Nokia Lumia Color Profile

A forthcoming Nokia update will allow Lumia 920 users to change their display colors for the first time

Nokia is evidently adding some more customization options for Nokia Lumia 920 users (and possibly their other WP8 Lumias).  The evidence comes from the latest update of Nokia’s display + touch app, which allows users to control the SuperSensitive Touch and sunlight readability options.

Now there is a third option called “Lumia color profile”, which will allow you to make your Lumia 920 “Vivid” or “Natural” by using a slider. Likewise you can change the color temperature from “Cool” to “Warm” on a second slider.

This will be the first time on Windows Phone that users were given access to changing more than just brightness on their display and it shows how Nokia is continually offering improved experiences.


But where is it?

Nokia Lumia Color Profile

The images for the “Lumia Color Profile” come with the Nokia system app updates that were released today.  Specifically for display + touch version But users have noticed that this option is not available, even after installation and a soft reset.

That leads us to believe that this feature, much like audio-levelling, will be “unlocked” with the new firmware update that is evidently forthcoming. In the past, certain Windows Phone functions like the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature only became available after a firmware update was installed.

Since this is a fairly major new feature, we’re going to bet that display + touch merely unlocks the UI for the “Lumia Color Profile” but it is the forthcoming firmware that will actually enable this feature.

The only thing we need to know now is when are we getting the 1308 firmware update?


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A forthcoming Nokia update will allow Lumia 920 users to change their display colors for the first time


Em... I have been having those features since some time ago and this page says that it was just released? Wtf (i can actually adjust all that on my 920)

Try "shrink storage" app I took off 9gb of other storage after 4-5 times using that app, done, do it again for 4-5 times, no other way at least for now

The "Edit" button doesn't really work, though. I've had it not work for me numerous times; not even sure it's worked right for me once.

Really makes me not regret buying my Lumia. Oh Nokia you keep doing this and Window Phone and You will skyrocket!

"The only thing we need to know now is when are we getting the 1308 firmware update?"
AT&T -- sometime in March
The rest of the world -- Sometime in 2014

the rogers 1232.5962.1314.0000 firmware update is on nokia care servers as we speak, running it on my 920 right now.

Possibly, but to be fair we Windows Phone users on AT&T had it the other way around for the longest time. My Samsung Focus never even got the disappearing keyboard fix from AT&T, even more than a year after it was available. The last update it saw was Mango (7720) + a new firmware that messed up the Bluetooth volume, both in September 2011.

You are lucky to get 7720, my Omnia 7 on Orange UK is still on 7714 but now it is lying on the table with dead battery as I got Lumia 920 :)

YES!!! The ONE complaint I have for my replacement that I got is that the screen is way too warm and yellow. This is huge.

it's actually good for the screen to be warm and yellow, but ONLY at night, it's bad in the daytime and it makes the phone much harder to read, but again at night, it's just awesome

Allow you to tweak the color saturation and tones of the entire UI. Not everyone will use it. But its there for the taking. Just means more customization for those that want it. Hope this helps. :)

I think Nokia does get respect. What I ask myself is why poeple defend companies like HTC that release phone and then completely forget about them as they start working on the next phone. How many updates has the 920 received? It seems like there is some little enhancement released every month. I haven't seen many articles about updates for the 8x. We got an HTC one x a little over a year ago. I have yet to see an update for that phone and I'm not sure if it will ever be updated to jelly bean.

I think in other countries around the world they get respect.  In my opinion, it seems like here in the US they get very little respect.   It's all Apple and Samsung.  Most people, in my opinion, wouldn't know a good phone if it jumped up and bit them in the ass. 
As to what Ymcpa is saying, I couldn't agree more with what was said.  When I had my HTC Sprint Hero and EVO,  I can recall only 2 software updates being done in a 4 year span.  The hero being upgraded to froyo, and the evo being upgraded to gingerbread.

I'm so grateful for all that Nokia is doing for Windows Phone! I can't wait for this feature to be "unlocked" for my viewing pleasure! I'm wondering where the effect will be noticed. Is this for background or tiles, will it be noticed within apps or is it intended for the Start Screen only? So many questions and so much excitement for me, seeing the mind boggling pace at which improvements are being layed down on the fly! Proud to say I own a Windows Phone, even more proud to say it's a Lumia, and proudest to say I'm a WinPhan!

I'm surprised so many people don't understand what these are for. :)
Haven't any of you ever really done anything to your monitor or TV settings?

I think we all know what adjustments do, so sarcasm aside, the question is where it does it and how it will translate. Entire OS, SS, apps? :)

I think what tisitti is getting at is this is like tuning a setting on your tv... It should affect everything globally. Just think of it like a screen tweak (which is why they put it where they did).

I would buy the phone JUST to have this feature, when I can make the screen warm at night it would look 100x better than default, so yeah it's a MUST HAVE for me!

A few days ago when these articles came out I just cursed my Arrive under my breath and got jealous. I am so happy I am no longer in that camp. This looks amazing. :D

And some people keep waiting a Surface Phone when people from Nokia clearly does everything they can to bypass the most annoying WP's limitations that MS simply ignores...

