Cortana Person Reminder

How to set a person-based reminder with Cortana

Last week, we showed you how to set a location-based reminder with Cortana. Did you know you could also set reminders based on people? You can tell Cortana to remind you anything when you send or receive texts, emails, or phone calls from certain people in your phone book. You should try it out!

Head past the break to watch our how-to video.

To get started, bring up Cortana by holding the search button for a few seconds. You can also click on her live tile if you have it on your home screen. Tell Cortana to remind you something when talking to certain people. Here are some examples:

  • Remind me to ask about work when Sheila calls.
  • When John calls, remind me to say congratulations.
  • Remind me to ask what time the plane arrives next time Annie calls.
  • When Google calls, ask him if he’s hungry.

Even though the examples above ask for reminders when your contacts call, we have noticed reminders also show up when they send text or email. You also get the reminder when you initiate the text, email, phone call. It seems Cortana converts all the reminder requests above to “next time I talk to” that person.

Cortana Person Reminder

When you receive a phone call from one of the reminder requests, the alert shows up right above the answer button. That’s a really convenient location, so you won’t miss the reminder. When you receive a text message or email from the contact, the reminder pops up on top of the screen. Click the complete button to stop the reminder from showing up next time. You can also click the “next time” button if you need to be reminded again. You’ll need to click one of the two buttons for the reminder to disappear.

In case you are wondering, people-based reminders are not available on Siri or Google Now. Do you like this feature on Windows Phone 8.1 with Cortana? Let us know in the comments!

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How to set a person-based reminder with Cortana


Possibly, but what if I'm a scientist in the US that prefers my temperature in Celsius (or even Kelvin)? The Bing Weather app allows me to configure it, why not Bing-based Cortana?

It's set roll out to China and the UK by the end of 2014, then continue global roll out through Q1 2015 all the way to mid-2015, when the majority of users should have access. That's the plan, anyways.

Its nice, but I want more.
I want more actions than just reminders. For example, "When I leave work, text (person) I'm coming home".

Yeah I tried this the other day (Text mum on monday remember to bring something when you visit me in work). Shame it doesn't work..... yet! I'm sure it will come.

EDIT: Also tried 'Don't disturb me for 2 hours' but with no luck. That would be handy as I hop into bed, as I rarely go to bed at the same time twice in a row so automatic options are no good to me, plus I want it to be turned off before I wake up so manually turning it on/off is no good either.

I want more to. Especially with the quite hours. I would love to have a feature to that gives my phone location awareness. When I get to work automatically silent my phone. When I leave return to normal state. When I get home, set ringer vol to...   etc. 


I want this also! Had it on my Nokia 530Xpress and have been trying to get something to do that. Can't because of locked down API.

Already using this. SWEET feature right there. I wasn't aware of the reminder when the phone rings of what to ask them. That is a nice touch. Microsoft is truly making this a "smart" phone and not just another cell phone that can run apps.  BTW, do more vids man.

that would be a great tagline; Windows phone is not just a phone that run apps, it is the best  and personalizable  stmartphone.

I seriously hope so... When I got my HD7, I had a hell of a time finding how-to articles, because they were already posting a bunch of how-tos for 7.5, which came 6 months later

This Cortana is learning fast.

Three days ago I'm getting ready to leave work and got an alert that its time to go home and even showed a the route home with less traffic.
Why am I impressed? I never asked her to do this.

It is exactly what I've been talking about. This is becoming the definition of a truly smart phone. Being able to run an app doesn't define smart...Cortana defines it. (On the way that is)

I have to admit, that's a pretty sweet feature. Looks like both Apple and Google will be in a sense copying this from good ol' Microsoft!

"Android is a Robot, not a Galaxy."

Actually, webOS already had person based reminders in 2009. Of course it didn't have something like Cortana. You would set the reminder from a person's entry in the address book.

You don't have to use the word "call" and you can use nicknames to. My wife is "wife" in my phone and I usually just say "remind me to tell my wife ..." which then reminds me anytime she calls and text. I use it all the time.

yes i have my girlfriend set to girlfriend with cortana. in my address book its her name but when i say text girlfriend it remembers. cortana is way ahead of google and siri and love the direction it is going. +925

iCloud (and by extension Siri) allowed you to assign special relational statuses to people; you could define contacts as 'wife', 'son', 'father', etc. While this is a handy workaround, I'd love to see MSFT adopt the additional tags.

