Here's how Sprint can save you money on Spotify

Spotify and Sprint

Sprint today as part of its announcement of the exclusive Harman/Kardon edition of the HTC One M8 also announced a new deal for Spotify subscriptions — if you're on Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1.

All new and existing postpaid (ie not pre-paid) Sprint customers will get six free months of Spotify Premium, if you're on a "Framily" plan. And Sprint's extended the deal to those on Android and iOS, of course.

And after the initial six months, you'll get a discount on your Spotify subscription, which varies depending on your level of Framliness.

Here's the deal.

Category Features
Framily (1-5 people) 6 months free and then $7.99/mo.
After 18 months, customers will pay full $9.99/mo.
Framily (6-10 people) 6 months free and then $4.99/mo.
After 18 months, customers will pay full $9.99/mo.
Non-Framily customers 3 months free and then $9.99/mo. (must opt-out)

And that's it. The whole thing starts this Friday, May 2.


Reader comments

Here's how Sprint can save you money on Spotify


Now... If they just could get their network to be better and offer decent Windows Phones, it might be a good deal.... Nahhhhh... jk

I love my neo!   I would like it more if they had usable data in areas like the beltway, downtown, staduims, malls..

I loved Spotify when I had it but I don't really miss sprint and their selection of windows phones was a joke which is another reason I left when I went from WebOs to WP but this is a good deal for people still on sprint

I was on WebOS for sooo long I but the Sprint rates were the best for me. I had the same issue with the WP selection, but am now happy with my Ativ S Neo....wish they had a 1020 or Icon, though.

The only thing I want from Sprint is some high end windows phones and a reliable network. Is that too much to ask for?

Spotify have promised to update their Windows Phone app for a while. Its poorly made and there is no way to listen to songs without a Premium Account. Until then...

When Sprint was the only unlimited data around they were an option but the network degraded so badly during my 2-year contract that I eager to jump to T-Mobile.

It's a shame Sprint doesn't carry any Nokia Lumias because then, all users would have to do is use offline mixes on Nokia MixRadio.

Sprint completely fails at Windows Phone. So who really cares here. My coworker wants a Windows Phone, but isn't getting one yet because Sprint's selection is so bad.

I've been tweeting Sprint asking them if they're going to get Nokia phones and they just keep sending me to their site.  I've asked them a few times this year.  Everyone on here should just pester them about high end Nokia Windows Phones.  It may not work but who knows...a tweet only takes a couple seconds.

Why's all that code showing up in the article when on the WPCentral WP app? I don't see it in the website.