Lumia Cyan is going out to many Lumia 920s worldwide, here is the full list

The Lumia Cyan update is going wider and wider each day. Starting yesterday and into today, many countries in Europe and the Middle East began getting the dual 8.1 and firmware update to their phones. Lumia 920 owners can rejoice. Even if your country is not listed, you know it is getting close.

As usual, we have gone through and documented by region, country, and carrier those that are eligible for the Lumia Cyan update! For non-Lumia 920 users, you can check your phone on our Cyan tracker page.

Remember, if you are using Windows Phone 8.1 already through the Preview for Developers, even if your country is listed below, you still do not get Lumia Cyan just yet as Microsoft has a pause on the updates. Users are instructed to either wait until a fix comes out or use the Nokia Recovery Tool to downgrade the OS and then take the updates.

Any takers on AT&T updating their Lumia 920 this week?

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Lumia 920 and Lumia Cyan

*CV = Country Variant

  • Africa – Algeria CV; Egypt CV; Ghana CV; Libya CV; Morocco CV; Nigeria CV; South Africa CV, Cellcom, MTN, Vodacom; Tunisia CV
  • Asia Pacific – Australia CV; Bangladesh CV; China Unicom, CMCC (920T); India CV; Indonesia CV; Malaysia CV; Nepal CV; Philippines CV, Smart; Singapore CV, StarHub; Sri Lanka CV; Taiwan CV; Vietnam CV
  • Europe – Albania CV; Austria T-Mobile; Belgium Proximus; Bosnia and Herzegovina CV; Bulgaria CV; Croatia VIPNET, CV, T-Mobile; Czech Republic CV; Denmark CV; Estonia CV; Finland Elisa, CV; France CV, SFR; Germany T-Mobile, Vodafone; Greece CV, Cosmote, Vodafone; Hungary CV, Telenor, T-Mobile; Iceland CV; Ireland CV, O2, Vodafone; Italy CV, Vodafone; Latvia CV; Lithuania CV; Macedonia CV; Netherlands CV, KPN, T-Mobile, Vodafone; Norway CV, Telenor; Poland CV, Orange, Play, Polkomtel, T-Mobile; Portugal CV, TMN, Vodafone; Romania CV, Vodafone; Serbia CV; Slovakia CV, Orange; Slovenia CV; Spain CV, Vodafone; Sweden CV; Switzerland Orange, Swisscom, CV; Turkey CV, Turkcell; UK CV, O2, Vodafone
  • Latin America – Argentina Telecom, CV; Brazil CV, Claro; Costa Rica CV; Dominican Republic Claro, Orange; Mexico CV; Paraguay CV; Uruguay CV
  • Middle East – Bahrain CV; Iraq CV; Kuwait CV; Oman CV; Pakistan CV; Qatar CV; Saudi Arabia Mobily, CV; UAE CV; Yemen CV
  • North America – Canada Rogers

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Lumia Cyan is going out to many Lumia 920s worldwide, here is the full list



nokia program for recovery before you recover your phone to win8 it said that you have an update so you do the lumia cyan update with the program and finish so simple ! I did it yesterday!


Hi, if I install cyan using the nokia software recovery tool, will I lose my photos and other stuff in the phone's storage?

I used nsu for my Lumia 625. I wanted to downgrade in 8.0. NSU successfully installed update of 1.54gb and message had appeared but it's still in Windows 8.1. Any help will be appreciated.

I give it a 98% chance, that MS will announce in 2-3 weeks, that they cannot fix the bitlocker issue, and recommends all DP owner to downgrade. Lets come back to this prediction in the middle of September... (dont get me wrong, I am not happy as well, I am also in the same boat as you, but history tought me that MS from time to time does such things to f*k with their loyal customers)

Remember belfiore said that the three row tiles can only work on 5" screen and above and 1080p up..... He said numerous times that any phones under 5" can't get it as the hardware won't work.... Bullshit again ms as my 920 has proven that was a lie... Was there any other phones that did this also apart from 1020????

