Life as Lions utilise Nokia Lumia 920 for Hollywood music video

Life as Lions is an up and coming rock band from Los Angeles, but the members are also major Windows Phone fans. The group decided when they moved from Houston to Los Angeles they would record the journey using their Lumia 920 smartphones and use the footage for a music video. The above is the end result.

Here's a quick teaser for the band's EP (again, shot with the Lumia 920):

You can check out, purchase and download their tracks over on Xbox Music (search "life as lions").

Source: YouTube


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Life as Lions utilise Nokia Lumia 920 for Hollywood music video


I also have a red 920. Somehow that particular shade of red is absolutely eye-catching. Its drop-dead gorgeous tangy. One feels like eating it. ;)

Before I read where they were from and moving to, I recognized almost all of the places in the video.  Pretty cool!

I hate that I'm sitting in meetings all day and can't watch/listen to this, but I do feel compelled to buy their music just to help support them. :)

Fun video, and good song. They gave Arizona the short shrift though! And they should've at least thrown in a shot of THE THING?!
Good luck to them in Hollywood...

Interesting to see that OIS works best facing forwards in the car.  Shots out the side window have considerably more vibration, almost like OIS is inactive.