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From the Forums: Galactic Reign, Skype usage and most wanted apps?

Galactic Reign, Skype usage and most wanted apps? It has got to be another From the Forums, right? Definitely! Bringing you random, popular and elusive threads that you may have overlooked. The Windows Phone Central community is a vibrant forum with thousands of posts published on a daily basis. So what's been happening the past few days?

Skype was recently updated, but just how much usage does the app experience? It's a popular service from those who rely on business connections all the way to family members who simply need to get in touch with loved ones. Being able to talk to and see a person thousands of miles away is quite an impressive ability on Windows Phones.

Here's what's new in the latest version of Skype:

  • Face-to-face video calls look better than ever with high definition video support.
  • Show your smile or just what’s around you – with front and rear camera support.
  • Video calls in portrait or landscape, whichever feels best.

Microsoft has continuously added new features to the Skype solution on Windows Phone, and the latest release certainly addresses some consumer concerns. So do you Skype often on your Windows Phone? Be sure to add your experiences to the "Skype Updated!" thread.


What's your most wanted app?

There's always been the call that Windows Phone fails when it comes the selection of apps, compared to both iOS and Android. But what are the most wanted apps? What's really on the minds of consumers who are after that one app that will solve all their troubles while on the move. Forum member Johnnylai created a thread for other to chime in with their requests and desires.

So what apps do you want to see on Windows Phone? Which titles would help you get through each day? Add your must wanted names to the "What is your most wanted app?" thread.


Galactic Reign

Let's play some Galactic Reign

You are probably aware of Galactic Reign, the hit game by Microsoft Studios that introduces an incredibly intuitive experience for those who owns a Windows Phone. Turn-based, strategic enjoyment for those who enjoy nothing more than kicking ass online (or losing out greatly). But there's the requirement to battle with folk online to really get a feel for the game.

Isn't it therefore a good idea for a thread to be created on the forum with people who wish to play against other players? Definitely! Forum member Jay_wpcentral managed to get involved with the same idea and created a place for Windows Phone owners to share IDs and more to get some epic games going.

Head on over to the "Anyone playing Galactic Reign?" thread and sign-up!


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From the Forums: Galactic Reign, Skype usage and most wanted apps?


I'd like to see the Facebook app updated and would also love to see a Windows Phone version of Snapchat and Instagram (:

Yes, an updated Facebook based solely on performance. Toast notifications don't always go through, and it doesn't show the most recent posts. I'd also like to see a new user interface design as well, just like the recent Twitter update.

As pointless as many on here say Instagram is, it's inclusion will only be good for the platform, and therefore good for you as well. Many people I know personally like WP8, but the minute they hear there's no Instagram they stop and all hope of converting them goes out the window. Also, before someone inevitably lets me know the people I talk to are stupid or I sound like I need new friends (it happens everytime), it's not just old high-school acquaintances who feel this way. My boss, my coworkers, my family members, hell, a lot of people use Instagram! Even a few of my university professors do. Many of these people will refuse to adopt the platform without it, and as silly as it may sound, we'll continue to be in the minority smartphone bracket without these adopters, and that means less developer interest in us.

Is it like.. check my new phone out "woooow" .. is it good? yes.. but i doesnt have instagram... oh .. screw that phone

a completely functional imdb app ^^

skype needs updating, pdf reader needs updating and the facebook app needs to sort out the notification problems... an updated linkedin app would be nice too

ah yes, and more games... live games! and multiplayer ones

Skype was updated this morning... or do you mean ANOTHER update?
Not saying it's flawless, 'cuz after that last attempt when it was causing sync issues I'm kinda done until further notice. :-/

For once I'm gonna ask people to please point your instagram tears in the right directions You can hit 'em here... Or here... Or maybe even here... Microsoft, Nokia and whoever else are not the ones ignoring you... it's instagram. So if you're not willing to leave them and their weak app alone for ignoring your requests, at least spam them for once.

Facebook needs a major update with all the features or at least the basic ones from ios and android. don't care if it looks like ios version or not just get it fixed and the push notifications on facebook need to be fixed asap. can't believe we're almost in April and still nothing from Microsoft on the matter, shows their dedication to the platform leaving the most used app on the platform in the state that it is.

Really?? Windows Phone 7.0, No Do, 7.5/Mango, Tango, 7.8, 8.0, Portico, talk of "Blue", GDR1 and GDR2, and now talk of WP 9. Fastest growing (in number vs. time) app store than anyone else. All since, what was it, November 2010?? No dedication to the PLATFORM?? C'mon man...