Ah... Let me look into my chinese made crystal ball... "So when will we get the new Firmware?"...
Answer... "When it is ready..."

This shows Nokia is the one who is committed to adding value to WP8 than Microsoft actually is. Microsoft needs Nokia more than the other way around.

Yeah it is, i guess in future we will only have nokias with WP like Apple with iPhones only.
HTC sucks anyways...

+10000 I have thought the same thing since the first day I received my 920. I love the theme colors but would still love to be able to mix in some different colors.

That's the choice of app developers to give end users tile customization options, best example is our very own WPCentral app

This is the major reason, after making a mistake twice by bying HTC devices for Windows Phone plaform i.e. Radar and Titan, this time around I made a switch to Nokia Lumia 920. Nokia has been consistently doing a great job for the platform unlike HTC. HTC is slowly and steadly moving towards its demise in Windows Phone platform. The worst part is they are unable to mark any significance in Android too!!! Ultimately, there will be 3 big fighters fighting for market share i.e. Apple with iOS, Samsung with Android and finally Nokia with Windows Phone. All others are going to be wept OFF!

I really can't understand all the about fixing the camera, or the auto brightness which has almost halved the battery life since I installed portico, as the screen is continuously blighting up and down...should I continue? Seems like we have to thank Nokia all the time for just having what they promised...

You are not the first person that i come accross reading tech sites that is complaining about the flickering of their screen on the 920. Now i consider myself more than technically challenged, but here is what i noticed very early using my lumia 920.If i move to or away from a source of light at night when the "automatically adjust" button is turned on in settings-brightness, the sceen will flicker quite drastically. It will dime down if i move away from the light to a darker space. If i put the phone directly under the source of light it will sudently brighten significantly and remain that way for as long as i stay under that bright light. If i turn of the automatic setting the screen remain the same no matter what. One would think that it is the way nokia designed the phone??  I don't know the exact nature of your problem with your lumia but i tought , i would share that with you. Cheers!

Yes, that's exactly the problem. Just any indoor light makes the screen go brighter...if I just twist the phone a bit (away from the phone so no as much light goes towards the sensor) or to a darker area, it dimmers. The thing is, before the Portico update, the sensor wouldn't work, but the brightness seem just right (indoors) it is too bright and turning off the auto brightness simply makes it brighter than before (in low setting).
But it is not just that problem but also the camera, Bluetooth problems,etc etc which most of us know about....anyway it just seems everyone gets too excited about nothing that major when real problems seem to to take forever to fix. Nokia doesn't seem to have their priorities right...

Obviously the idea is for the sensor to work that way BUT its continuously changing brightness...not very stable...and the worse thing of it is that's eating the battery twice as fast as before portico (because the screen is always brighter than before, even when set to off and at low setting....weird.

I hope there are fixes for my 920 constantly crashing and requiring a soft reset a couple times day! That's after I got it back from Nokia (being fixed for locking up during a hard reset).

If you have a windows phone and its not with Nokia, you're really missing out! Nokia doing it big!!

Yes clearly apps like this are the best use of Nokia's man hours. People are crying out for this stuff. Sales will rocket.

In last two years I had Samsung Omnia 7 on Orange UK and never got any updates after 7.5. I was again going for Samsung i.e. Ativ S due to SD card but then I bought Lumia 920 because of Nokia's excellent support. Now I am extremely happy and feel for those who don't have this amazing phone and support of Nokia.
+10000000000 for Nokia

umm didnt the article say it would be opened up in a bigger update? meaning this current update was to just get the phones ready for it?

Got an update too, but dont see the options.
However, to be honest, I dont need it. I am totally fine with the current settings...

I have a newer version, but it's not like this. I have two new options, battery saver and reading in high light, but i cant turn them on.

how to get lumia color profile ?? now i use firmware 1232.5957.1308.0022.
but i can't lumia color profile at display&touch menu ??

I updated my phone to that firmware through the Nokia Software Updater for Retail 2.0.6, but I still don't have the Lumia Colour Profile option on the Display+Touch menu...anyone know why this could be?

my problem is even more worst :( i had lost my front camera icon after update to 1308 firmware, now there is no front camera function in my 920 ^^""" anyone face tis problem? is there any solution?

I'm VERY surprised no one has mentioned anything about the color temperature.
See in the day time, COOL is a great one to pick, but with indoor lights on, WARM will look MUCH more natureal at night, if you want to see something blue, go get a camera and adjust the white balance to your room
then look at the phone - you will see how BLUE it is, this blue light will keep you awake and can mess up your sleep cycle, to prevent this, try using the warm color temp and see how you like that, when you use the phone late at night, I'd be interested to know what everyone here thinks about this, because it seems like an extremely overlooked feature!

It would be nice to have the option to choose what color i want for a particular Tile, currenlty all system tiles are of the same color, no matter what theme you choose all default applications gets the same color...
adding the capability to choose color for each tile would actually be fulling the Lumia marketing punch "putting colors in your pocket"
Hope to see this in my 8.1 update..