Modern Combat 5 Windows

Gameloft's Modern Combat 5 takes the shot on Windows and Windows Phone

Gameloft has released Modern Combat 5 today on numerous platforms, including both Windows and Windows Phone. We covered the smartphone launch earlier this morning, but now those with Windows-based tablets and other hardware can enjoy the action.

The title (both on Windows and Windows Phone) features 3D graphics and require ample amounts of memory in order to function, which shouldn't surprise anybody (sorry, 512MB RAM folk). None of the versions support Xbox Live either, but that is to be expected with how things have been progressing for some time.

Modern combat 5 will set purchasers back by $6.99 and no trial, but for that price you get the full game and no in-app purchases (for the time being). Be sure to give our Modern Combat 5 review a read through too.

For Windows Phone owners only:

QR: Modern combat 5

512MB Not Supported

Thanks, Abhinav N., for the tip!


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Gameloft's Modern Combat 5 takes the shot on Windows and Windows Phone


C'mon . I have wp device but my console is playstation so it doesn't matter to me it has Xbox support or not . What I care how good will it be . You just overreact about the green label on WP games icon . To me , if they have then ok but if they dont have it then it doesn't matter at all , they still good if they really good . What if from now on all the good game like this one are not have Xbox label on they icon and you still choose not to buy them huh ?

Even so I don't see MS making any Xbox live games for WP, I don't see a WP port for Forza motorsport or any other good title from MS Studio, so why everytime a game comes out ppl shouting NO Xbox no buy then they complain about not getting the apps and games they need.

The problem is not gameloft. The problem is the stupid Xbox certification process. This way, we get a better experience.

Totally worth it. playing it on my Nexus 7. I love it so far, althrough it crashes at random times.. and yes I think this game needs about 3GB Ram and Snapdragon 801 to play it smooth on full resolution and detail :)

Well good, but crashes on mine.. I think there was this problem already in Beta, I gave my feedback now. Report back after a day if you dont mind :) 

Ok just got done with about half hour of gameplay. The games awesome,but, there is lag playing on my 1520? Thought the device would handle the graphics smoothly?

Not available in the US store at the moment. The link in the article is to the Windows Store in a different country and simply opens the Windows Store homepage in the US as of this writing.

I replaced the region in the article's link (from Vietnam to United States) and it says that it's not available yet. If you don't see it yet, just give it some time.

No, you see he went in and edited the source link in the article from the Vietnamese version to the US by changing the designating two-charact-- ahh, nvm...

Find me something in the windows store that is marked "desktop app" that doesn't just simply take you to the publisher's website to buy it. Those don't count. They aren't purchased through the store. Instead of a button to buy the app, it just gives the option: "get app from publisher". Click on this and it goes to the publisher's website.

I am just saying that technically the desktop apps aren't in the windows store itself. They are just links and nothing more. The only apps that can be installed from within the store itself are modern apps. Though as pointed out below, you will run into a modern app here and there that aren't available on both x86 and ARM like the VLC player for Windows 8.

Not really, with VLC Media Player being a good example of something that's in the store as a Modern/Metro app, but not available for ARM devices yet.

This is what I want to know.. are the ARM processors supported? I guess I'll find out tonight as I didn't bring my Surface 2 to work with me today erghh

And I'm very happy to report that it does indeed run on ARM processors! Installing on my Surface 2 as we speak! Also very happy to pay once, and have it on multiple devices! I might actually uninstall it on my 1020 now that I have it on the Surface 2. I wont play it on the phone, and I really need that space for other stuff.

why is it not a universal app? maybe will buy the windows 8.1 version only as this type of game will only be a battery drainer for my phone(920).

Anyone else seeing random lag/stuttering on their 1520? I moved it from storage to internal, tried a reset, closed background apps but still seems present. It's not a fluid framerate like MC4 was. Perhaps it needs an update or a patch.

Really? First stage was the worst. Stopped playing once I got to the second campaign mission. If that's true then that's good to know.

where you able to get it? I can't get it on windows 8.1 and it is not listed on gamelofts website for windows 8.1. the link only takes me to the store homepadge, and I can't find it anywhere.

universal app enabled! but needs a trick

if you buy on WP just go to "my account" on windows 8.1pc and will appear as app not installed

Not available in my country if I bought it on my phone so I need to pay again for the PC version??

i have not MOGA here, but a config for him in the options, and windows version have support to xbox controller but latency not help to play (tested online multiplayer)

Have you actually tried to play?

In my case when I tap on Moga Pro 2 on the bluetooth list it says connected and then it seems to lose the connection. But it's actually ok and working. After you have done that go to the game and start it and you will notice that the Moga controller now stops blinking and connects properly and you play just like normal.

It took me a while of trying to get the connection to stay to notice that it is actually not necessary. I played on purple cherry X with no problem and even Asphalt 8 and both of these on miracast on a screen (there's lag with miracast, miracast is best for movies or games like pokemon).

I also played Modern combat 5 with no issues except that I had to change the sensitivity of the thumbstick.


(Nokia Lumia 1520, with cyan)

Sorry Paulo, couldnt understand the reference, since i updated to 8.1 moga cant keep the Connection on bluetooth.

sorry my english is not very good yet, but other users were able to use the controls out of the MOGA no problem personally have not tested it here and get a hard

Internet connection required ?!?!?!?  The whole frikin point of games like this is be able to play them away from internet connections (e.g. on a plane).  Otherwise, play a real PC game.  I am ticked, as this would be nice to play on a Surface Pro on a plane, for example...

I installed this game on my Windows RT tablet and it is a fun game to play. As mentioned here and there: the short and quick tours enable you to do a quick tour while waiting for something or while in the train.

The controls are a bit hard at times. Either you're looking around or you're walking. You cannot easily do both at the same time.

If I reinstall the tablet, do I need to do everything again? Or can I store my accomplishments somewhere?

Next to that I thought this was a universal app, but I cannot install it on my Lumia 930 at all! :(