I'm in the US and I downgraded in expectation of the official Cyan release (soon, please!!!). While it's annoying to go backwards, it's been a great reminder of how awesome 8.1 is.

I dont have a problem ill wait and i dont want to think about downgrading ... I dont want to lose especially action center and folders . I hope today is the fix hahah lol

Yeah man oh man I also don't want to downgrade at all, I really need the update though because I just got a fitbit flex and need the Bluetooth update to get it to sync with my 920:( I was hoping that the fix for 308 would come sooner, but im willing to sit and wait, just getting a bit antsy

Really? I thought bill, satya and Joe all sat in one of their bedrooms somewhere. I am sure there are teams but there are millions of users downloading and giving feedback about all the OSs, apps, office etc

Well I was just thinking positive. Am sure it will come. I haven't been coming to this site too long but I have seen, when is black coming, when is this feature coming, when is that feature coming, when is cyan coming, when is update 1 coming, when is the lumia ??? Gonna be updated? All of the questions have been answered and the answers don't come too slowly. I just wish people would be more patient as this is a thread about the 920 receiving cyan. There was a post a week or so back about staying on topic and such. Well why don't people stay on topic and just wait til it comes

Well said mate...complain once...maybe twice...but complaining at every chance and finding reasons for it is pissing off...
I mean...these ppl have gone through the cyan issue nearly a hundred times now when cyan has barely got any features worth craving for.
Many of them here jst want to announce that they have the latest and the greatest of the "official update"...

LOL man, you are gullible. I think its the LAST priority to fix a bug that affects only developer devices. There was some statistics, that nearly 30% of all the WP8.0 owners or so downloaded and installed the DP to get 8.1 4 months sooner. But still, all of us accepted the risks (we didnt have other choice, of course we accepted), MS has no obligation to fix a beta-release issue that affects only DP users not the real users. Start becoming familiar with the idea that this bitlocker issues will never be fixed, MS or JB will just issue an announcement, like this:

"sorry all DP users out there, we dont want to burn money on solving a bug that affects only a very small percentage of users, be nice and restore your phone to 8.0 and upgrade to 8.1 the same way as non-DP users did."

Lets be realistic everybody, we all know this will be the outcome in the next 1-2 weeks.

Why so pessimistic.Microsoft will fix anything and burn money to dp so if u are saying that 30% of people entered the dp program then it is worth fixing it cuz it is not a really few people , wp users are few worldwide and the losing 30% of wp users would affect Microsoft's Profits. Therefore, wp users can be counted by hands if they lose 30%. Think logically.

Since this bitlocker issue (if thats in fact the real cause of the issue.. I am no longer sure that this is the real blocking point and not something completely different secret or political thing in the background) a lot of people voluntarily cancelled the DP membership and downgraded happily. The disclaimer text of the DP program covers MS a$$ perfectly, so nobody has any rights to complain if they are forced to re-format their phone. And finally, even if MS decides not to fix this problem, but forces everybody to re-format the phone, in 6 months time from today will you still be angry at MS that they handled this bug the way they did? WIll you still remember in Feb 2015, that you had to downgrade 6 months earlier? By that time - I seriously bet my annual salary on this- all of us will have completely different new kind of supper-annoying bugs and software defects. Thats the pleasure of using consumer-grade junk software and junk hardware products anyway. We all have the rights -as consumers- to blame MS, all OEMs and the IT industry in general for the planned obsolescence.

30%? What a joke. Man don't be like a frog living in the well. Who gave you that figure? You people accepted the risk without knowing the outcome and now don't cry. There was no need for ordinary people to install DP but you guys are obsessed with phones and are wasting your time and energy behind such petty things. Go do some productive things in your life.

He was a little off on that %.

