HTC TITAN available at AT&T for just a penny

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Should the Nokia Lumia 900 be not up your street, and if 4G LTE connectivity isn't a feature you're particularly bothered about, the HTC TITAN is a highly rated Windows Phone and could well be the right one for you. We reviewed this beast of a handset (and it's successor), which is also backed by strong reviews from AT&T customers.

AT&T's web store is listing the Windows Phone for $0.01 (with 2-year contract), a good snatch for anyone interested. Featuring a massive 4.7" LCD screen, 16GB storage, 8MP camera, and a 1.5Ghz chip, the TITAN is capable of handling whatever you decide to throw at the device.  While the penny sale is a very nice deal, unfortunately the off-contract is still stuck at $549.99.

Source: AT&T; thanks Rodney for the tip!


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HTC TITAN available at AT&T for just a penny


Still happy with my original freebie deal (Black Friday price matching as I bought it a week prior, a few days after launch).  Anxiously awaiting firmware + Tango.

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At least they had more phones than sprint and verizon combined. I don't know why t-mobile people are so surprised for. T-mobile is a budget carrier, Nokia even mentioned that when talking about making certain phones for specific target customers

T-mobile was steadily promoting the lumia when it first came out, and they're always the first carrier to push updates. So it's absurd to say that they don't care. Plus they're in process of refarming their network so after that you can get any phone you want.

Yes, I'm very pleased with my HTC Titan that I got for a penny during Black Friday weekend. And with the $25 App gift card I received for purchasing it between Thanksgiving and end of last year, I was actually paid to have a great phone! Get it while you can!

It costs even less at bestbuy.com, which is probably why it's the best selling ATT WP there for the past couple of weeks.

the off contract price is just stupid.  at that price it would be cheaper to get it on contract then break the contract and pay the ETF...how ridiculous.

this is tempting I'm tryna hold out until the titan II or the lumia has another nice deal. I'm suprised the titan II hasn't dropped in price

HTC has its downsides, its been around for ages. Its a smartphone only company. Heck they would run IOS if they could. If you want beautifully different then get a lumia 900.

Can't figure out what he means, either.  We have 3 HD7's in this house and love 'em.  We've been eligible for upgrades since February, but am happy with these phones.

I'm surprised that the Focus S is still $199 on contract. It is a great phone, but the Titan II and the Lumia 900 are better deals at this point.

Pretty much all the windows phones in At&t are great,but I have the Nokia 900,and its by far the best phone I've had,

Wish there were a 5,7" Titan or Lumia. Screen size is everything for me, eeven been thinking of the Galaxy Note. But after years of Windows phones it feels akward