Hyper Cell

Platformer game Hyper Cell launches on Windows Phone first, iOS and Android soon

This doesn't happen often, so it gets us excited when a new game releases on Windows Phone first, and then moves to iPhone and Android. It's usually the other way around. That's the case with Hyper Cell, a minimalist survival platformer. If you're Interested in lasers and electronic music, then you're going to enjoy this game.

Hyper Cell comes with a little warning. The about page says, "Some players may be sensitive to the effects, so please play with caution." Still curious? Head past the break to watch our gameplay video on the Nokia Lumia 930.

It's very easy to play Hyper Cell. The goal is to get to the end of the level without getting fried by the lasers or getting crushed by moving blocks. It requires good timing and reflexes. You'll need to run, jump and fall at the right times. There's also one more thing to worry about. Your oxygen level is depleting, so you can't take too long.

Hyper Cell

When you die, you can restart from checkpoints. Running out of checkpoints bring you back to the beginning of the level.

The visuals are very minimalistic. The environment does not have a lot of details. The background is constantly flashing while the music goes fast with nonstop head-nodding beats. It keeps the game feeling fast-paced.

Hyper Cell

Hyper Cell launches with 9 levels. More are planned in upcoming updates. It's a free download with ads and in-app-purchases. The game can be played without making any purchase, but in-app purchases can provide boost when needed. For example, removing ads and 10 extra checkpoints cost $1.49 each.

Hyper Cell

Hyper Cell is available as a universal Windows app, so you can grab it from both the Windows and Windows Phone Store. The constant flashing background and electronic might make it hard for some you to play this game for a long period of time. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

512mb support

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Reader comments

Platformer game Hyper Cell launches on Windows Phone first, iOS and Android soon


Thanks for your support Kashif. Please spread the word about #HyperCell and dont forget to rate it a 5 star. I need downloads and good ratings to make it a success on windows platform.


Imran Shafiq 

Thnx a bunch :) V1.5 is out on windows 8.1 and it will be available on WP8 in about 4 hours. UI improvements/polish and new animtaions and IAPs added. SO dont forget to update in a bit :) 

This game is really cool and I've already rated the game (5 stars).Thank you for supporting WP platform. Good luck with your Game :)

Wp users are the best BETA testers testing officially and unofficially too wid dose so called NON BETA apps :D

I will reach out to you guys for beta testing the upcoming level/cells in this game that will bring cool new traps, moving platforms and new canons etc

I swear, the Lumia 930/icon makes anything looks good. I'm thinking about selling my 920 & 1320 to get one. Almost sold my Xbox One until I noticed Destiny coming out next month.

Actually there are games like Hypernaut, pako, Hexlines etc. that i love on my WP and are not available Android or iOS, and the best part, my friends ask me the name of the game, search it on the play store, get depressed when they dont't find the game(s) on their FUCKING STORES!!! HELL YEAHHH!!!!!!

Thanks for featuring Hyper Cell on WPCENTRAL. I am the developer of this game and looking forward to get feedback from you guys. v1.5 will be out shortly on WP8 (latest by tomorrow) which has some very nice UI Improvements and added animations (Its already out on Widows 8.1). 

Also, durable purchases are shared across windows platforms so if you remove ads on windows phone 8, they should be automaticaly removed on windows 8.1 as well.

Please enjoy the game while we are making awesome new content for the upcoming releases. Dont forget to rate it 5 star and feel free to email us ANY issues, or great suggestions on gameplay and any interesting trap designs of your choice.

The game is all about music rhythm as the cell beats to the music. But if its too much for you, you can reduce the volume on the settings screen.


Just because of first wp, and nice UI and gameplay, downloading and rating 5 stars! I hope that more devs like you get the message of the new growing market! Well done for your amazing work! :)

Thanks, happy to hear that :) Do you mean adding xbox controller support for Windows 8.1 version? or do you mean actually releasing on XBOX?


Oh that.. unfortunately XBOX enables games for WP are only for Microsoft "select" games - AAA studios.. I am just an indie dev :) if #HyperCell becomes a big hit on WP maybe Microsoft notices and I can get in.. but for now.. no XBOX achievements!

However, a worldwide leaderboard and local in game ahcievements are on the plan for next updates.

How will Android and iOS deal with this "app gap"? They don't even have the latest games and should just give up, stop development and start making Windows Phones! :)   

OH, how I'd love to see The Verge (of stupidity) write that article!!

It's really good to see wp first at something, that's pleasing, but you lost me at "Electronic music" I just can't stand it!!, I may try the game though, just to support the developer

:) You can tweak the volume on the settings menu screen :) it is actually a music based game as the levels beat/pulse to the music.. give it a try.. but not recommended for ayone with epilepsy.. since the game also use strobe light effects in sync with the music.

Thank you so much for your support, please spread the word about #HyperCell.

Good luck with your game, and future apps, but for this one, try different rhythms, for those who don't like electronic music

i'm good music lover atlast found an app that keeps me constantly listening to music while playing

i think each level has got its own music playing hard for listening new music

5stars for landing game first in wp airport

if there are 10 stars then 10 stars for music n those effects


Thanx praveen9779 :) Currently the 9 cells in level 1 has 3 kickass soundtracks. I am working on Level 2 with 9 more cells with 3 new music tracks.. and its going to be kick ass :) so spread the word about #HyperCell.. I live to make WP users happy :) also v1.5 will be available for download in about 4 hours so please do update.. nice UI improvements and gameplay animations added.

OK GUYS. v1.5 is out on WP8 and Windows 8.1 .. so UPDATE :) and enjoy dieng over and over .. 


TIP: the price of 100 checkpoints dropped - so buy me a coffee i.e. make an IAP purchase! LOL

please email me    hypercell at danglingconcepts dot com    or private message me here on wpcentral so I can see what teh issues are. I have tested on a 520 and it works fine.. 

For those who like customizations in the game, a new feature is coming where you can customize the color palette to your liking. You will be choosing 4 colors that will be applied to the animating floor platforms. I tried some kool combinations but could not decide what was the best so finally added a customization feature. I am sure you guys will come up with way more interesting color combinations :) I will keep you guys updated on the new version on the facebook page  

Dangling concepts are great developers, Super Hexagon was amazing. I was actually thinking, the other day, about DC, figured they must have been working on something to not update such a great game. SH confused all my friends, who don't have Windows phones.