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How to create and share story videos with Nokia Storyteller

Nokia Storyteller is an app that automatically groups all your photos, videos and cinemagraphs into individual events called stories. You can browse all your stories on your timeline, modify them, and then view them as slideshows. If you're really happy with the slideshows, you can share them as story videos with friends on Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, and more.

Want to know how to do it? Head past the break to watch the video and follow the steps.

In this example, we're going to create an unboxing video of the bright orange Nokia Lumia 930, using Nokia Storyteller. It's a cool idea that we've seen Stephen Quin shared on Flickr.

  1. Take photos. Lots of photos.
  2. Open Nokia Storyteller.
  3. Open the grouped photos you've recently taken.
  4. Nokia Storyteller automatically uses the location information as the title for the video. You can change this by clicking 'Rename story.'
  5. A slideshow, also known as story video, has been automatically created with transition effects. Click to watch the video.
  6. Click the edit button to make some changes. You can change the music, exclude photos, and even randomize the order. There are 6 tracks to choose from.
  7. Happy with the video? Take a look again before saving or sharing. The share button brings up all the apps you can send the video to. This includes Facebook, email, Flickr, and others, but our favorite is the app called Upload to Youtube.

Nokia Storyteller

That's it! In this example, we were able to shoot and share a simple unboxing video directly from a Windows Phone device to Youtube. It did not require a lot of work. Watch the sample video below:

We've only used photos, but Nokia Storyteller also supports videos and cinemagraphs. Add Living Images to that list if you already have the Windows Phone 8.1 update with Lumia Cyan. Storyteller is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. It's exclusively available for Lumia devices.

Have you been using Nokia Storyteller? Are you going to use it more often now that you know about this cool feature? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

How to create and share story videos with Nokia Storyteller


My only issue with the story videos is photos shout in portrait mode don't always show the part of the image you had focused on. I switch a lot between portrait and landscape when shooting but always try to compose with rule of thirds in mind, the story video trends to focus on the middle of the image only, it just needs the option to select focal points on images when creating.

We plan to fix this in a next version.

Bonus question: how do you think we should solve this issue, given that the story videos are always made in landscape?

When is the next version? this is kind ofan anoying behavior as the app cuts of most of the bodies of my wife and daughter in the portrait pics...looks like i took their heads on vacation

Bonus Answer. 

How about the App identify which photos are in Portrait mode and give users an option to reposition them, Infact give them a choice to reposition all pics in the series, something along the lines of crop,fix and rotate(default editor)

You could edit the photos that you want and crop them to be landscape and then center the subject in the frame. I understand the extra effort but it would accomplish what you are asking for.  I use Fantasia Painter for most of my photo editing needs. Instead of changing the original, it allows you to make a copy and leaves the original alone.

Yep just discovered that this week. Still has huge potential, just hope Microsoft doesn't scrap it!

I love this app because he show the smart sequences like live images.... And is a better roll than native album... I use many times, create some videos... Resuming: ++++++

I have a Lumia 521 and I'm guessing they left out live images on it because of its 512mb ram. What exactly are live images

Live images are those that chase you around the house,sell the phone man and get back to using a phone booth

Just got my 930 and went out swimming with some friends. Asked a friend to take some pictures with my new phone and it's really amazing seeing the live images move, when we dive into the water, swim, and the waves come crashing into us and the rocky beach. The story-video became really great at that. Really gorgeous! They were of course very impressed by the "inferior" WP :) (All iPhone users)

Vertical photos suck anyway unless they are a must. With Nokia phones take horizontal photos and resize or crop

Great photography advice there. Nope they don't. They work better for subjects that are tall and when you don't want the subject to be surrounded by a ton of landscape. Monuments and portraits for example.


I hope to soon update the application, when to play the video of the story vertical photographs are dimensionen

Noted. We understand the problem and are working on a better design solution for how to deal with portrait photos.

Suggestions are welcome.

Michiel - UX Design

Movie Maker can't do this stuff, automatically.  The world doesn't revolve around Instagram and these aren't square anyway! :)

Movie maker, to me is for bigger, more involved projects.  I'm actually trying to get good enough with it to do an experiment of shooting and editing a short film completely on the phone.  If I want to throw some party pics together, I'd rather just choose them and let the Ken Burns effect be auto-applied and send it off to either a social site or email it to people that were in it.

I would like to see:
* the time limit raised to maybe 1 minute. I think after that either the quality suffers or the file is too large.
* the ability to edit out the date.  Maybe I'd rather it say Summer 2014, for example.
* a feature to rearrange the order of the pictures. Some things work WAY better as the 1st and last shot than others. 

It's cool to want something. Just appreciate the app. There's a lot that's needs to be seen from the entire OS. Keep your fingers crossed. I wont

All good points. But on the other hand, we want to keep the app lean and simple. The idea is that it does almost everything automatically so the user can just sit back and enjoy the story videos.

1. I don't think being able to edit out the date is adding too much weight. We can already edit the title.
2. Maybe 1 minute vids would be too large to efficiently share.
3. Is rearranging photos too much out of the automatic feel?

I do like the app, but I have some real world uses that could benefit from what I think of as tweaks vs changing the identity of the app. Example: I took some pictures of a vacant apartment and wanted to do a quick and easy "walk through". Showing the date of the pictures didn't make sense. Putting both exterior shots at the beginning, because I took them first, wasn't ideal, as I'd rather start and stop with those. Example: If I'm taking part pics, I'd like to shouted people out in the video vs being forced to group pics in chronological order of the sane person is in 3 photos in a row.

These are just my thoughts and I submit them with the hope that they will at least be considered. :)

Love it, but needs updating because every so often I have to go to the actual windows 8.1 gallery to do something eg share through bluetooth

From my 1520, it generates a 30 second video with a size more than 100MB. Thats too big to send it through whatsapp. There has to be a way to compress the file for sharing. Not using a separate App i mean.

Also, In Win 8.1, the share button doesn't list WhatsApp just like it used to for non-8.1 OS.

I think 30 seconds is enough. Although there is a glitch on it. Whent it shows a "title date", it shows the day the user created the video and not when the image was taken.

So I'm sharing my storyteller to you guys :)

I love the the app but wish there was a corresponding app for Windows 8.1 laptop. I want to group, name and store all of my photos using storyteller on my sktdrive or hard drive and keyboard.

Real bummer that you can't add your own music. I'm sure there's a way to do it externally, but would be a nice touch to do it in the app. The built-in songs are a bit cheesy

I love storyteller for low effort but beautiful movies, agree on the longer length too, maybe a minute? :) this has been my substitute for cameo on ios or google's autoawesome, so glad its at least there

Its ok... I think the google eqivelant is much better as you can mix photos and videos (or sub section of videos) unfortunatly its tied to google+ and Android

Going to take a look a movie maker but its more granular and less automatic (both good and bad)

I'm interesting if I only have a problem with pictures taken in landscape-flipped mode? When I accidentally shoot images in landscapce-flipped mode pictures in sorryteller (only when preview) are rotated for 180 degrees. Preview in camera role is correct. Any idea?