Unlocked Lumia 520 gets Amazon 'Lightning Deal' price cut to $99.99

lumia 520

One of Amazon's newest "Lightning Deals", where they offer products at deep discounts for a very limited time, is for the low cost Lumia 520 smartphone. The Windows Phone device is now on sale for $99.99

This is for a yellow unlocked GSM Lumia 520, by the way, and this version normally sells for $119.99, which means buyers can get a $20 savings during this lightning sale. Just in case you are one of the few readers not familiar with the Lumia 520, it is a 4 inch smartphone with 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of onboard storage.

Will you be jumping in for this Amazon lightning sale for the Lumia 520? Thanks to Justin M and Dan for the tips!

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Unlocked Lumia 520 gets Amazon 'Lightning Deal' price cut to $99.99


Daniel I have a colleague that is moving to the UK and I want to buy it as a farewell gift, I just want to be sure it works there, it does right?

Doesn't seem like such a great deal to me. 

Then again, I picked up a factory unlocked Lumia 925 in original packaging for $140 via Craigslist seller in Providence. Phone is great. 

$99?. How is this a deal. $70 or less for the longest time at different retailers. Plus you can get 635 for $109

I thought the one selling for $49 bucks were compatible with H2O which is not. My 1520 which is locked to AT&T as well is compatible with H2O

You should be able to use any att mvno on a locked att smartphone. Cricket, red pocket, h2o, and straight-up should all work

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I had a realization today of why Android is eating everyone's lunch. Went to a dollar store for a couple of items and right up front is a phone display. Dirt cheap android phones. I don't want MS to take a hit on quality but its pretty apparent that you can buy android everywhere from a carrier to the quickie mart. I hope these low end phones help with overall numbers. We have a 635 and its awesome. Just have to spread the word on how nifty these cheaper devices are. Flagships dont get market share, affordable entry level devices do.

Yes, there are a boatload of cheap Androids out there, but most of the low end, no contact ones have so much bloatware on them there is very little room for apps. The space ripe for WP that Microsoft has to fill is low end full feature phones. The Nokia 635 is headed that way, but it was handicapped, by low RAM, no flash, no front camera. Add those things, keep the price low enough for people to take a chance on it, and they will.

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