Generation App, helping you build a Windows Phone app in 30 days

Develop a Windows Phone app in 30 days

Do you have an idea for a great Windows Phone app but have no idea where to start? Microsoft may have just the help you need to get started in the right direction.

Generation App is a Microsoft partnering program that will walk you through the process of developing a Windows Phone app. "How to develop a Windows Phone app in 30 Days" ("30toLaunch" for short) breaks everything down over four weeks and provides all the resources and support you need to build an app. In many ways, Generation App is a one stop source for all your developing needs

The thirty day schedule covers design principles, creating the interface, designing a splash screen, understanding the various Silverlight aspects, adding ads to your app and every other possible factor involved in app development. Each week has a videos to help you get through things and links to the necessary tools and resources.

Generation App's tag line is "Start with an idea. Code that idea. Then market it to the masses". The "30toLaunch" website wraps everything you need up in a nice, single source package.

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Generation App, helping you build a Windows Phone app in 30 days


Jay, thank you for the comment. I have basic html and vba knowledge, but wasn't sure where to start for learning app development. I think I'll make learning XAML my summer project

Oh if you know some html you should find XAML simple enough, even better there's no CSS to worry about :) my advice is start in expression blend and then try to learn writing XAML yourself

Using the requirements document from the earlier step, craft a technical specification document that details how the application works from a technical point of view. This document includes aspects such as coding approaches and hardware specifics.
mobile app development

I think the real challenge lies in the C# and not the XAML. Object oriented programming is no easy discipline to master and pretty much anything you can do for WP7 requires it. W8 on the other hand at least lets amateur web programmers dive right in. I hope WP8 lets me code in HTML+JS :)

Interesting perspective, I suppose I forget that I ever programmed on anything that wasn't an object oriented design... Still, it's not too hard to learn, and you can keep things incredibly simple for phone development

Hey Microsoft, thanks for the tutorial help but your HTML page header still says "Windows Mobile App Development". Just letting you know. :)

"Each week has a videos to help you get through things and links to the necessary tools and resources."

I just came up with an idea for an app. It will proofread wpcentral articles and autocorrect mistakes.

Yea, this is a great idea, but I would like something for learning coding too. Unless this does, and I'm not reading correctly.

For people new to coding: find a good book (I like Wrox's "Beginning Visual C# 2010") and read it, type out the examples, and do the exercises. It took me about 6 wks to learn C# in my spare time. Also, the MSDN Library is an invaluable resource for language specifications and class documentation.

That's what I'm doing right now. Trying to learn C# and then XAML to get developing later this summer...

This may be an obvious question, but is C# the base language when coding for WP? What is silverlight in regards to making apps?

What if I have no coding background where do I start what book should I get or can I get by using Microsofts training documents?

Am i missing something...But where do you sign up for this???
can't watch the Youtube vids at work, in case the instructions are in the videos.

Lady, I'm clicking. I'm clicking! Nothing happened.
Guess I'll go old school and click the ordinary HTML link, conveniently provided by WPCentral.

This is a super dumb question, but when I go ask my librarian for books on C#, what do I say?  How do I pronounce C#...C-pound??

£ = pound, # = hash or sharp (the symbol for sharp is actually slightly different ♯, but we use the hash symbol to type it)

I'm experienced in software, but not in mobile development. I've been wanting to dabble, but it's hard get into it without a good idea, haha.