You can do those tags by assigning nicknames in the contact or even easier, by using inner circle tags.

This had to extend to ask modes of communication with my People. Not just call, text or email. Even Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, * any mode of communication*

And these reminders also don't fire if locations services are off...MS really needs to change this. There is no reason for this not to work..

True.. Cortana completely turns off if you turn off your location which make no sense. Location should be mandatory only while using any location based services.

I agree!

Cortana also needs some basic commands that work offline.

There is no reason why Cortana can't set most reminders / calendar appointment even in airplane mode. Even if she works in text only mode offline, she should still set the reminder.

This reliance on a data/wifi connection is limiting and costly.

Hey guys...i updated my 520 to wp 8.1 in which there was fainal update comes after 3 times...finally updated to wp 8.1 bt its still showing an update ready to be install...what is this ??

does anyone know if u can get cortana to remind u by contact but using geofencing instead? i cant seem to speak the right command

Just say 'Remind me to text mum when I get home' and if she doesn't already know she'll ask you where home or work etc is and remind you when you get there. You can add other places too, I added 'mum and dads', so I can say 'Remind me to borrow something when I get to mum and dads' and she'll tell me when I get there :)

I hope Cortana's reminders get a bit smarter in the next few months. We should be able to set reminders such as:

Remind me 5 minutes after I leave work to...

Remind me when I'm 3 miles/KM/minutes away from work to...

Remind me when I get to the intersection of ... and ... to...

Remind me when I'm 2 min away from my favorite coffee shop to...

Remind me when I'm approaching work on any Wednesday to... (Or every other Wednesday to...)

Remind me when I'm near a florist on a day any of my contacts have a birthday/anniversary to pick up flowers.

Remind me to send a card and flowers to any of my contacts on their birthday / anniversary. (This should be automatic)


Intelligence like this will put Cortana in a world of her own, and might even pull people from other platforms to Windows Phone.

I wish MS (Nokia) integrate quiet hours along with the call blocker with the cyan update for rest of the countries who didn't get cortana.

Hey Mark, Rich, Dan, etc, I hope you guys are compiling these tips into a single document the rest of us can use when the real 8.1 is released.

Please check out the first link in the "further reading" section towards the end of the article. One place for all the Windows Phone 8.1 tips, tricks, and how-to

What happened to this on{x} service that they have? Seems like a good tool to integrate into Cortana don't you think?

At least once a week I'll call somebody to tell them something or ask a question. They don't answer and call back later when I forget what I wanted to say. This will be perfect.

Philippine Airlines promos is on the email inbox! Do you get to visit the Philippines, Mark? :-)

WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000

Worked fine for me on my 920, but no luck with my Dads HTC 8S. I will try on my mums and on my wifes 8S's too. Might be the phone

@ Mark... why you had a Philippine airline in your e mail??? are you planning for a vacay. Juz asking man. God bless...

I think I got subscribed to their list after buying a ticket from 2 years ago. Would love to back and visit boracay or Palawan

First of all Cortana should be able to respond when a phone is locked. I dont think there are many people say "Cortana" around the phone except you.

Also I hope Cortana will be able to recognize a voice in future.

This was immediately one of my favorite features along with location reminders. I use both, all the time. I wonder with this whole internet of things, if we will see these reminders when your device (thus you) are in the same proximity as the contact. That would be awesome. Even now they could trigger the reminder of you set an appointment with a contact.

NE idea on how to get the Cortana feature again as I had to reset the phone.... Did the change region to US... But it's not enabling the Cortana....i am missing my personal assistant...

It would be great to have Cortana read out the reminder (vs just a text-based reminder) while you're in the car/bluetooth, etc. That way, you don't have to look at your phone to see the reminder.

Cortana is absolutely wonderful! Love all of it's features, especially traffic info on a journey I'm about to embark on. This just makes it even better!

For such systems as Cortana need from a distance, this whole technology derived from military applications originally. Does anyone remembers Auschwitz and the IBM project to inventory prisoners?

Very good microsoft! Bravo! Again US only! And as far as i know this is not biggest market for WPhone. If anyone doesn't know how to say "thank you" for something than ask microsoft CEO! I am more than sure that a lot of WPhone owners in the UK will thank you same way. This is my last WPhone for sure and is many more here like me. If micros... trying catch google or apple than this is completly wrong way. People who say to change a region, thanks for idea, have you got any more stupid ideas? I live in the UK and won't have my mobile in the US! LOL