Here's my wallpaper for the Surface Pro 3

In scanning comments and tweets from my Surface Pro 3 review this morning, one request kept coming up: Where can I get that wallpaper? It's always a funny and flattering thing to write nearly 5,000 words on new hardware only to have your wallpaper be the most exciting thing, but hey, I get it!

So without further ado, here is the 1280 x 1024 colorful polygon wallpaper that I use on my Surface Pro 3 and other Windows 8.1 devices.

Don't right click and save the embed above, that's just for illustrative purposes. The download link below is higher resolution.

Update: Thanks to Maximillian M., he found the original source, which is Lancork.net. The download link below takes you to that site, where they have various resolutions!

And in case you want the one for my Windows Phone 8.1 devices, see my earlier article covering that one.

If you have a killer wallpaper that you'd like to share, toss the OneDrive link in your comment for others, and maybe we'll do a roundup of best choices? Let me know, as you folks drive this site!


Reader comments

Here's my wallpaper for the Surface Pro 3


Thanks indeed, the background is bueatiful

Guys I just got my SP3 and I'm wondering , do I have to install an antivirus program? if yes which one do you recommend that wouldn't affect the performance

Not unless you just really want to... I don't. Windows Defender was upgraded in Windows 8 to also scan for viruses (its the security essentials AV engine).

You can if you want, I hear Avast is a great free security suite. Nonetheless, I personally use Windows Defender (built in). Works great, not had any issues thus far.

Microsoft has come a long way my friend.

Thanks a lot guys. I'll stick with Windows Defender then.

SP3 is amazing, I'm definitely selling my macbook air.

Can you also send a link to download this type of wallpaper (high resolution polygon ) for windowsphone too ? Want it for my lumia 1520 start screen . Have seen such image in many of your posts having a lumia

He said one drive, not tinypic. And your start screen is just a screenshot of your phone, not an actual wallpaper. You are way too conceited. ;)

It was supped to be a joke.. I was taking a shot at Daniel... Thanks for ruining the joke... Really???... Lol!

Despite the wallpaper I guess it just looks good because of the surface pro 3 amazing screen! I remember many people asking for the wallpapers bundled with surface pro 3! they all looked great!!

When will be announced that I won the Surface Pro 3? Today is the day :3 (...and VIVA COSTA RICA CARAJO!!!)

Ah, I see. My main one drive folder is my junk drawer. I found that Claris Works book in a closet at work and was amazed they still had it.

Ugh, stop it.  Now I'm gunna spend the rest of the workday daydreaming about the next Zelda in addition to the SP3. That lockscren on a brand new SP3... my head might explode.

I love to browse the internet under the influence. My favorite thing is to take a shot everytime Buzzfeed starts an article with "the ten single most amazing things that....."

Pretty similar. The gs5 one seems to have more gradients on each triangle, whereas on this one the colors are a bit flatter.

Anyways, I love it. I think it compliments the tiles really well. I also made it the lockscreen image for my icon. Thanks.

Nice! Thanks for sharing.

Glad someone knows how to make some great background images out of PolyScreen.  I tried to figure out how to use that app once but it kept crashing on me, made my L920 too warm, and drained the hell out of my battery so I unstalled it! :(

You know, Daniel, you never revealed your wallpaper from your Lumia Icon that one time. I feel slighted...remember me? ;)

Anyone having any issues with the SD Card slot? Mine doesn't have a snap/spring that standard slots have and I cannot get my SP3 to read my SD.

Thanks Daniel, I truly appreciate it!
And I'll reread the 5000 words tomorrow morning :)
You can blame Microsoft for that ... The Tile Backgrounds feature in 8.1 is truly a gift & a curse. Lol ;)

So..How would one get this wallpaper as a background on the start screen?? I can't seem to find the setting for this.

Diregard... I found my answer...