Give your eyes some million bullets to follow on-screen, DoDonPachi Maximum goes on sale

DoDonPachi Maximum

The popular shooter game for Windows Phone, DoDonPachi Maximum is now on sale. The title is currently exclusive for Windows Phone 7.x hardware, leaving those who have upgraded to new hardware to find other titles to quench the thirst for bullets, bullets and more bullets. If you've not played DoDonPachi Maximum before, now is a perfect opportunity to get stuck in and see just how far you can progress.

We've previously reviewed the game, as well as interviewed the developers behind the Windows Phone Xbox Live title. It's rock solid. We've struggled ourselves to get through the later levels and only a few have reached the end, enduring battle scars and more. While a punishing title, DoDonPachi is a superb Windows Phone game that deserves a place in anyone's collection.

You can download Dodonpachi Maximum from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 (usually $4.99 - note the game currently supports Windows Phone 7 only). Free trial is also available. via: Windows Phone Italy

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Reader comments

Give your eyes some million bullets to follow on-screen, DoDonPachi Maximum goes on sale


Noticed this was on sale last night using the Nokia App Highlights Social Beta, was so stoked.
Then I remembered I'm using WP8. Damn, I want this game badly.

What? I have Doodle Jump on my Lumia 920? I bought it when I had a Dell VP.  Then when I got a Lumia, just re-downloaded it to the Lumia?
EDIT: I tried looking for Doodle Jump in the Market and it doesn't show up.  I guess I got lucky somehow.  Now I know to never delete it!

Doodle Jump was delisted for all Windows Phones about a month ago. So it wont show up on Windows Phone 8 or 7. I got it a few weeks back on sale for a dollar (or free cant remember). Then it disappeared forever shorty after. complete it and dont delete it!

Not going to happen when Cave (the Japanese company that created this game) does not want to do it. They already jumped ship to iOS.

Doodle Jump works on WP8 too. Unfortunately it got pulled off the Store completely. I probably should demand my dollar back.

You won't need another license if they upgrade the current app to be WP8 compatible.

And you should be able to purchase it on the Web if you didn't remove your old WP7 phone from your account.

I'm glad I kept my gorgeous cyan Lumia 800 around.

not really as it was released befor WP8 came out. after WP8, Cave never bothers to make it compatible with WP8.
sucks as it is the best shmup available on Windows Phone.

I got all excited only to read that it's still WP7 only. I wish they'd fix this damn game already but I can only surmise that sales haven't been strong enough to justify the effort.

Cave has released tons of games on XBLA, supporting the Xbox far more than any other console. Sadly, somehow Microsoft has failed to convince them to develop for Windows Phone.

Has anyone tried it on a WP8 device ? I have the XAP that I can side load on my HTC 8x ....Maybe if I get a chance I try it to see if it runs or when it crashes... (my XAP is pre marketplace encryption)..
Another game from WP7 that I paid for that I can't play on my Wp8 device....Is Microsoft giving refunds on apps that dont work ? This is BS, now that WP8 has been out for a while I figured by now this and a few other apps would be updated by now..