But you are right, if you can't read the EULA and don't understand what a Alpha/Beta/Preview are; then you shouldn't bother loading it. In short, it means you are on your own when it comes to support issues.

This BitLocker thing is big to us, but it isn't big in the grand scheme of things. Use the guides here to rollback or wait and hope they get around to fixing it. Choice is yours, just like it was yours to signup for the Developer Preview.

I expected a fix within a few days... But I was wrong and now I'll be happy if they can deploy a fix before 2015...

Game saves? Setup time for email accounts, start screen, apps... takes a lot of time to tweak a phone back to original config. Plenty of good reasons to wait.

That should all be in the restore. I suspect only games that don't follow their guidelines or offer their own sync will be lost.

I'm afraid your suspicions are 100% wrong unfortunately.  There are very few Windows Phone games that will retain their saves after a restore.  In fact, I believe until 8.1 came out there wasn't even an "official" way for a game programmer to do this other than storing game saves on their own server (though I am not a WP dev, so that may not be technically correct).  I believe WP8.1 added official support for restoring game saves, but the developers have to update their games to take advantage of it.  I am not aware of many (even any?) that have done so.

In addition, the settings in many apps will also not be magically restored, nor wil all of your accounts with passwords.

Umm no... I used the recovery tool and restore. My live tiles weren't in order as well as my settings.. All my apps were there thankfully... And after it was done I had Lumia cyan..

I have a bad feeling. Like we're gonna wait a least 6 months before the fix.
Now what if we get the WP9/threshold and still no cyan ? LMAO

Haha ur right ... We will get sucked and humiliated in front of people haha kidding im telling u im not gonna upgrade to threshold until cyan is released by the way Microsoft should release cyan for dp before threshold or it should postpone it

Really man...? :P that's your estimate...? Threshold is a year away and you still doubt MS wouldn't fix it for DP users before that...? Talk about lack of faith...

As for me, I'm sticking with DP permanently, no question about it. Can't go back to the regular OS, not at this rate which MS delivers updates to DP, I'll live without cyan or whatever thank you :-)

I used nokia software recovery tool yesterday and I directly get the cyan, so no need to download Lumia black and then again update to cyan, its 1.54 gb, it worth it..

check for phone update again. it happened to me yesterday when i do the 8.1 update. the first update will still give you the black update but when you go to "phone update", you will see that it is checking again for an update and after that it will be 8.1. it shoud do it automatically after the first update just like in my case but i do not know why with you it did not. it took more than 2 hours to finish all the updates.

Guys I think the Nokia software recovery downgrades your phone to the latest OS version available for your phone. So if Lumia cyan is available for your phone and you are on 8.1 update. You can use the software to get the cyan. Just make sure your PC is connected to the internet.

Yeah I know but I don't mind to wait the final over the air update. I don't want to loose anything, neither the directories I created with upd 1

Firmware is actually much, as it improves battery life and makes the phone more responsive. For example, sometimes the 8.1 preview makes my phone freeze or lag a lot. That's what the firmware is supposed to fix.

Agree with you, I was using DP and I had freeze issue. But now I just downgraded to cyan and now its just vanished and I love it. Its smooth and awesome

I have two Lumias , first running on Cyan and another on 8.1 DP Update 1, i am not facing any freeze issue on DP but i think my touch is working normal (not super sensitive)
Anyone facing the same ???
Both L520

It also added those little "arrow" indicators which appear when wifi and cellular data is being used. It wasn't there on 8.1 or 8.1 gdr1 without cyan for me.

I have heard that also it stops random reboots and of course battery life extends. And also the lags like resuming issues ... It also stops ie 11 from crashing. And do it fix the warming and heating issues?

After updating to cyan, so far I've found my phone getting warm while doing not a whole lot, opening settings and looking through them, surfing the web on wifi, looking through photos and music hub but not doing anything in them. Phone gets fairly warm.  

