BMW 1.5L four cylinder made about 1300HP. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

I like the technology...I hate the sound.
Why couldn't they have just forced the manufacturer's to put on sound tuned exhausts?
I went to Monaco last year...the sound was THE memory from the event. I simply cannot imagine Formula 1 without that sound.

Is there a any app that i can see the lap times, sector times, standings etc. real time on a one look? There used to be one last year, but is not in a market place anymore.

We'll get it part way through the season is my guess. The official timing app is only on iOS right now, even Android has to wait

I'll check this out. I've been to an F1 race once and enjoyed so I'll try to follow it through this season to learn more about it.

There is this other app I came across. Its called F1.com. I found it so much better. You guys should try it out. Excited about the new season.

Last time i checked, the season started Friday? The practise and qualifying don't count as part of the season huh?

We need Timing '14!!... ESPN is ok for results, but that's it, I can't even see the points each driver has, or team qualification... GO ALONSO!!


Good app, but it has some bugs.....

The Standing menu shows the 2013 standings not for 2014.....