Latest ad from Microsoft shows just how colorful Nokia Lumia products are

Microsoft has released a new advertisement showing off color popping in the Nokia Creative Studio, available on Lumia Windows Phones. The feature (as the ad demonstrates) enables users to spice up their mobile photography by 'popping' in colors on certain objects, leaving the rest of the image in grayscale. It's a neat effect and one that also represents just how unique Lumia Windows Phones are.

The advert then shows off the Lumia 2520, Nokia's first Windows tablet. With the variety of color options to choose from, we're sure Microsoft Mobile will continue pushing the unique designs and adverts like this one are a positive step in the right direction. It gets the message across while subtly showing off what the hardware can do.

Are you a child of the revolution?

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Latest ad from Microsoft shows just how colorful Nokia Lumia products are


So you live in the USA right? And you have no clue how important WhatsApp is in many other parts of the world.

Microsoft is clearly a company who can't do the right marketing, who's going to be convinced by this video? Tell me who? Only the fans ... Wasted money.

agreed!!! worthless marketing.. some colors...

we know colors since the first windows phone.. apparently people aint that impressed

I have to admit, i love the color options, but the only color i want is Cyan, Nokia seems to act like Cyan has gone out of this world, they putted Cyan on a Starship to Vulcan or something .... And i think the Electric Blue color of Samsung's Galaxy S5 is way better then baby blue ....

The Finns as you don't see this commercial on US television. This commercials are just a continuation of the ones Nokia produces...... I guess you can day Microsoft since they purchased the devices and services division of Nokia.

So is this ad being shown on TV in some country or just on the internet for us fans to fawn over? Don't think we're the ones Microsoft needs to convince but the average consumer who probably isn't browsing sites like this.


Exactly my thought. Nobody except us see these videos. But all my friends know that Galaxy S5 is water proof... Because they saw it on the TV ad! For them Nokia doesn't even exist!

There's some interesting music used in the movie Moulin Rouge.  That's where I first learned of this TRex song, Children Of The Revolution.

Except in Canada, where we have just black Lumias (with the exception of the yellow 1020... which is now only on Rogers). :(

(Eh, not a bad ad, but I think Microsoft needs to focus on apps, apps, apps.  Not colours alone...)

The next ad will be more focused on apps, I was part of that ad. ;) Microsoft is one-step in front of everyone. ;)

Color + Apps + Power.

I find it ironic, both in terms of the ads and with the complaints in this forum about color availability of the devices, that the first thing most of us do is encase these beautiful phones and tablets in hideous, thick cases.

I did enjoy the ad, though.

Well, this is embarassing for Msft/Nokia. Motorola V3 in 2003 had more color options than the lumia line. Even Moto G has a color pallete more extense. Not to mention the accent colors available... my car's radio lights have a much greater range of colors to chose from than my lumia.


Also, they have no distribution power for these few color choices. In Brazil they sell 2 colors. Black and white. Yellow might show up for some models after 3 months from release in the country (which was already 3 months after release in the US, givin us 6 months of an old model). 



Microsoft requires to first fix the issues with the most basic features and things in terms of apps. What will an average customer do with a colorful Lumia which lacks basic applications.

"New Nokia Ad Focuses On Color And The Nokia Creative Studio App" I took it differently from the Wmpoweruser site.

It is.. and it seems they're suggesting we can add these color pop effects to video, rather than stills? Now THAT would be cool! Don't get me wrong, I love Nokia's apps and hardware but... *whispers* hey MS, I've used apps like this (Touch of Color for example) on my old iphone4 way back before WP7 even came about... have you anything new for us???

Finally!!!! Someone that actually gets it. As I was reading through the comments, I kept wondering why everyone was focused on the color of the phone and not the color of the images taken by the phone. Thank you for your post.

And yet their phones are like only offered in three colors and their current flagship is pretty monotone. Iphone5c is much more colorful at this point.

Wait... Nokia Creative Studio's "color pop" feature works on videos too??? Yaaaaay that's awesome! I can't wait to try it! /s

I tried adding the color pop by just doing a portion of the image colored. It isn't an easy process though. You have to use your finger to outline the area and it doesn't figure out the actual border on its own, it just uses your finger. And seeing it's based off your finger, it tends to create jagged "lines". Getting the grayscale right up to the edge of an object is very hard work for a finger. It took me forever to get my image right. But I will say, it did look awesome when it was done :D
Just had a thought: Maybe a precise stylus could help make this easier?

My Lumias are usually case free. Although sometimes the 1020 spends time in either the Qi Charge case or the Camera Grip Case. Other than that I don't keep it in a case.

I do not like the iPhone colors at all. They don't even pop out. Looks dull in color. Almost pastel like.

Only a few out of several at&t stores stock the 2520 where I live. But I'm from a small town called Chicago.

So, where exactly are these adds being shown besides here. I have never ever seen an add for any windows phone on a portuguese channel, ever. The only add i saw from microsoft (latelly) was on enlish channel and for microsoft cloud for business. On the other hand, every hour or so we are constantly seeing the new galaxy S5 add with Ronaldo, Messi, etc on tv and HTC was all over the publicity pannels inside the stadium on every champions league match.

I get a little mad at these ads. Lumias really only have a selection of 2-3 unique colors. They need to go back to the 920 days when we had at least 4 unique colors. 

Lumia 930- green, orange

1520- yellow, red

They should give a green, orange, yellow, red/magenta, yellow, and cyan option per flagship, then they really can say how colorful they are.

Why I can't see those ads on tv nor mobile operators ain't encouraging buyers to pick WP only smartphones in TV are S5, 5S and Z2.

Wonderful concept on Color pop. Nokia UI team got a lot of innovative minds for sure. :D