Lumia 630 now available in Russia, Lumia 930 up for pre-order

Elop Lumia 630

After we had reported that Microsoft-owned Nokia was offering the Lumia 630 up for sale in Asia, it looks like the smartphone is also now available in Russia. Additionally, it looks like the flagship Lumia 930 is also available for pre-order.

The Lumia 630 will be available in Russia in two variants. Starting today, a single-SIM variant will be available for 7990 rubles while a dual-SIM variant will be available over the next few days for 8490 rubles. The phone was made available for pre-order early last month. You can order from this link at the N-Store.

The Lumia 930, which is similar to the Nokia Lumia Icon in the U.S. with carrier Verizon Wireless, will be available for 24990 rubles when it launches. Users can start pre-ordering the phone today as well according to Russian language site WP7 Forums. You can click here to pre-order from the N-Store.

Both the Lumia 630 and the Lumia 930 are among the first smartphones to debut out of the box with Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.

Source: WP7 Forum


Reader comments

Lumia 630 now available in Russia, Lumia 930 up for pre-order


No. Supposedly I THINK there was the possibility of Glance on it down the road, but I don't remember for sure. I might remember wrong.

I'm very interested in how Xbox Music runs on these devices. I hope WPC can get their hands on some to test out how 8.1 handles out of the box.

Actually that's something that General Alexander Lebed noted that after the fall of communism, the same people were still around running things...

In few months it's price will drop as always for all WP phones. Then maybe I'll get it. Right now happy with my 928

I don't really expect the 630 to sell well over there, but then again it wouldn't be the 1st time the Russians surprise me if it did sell well

Russia has always been one of the key markets for Nokia. Hopefully Microsoft won't forget it. We still don't have Surface 2 in Russia.

Finally! Prices in Russia are higher than in Europe, but at least preorder for 930 is finally opened! Reserving one for myself right now!