Join Windows Phone Central on Twitch.tv for some live fragging!

Twitch.tv app for Windows Phone

This afternoon at 4:30 PM EST we're kicking off our first of (hopefully) many live game streams on Twitch.tv. We tested things out last night in Titanfall, and should be all warmed up to blow some stuff up later on today. You can subscribe to the Windows Phone Central Twitch channel here, where we'll also be archiving gameplay if you can't make the livestream.

We're still testing the water for doing this sort of thing, since it's not only outside of the usual content we provide on Windows Phone Central, but it's really unique for any of the Mobile Nations sites. For now we're playing on PC, but obviously Xbox games are in the cards for the long run, and we'd really like to do giveaways eventually. In the meantime, we're all ears when it comes to feedback. What games do you want us to play? Should we be doing Xbox titles exclusively? Would you rather be checking out mobile games? Who on the editorial team would you like to see playing? Or is Twitch just not your thing at all?

Though you can always catch the action right on the Twitch site, there are a few Windows Phone apps you can use to watch while on the go, like LiveGaming (Store link) and Infinite Game Stream (Store link). We'll be active in the chat, so hope to see you guys there!


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Join Windows Phone Central on Twitch.tv for some live fragging!


I love this! Can't wait to see you guys play these awesome games! Both PC and Xbox games are great, please don't stream mobile games. :P

I have tried streaming games from my wp8 phone to twitch and that worked very well and was very funny! Too bad I have no use or interest for it streaming anything, but the possibility is interesting. Does need a PC though.

A new thing to be seen..Would like to see Daniel vs Rene vs Derek vs Kevin vs Phil in a multiplayer battle!!

Call Sam,,Rich,,Mark,,Abhi,,John,,Micheal,,Seth,,Harish,,George,,Paul and even Brent as backup!! :P :P

For the record, I'm not planning on doing this initially, but we'll see later on if this catches on and you guys really like it ;)

I'm not much of a gamer, nor am I really any good (those things are probably connected).

I do like those, but it's also about time. I sometimes put in 10+ hours a day here and when I'm done, I go to the gym and then spend time with the GF, which includes dinner, movie, etc. Throw in some reading and it comes down when can I squeeze it in, which is sometimes on the weekend.

If your in it then there is probably gonna be a big hype for it..Many are going to watch it for sure!!

Wow..soo cool. Just downloaded and uninstalled the one I was using. This is soo much nicer and stable. Thanks :)

Sam aka the Sham is great, he taught me everything I know about FPS's. Interested in seeing him play and playing with you guys, I'm new on Titanfall PC.

Wish someone made a list of the best. I need a good mobile app, I'm picky because twitch streaming on such a small screen needs to be don't right for the viewing and chat at same time/easily switchable.

Well from what Simon wrote, there's LiveGaming & Infinite Game Stream. The latter of the two is what's in the picture. This article should have download links for both though.

Which one is updated more frequently, and which has better features?

Since twitch is good friends with Microsoft, because of the Xbox, why don't we have an official app? D:

Twitch seems to be integrating with YouTube which I believe means that theynare going ahead with the Google aquisition, which means no official Twitch app for WP.

Cool to see we have a community of gamers here!

Some other popular games on Twitch that you might have an opinion on:

DOTA2, Hearthstone, Diablo 3, Dark Souls 2, DayZ, ArmA 3

Awesome. I am happy to see you play any games. Honestly, at this point I'd rather see PC games. Lets just say there isn't much I care to see from Xbox. Thanks will he tuning in.

Definitely with everyone else who is watching the channel. Not sure if Xbox One streamers can chat with viewers (people streaming from PC can). But I haven't looked much into the Xbox One streaming yet.

Not feeling the Twitch love... But I may give it a look. I will see how it pans out on here. I have a good connection, so I should be OK.