Hilton HHonors app makes booking your stay even easier

Hilton HHonors app lets you manage and book your Hilton stay

If you're loyal to Hilton, the hotel chain's official Hilton HHonors app for Windows Phone should make booking and managing your stay even easier. With the new app, which debuted in the Windows Phone store, Hilton guests can now find and book hotels as well as manage their Hilton HHonors membership.

If you currently don't already have a Hilton membership, you can even sign up for a Hilton HHonors account.

The Hilton HHonors app is the latest in a series of travel and hotel apps that were made available for Windows Phone in recent week, like the rival SPG app for Starwood Hotels and HotelTonight.

You can download the Hilton HHonors app through the Windows Phone store or scan the QR code below.

Hilton HHonors QR code for download


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Hilton HHonors app makes booking your stay even easier


I wrote them and complained. Doesn't do a whole lot good probably, but still. Wrote Citi too.

Frankly though, the AmEx mobile website is good and enough for my needs, and I'm happy I don't have to use an app. Citi's website doesn't work in WP8.1, so that's more pressing. There is no way to access anything from Citi on a Windows Phone currently.

Amex mobile site didn't work for a really long time. Either way, it sucks that they're alienating their consumer base

I complained to Amex a few months back too. Maybe I'll do that again on twitter. Citibank should hear from me on twitter as well.

Only problem with this is that they spam you constantly. I had to permanently block their domains to stop it since they refused to unsubscribe me or close my account.

All you have to do is go into your account and change your communications preferences.  Of course you could have sent them an email threatening a CANSPAM report.

Just change your communication preferences. They do have a long list of businesses they are involved with, and could tell you about, if "checked" in your preferences. It works for me.

This is great news. The hotels are top notch at every price point. I usually stay at the Hamptons., but the Chicago Palmer House Hilton is a favorite. I think the Hilton rewards program is the very best. Most of the Doubletrees have an amazing free breakfast for members. Sometimes it is cook to order. The concierge has great suggestions (except for Utah, where they make a point of saying that they don't go out to night spots?).

Knock on wood, but dare I say that WP may be approaching a critical mass? The last two weeks have seen more official apps come out than I can remember in the last 6 months.

Nice, now we talking.

Nguyen, you should delete the article on SPG because the app is garbage and it is identical to their mobile site. Shame on them.

Awesome.... As a diamond member in Hilton, I travel weekly. This is exactly what I wanted.

I travel a lot and need the Marriott and Southwest Airlines app. I wrote Southwest and they said they are working on it but I doubt it's true. Their web app doesn't even work on wp 8.1