I'll give MS props for some of the strides they've made with the platform. But I have to agree that keeping users informed that fixes for the little things would go along way in dispelling the idea that they aren't dedicated to WP. Because right now, it feels like WP is a hobby for these guys and nothing more.

I kinda get this thread but all its doing is re lighting the fire people have about lack of apps. every one in the world knows what apps wp8 needs to bring IOS and android users over. There still the same apps we've been asking for a while now

I guess my point is that get all the necessary apps then ask us how we feel about havin a Few hundred app ecosystem like IOS and android

I would like to see a version of "app stop" brought to windows phone 8..this app was available on my Symbian phone (Nokia N8) was a great app because it could shut down all(or just the ones you pick) apps at need to individually shut down each open app separately..if you multi task alot.this was a great app..hope someone brings this app to Windows Phone 8...

Why do you want to shut down apps? I'm serious... I see comments about closing apps all the time. Why do people do it? I let the os handle it and it's very rare that I need to do anything to intervene.

There have been occasions I've experienced with some apps where a graphical error may occur, or perhaps a loading error (this is common with Facebook) and for whatever reason the app behaves funny or is barely functional and usually the only way to rectify it is to restart the app. It would be convenient to close out the app running in the background to do this.

Try that button on your phone with the arrow pointing to the left. might help to close apps. you can even hold it to see open apps in background. and probably you will even be able to do this soon with a cross in the top corner their like tabs in IE

I don't understand all the Xbox music hate, for me its fine (admittedly I had a little set up, but nothing too hard.) The Windows 8 app sucks though, come on, really? I need an active internet connection for local DRM Music?

Here are the ones that  I want!!!
Amazon Prime Video
Instagram :( because I really want to know what I'm missing:)
Directv Everywhere
The Verge
These apps will complete me :)

The other ones are good, not sure about the verge, stopped reading that anti-windows phone site and that wannabe "journalist" topolsky.

I use Skype on daily basis. Notifications may be broken, but the video chat works fine. I just use Whatsapp to notify the person I am calling.

I use im+ alongside Skype, that's the only app i know for skype running in background, any other?

there are not any video editor or vfx application as yet.  timelpse pro is kinda one.. next FIFA i atleast want to see in my nokia lumia as nokia has gotten this game in their asha phone but not for lumia production? army games like modern combat and battlefield company. what else... how came wp got only need for speed hot persuit ? where are others ned for speed games???????? though i liked asphalt 7 heat.. i want to see need for speed. and last i want to see updates in office. wish it could do more fuctions like in pc...

Link for the 'wanted app' thread is wrong, links to the Skype thread.

For me, I'd like to see an official Strava app. Have a couple of mates who love my phone but wont change because of lack of Strava. Petty maybe on their side but when you use something almost daily then it becomes a must have. I'm currently happy with workarounds but would prefer not to.

so is data sense. i dont see my carrier having anything to do with using my visa card with nfc. in that moment its not my carriers fault its carrier dependent but microsoft fault not rolling this out as standard

Since making the switch I sure miss my travel apps. I'd love to have packing pro, pocket, awardwallet, priority pass, hotel apps like SPG, shangri-la, accor, and full featured versions of kayak and safewallet.

What I need the most are:
- official Yamaha AV Receiver Controler
- Lovefilm
- IMdB
- and lots of local apps - in Germany there are many companies which do only Android and iOS which is also a shame since every advertisment from one of these companies is an advertisement for Android and iOS. Just to name a few: Bahn (German Railway) mobile ticket app, Stadtrad (lending of bikes in lots of cities), ...
(and on Windows: Please fix XBox music and Win 8 Mail)

Would love:

Yahoo Fantasy Football
An updated Allrecipes app.
WTF happened to iheartradio?

The "I don't use instagram so I don't care if we get it or not" argument is worse than having no opinion at all. WP needs instagram.

Snapchat, Pandora, Facebook that lets you click on links or at least highlight text. At least two more tabs in IE. Instagram. Change how email groups together like in wp7.

I wanted to like Galatic Reign but the tutorial is awfully boring and I don't know I'm going to get through it.

I really miss waze. That's the app I want most. I know we have Nokia drive but I miss the social part of waze, as well as the notifications and achievements.