Lumia 900 users on Rogers reporting Tango update coming through

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While those of us on AT&T in the States are evidently sitting out the great Tango push for June, those up north are having better luck.

We've had two reports from users on Rogers that Windows Phone 7.5 Tango aka 8773 is now being pushed for their Lumia 900s. The update comes in two parts with 8112 going first followed by 8773, meaning users will have enough time to catch their favorite show while their phone backs up and applies the two updates.

Windows Phone 7.5 Tango only brings some minor fixes to the OS with some MMS enhancements but the Nokia firmware is the real juicy stuff. Bringing WiFi tethering and "flip to silence" for incoming calls, the firmware should go a long way in making sure users' phones are running in tip top shape.

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For those not wishing to wait, they can take matters into their own hands and force the update manually. Otherwise, if you're on Nokia with an 800 or 710, you can check your device status here.

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Lumia 900 users on Rogers reporting Tango update coming through


Looks like I'm not getting an update (firmware) before Camp Bisco.. Now I can't take videos..

The author is full of it in claiming AT&T is sitting it out. My AT&T branded (unmodified) Focus S got it yesterday, and a friend with a Focus Flash (also AT&T branded) got it this morning. Surprisingly, AT&T is actually pushing it at the same time everyone else is

<sigh> Fine, believe what you want. It's not coming to AT&T peeps after all. Except to my S, and so far two other S owners I know, and one Focus Flash owner. None of them hacked it on their phones, it got pushed to them today. But that couldn't possibly have happened since you know for a fact that no one on AT&T in the US has gotten it in a legit manner. My bad... The other people reporting it in the comments on this thread must be full of it, too: http://www.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-refresh-aka-tango-starts-global-roll-out

why can't I update my phone. its kind of sux cox my keyboard dissapears, i thing i have to leave this platform. 

I bought my phone it came with 8773.98, some of the issues I noticed..
1.Poor response to light brightness doesn't adjust, 2.loses data connection when on 3G.
3. Whatsapp doesn't deliver messages when on 3G.
4. The 3 touch buttons light is visible on the screen with dark background like they are street lights around the bezel or in situations when app is loading try it in a dark room.
4. Poor dictionary prediction.

All in all touch is not as sensitive as HTC trophy

I have seen 1 and 4 on my AT&T L900 as well. The dictionary thing should be the same since that is the OS. I am noticing more typos myself though. It seems like some parts of the screen have sensitivity issues. The back button is horrible on mine. Always thinks I held it down when i press it. One would hope that they fix all that in firmware.

Same here... Tried running update a couple of times. 8107 was still listed as most current for my 900 on Rogers

Hurry up Rogers... I want to update my Nokia camera app (needs tango)

Unlike iPhone, Microsoft leave some costomers behind. I should move again to Apple. They are the best.

Hmm, curious...I have read that iOS6 won't be deployed to all those that purchased a iPad 1, and not sure about the 3Gs yet...so Apple never leaves anyone behind?

For some reason I had to update like four times till I got 8773. Well, a gut feeling told me to just keep updating...well, in Singapore here anyways

I have an unlocked 900 in Australia. No update here yet.
This is where I believe patience enters into the game. As an earlier post points out updates for unlocked devices are pushed out by Nokia.
...Patience my prescious...   :)

I just got it on mine, but I'm confused, why did I have to do two updates? The second one didn't seem to be that firmware upgrade that att got a few weeks back.

I'm pretty sure that's what they're planning. Couldn't even get a response from Nokia, Microsoft, or AT&T when I asked about it. I just pushed the cab update to my Lumia 900 & it works fine!

If I have an unlocked Lumia 900 (the rogers version with a Telus SIM card) will it be updated at the same time as others L900 under Rogers? I ask the question because when I contacted Nokia Care they told me I sould buy a Rogers SIM Card to update it, but I want to be sure I need to do that. Thanks 

From how I understand it Anubis99 as it is an unlocked device (that is a Rogers branded device), you should get Tango via Zune when the full rollout occurs at Rogers. I'm in Australia with the same unlocked (yet with a Rogers splashscreen when booting up the device). When I first got it I did get a couple updates. In the Nokia forums Rogers haven't as yet rolled out their Tango update completely yet.
We should get it once it is fully underway :)