All in all, unlike the others, my battery life seems to have diminished if I'm doing something, if it's left idle it seems to have improved.  Hopefully the phone will settle, but considering it's getting warm more frequently doing simple things I'll assume it's just working harder and it won't improve much if at all.  

Well battery life is slightly better but again, i just updated yesterday. On a down side, internet sharing has stopped working on my Rogers 920 :|

Firmware for phones is like drivers for computers. A pc with the latest drivers for its components will be more stable and faster

ummm no. i avoid getting new drivers at all costs, when i install windows it comes with all necessary drivers that are proved an tested to never fail or crash or whatever, no bloatware and no reminder of them being there, just barebone drivers that are 100% operational and nothing else

For me, the most important thing in Cyan was the Bluetooth 4.0 LE drivers (these were disabled in the 8.1 DP), which means I can finally start using my Treasure Tag!

This is the most protracted of roll-outs! I'm also very surprised that Microsoft hasn't fixed the Developer Preview update issues. DP users are the main advocates for Windows Phone - so you'd think they'd prioritise a fix.
Regardless, I'm loving 8.1 on my 1020. I just really want to have the interface fluidity back as it's starting to feel as glitchy as Android.

"I'm also very surprised that Microsoft hasn't fixed the Developer Preview update issues. DP users are the main advocates for Windows Phone - so you'd think they'd prioritise a fix."


MS seem to be on a roll with screwed firmware or uodates, first windows phone and bitlocker, then windows 8 updates.

I would say that the end user is more important. Developers are getting all the latest specs with DP but the general customer, a lot of who are still only on 8.0, are now getting a very large update to their phones. Maybe helping to make windows phone more popular and useable

One fix would be to check for bit locker, if no bit locker then update. I'm not confident a fix will come quickly, they have known about the issue for a month, they haven't said anything. Well we can hope, looking forward to my FitBit working properly.

This is where I'm at too. 2 year update around Christmas. 8.1 is WP chance to keep me from jumping ship. If Cyan isnt out by then....fugedaboutit!

Deutsche Telekmom released it a while back...except Microsoft still hasn't solved the mess for the DevPrev. So I can't put it on the phone. And I'm sure as hell not losing everything on the phone to downgrade and solve a problem Microsoft created. Even less when they halted the updates based on something the majority of us doesn't even have activated.

    I thought about complaining about my 820 not getting cyan/8.1 yet; usually the 820/920 are done at the same time; but then the 920 is not out on AT&T either. We did get it on my wife's 925 and our two backup 520's so we have gotten something. Feel sorry for you Verizon people (my brother is on Verizon) as you haven't got ANYTHING yet.


    Wish someone would explain exactly who is responsible for pushing out updates. Not that it would really matter; but it would be nice to know. Looking at the HTC One as a maybe replacement for my excellent 820. But I have a feeling its going to be quite awhile before other Carriers get it.


     Just for the hell of it I went by the local Verizon store (company store) and asked to see the new HTC One for windows. They had no knowledge of when they would get it or how much it would be if they did get it. At least they did not tell me I was not to smart for wanting one.

I'm going to a Verizon (partner, not company) store tonight to see if they have it. I have little hope that they'll even know what I'm talking about.

My friend with an Icon just got a notification for an update. He is running DP and had everything up to to this point. I don't know what the update is, but here's hoping.

I know cyan isnt supposed to go to DP, but he clearly is getting an update and I have no clue what he could be getting. Did I miss something? Forgive me if I did. I don't spend all day reading articles and sometimes I miss articles for a few days. My kids kinda take priority over WP news.

No EE cant say I'm suprised when it comes to that network, not that I'm too bothered since I'm waiting for MS to fix the Dev preview so we can upgrade to Cyan without downgrading first

Yep, don't know what the self titled 'fastest network' are doing. Last time EE published the Black update, it was the same day as AT&T, wonder if it'll be the same this time.

Yes waiting for ee to release too. Like you on Dev preview, but with a lot of people on ee and contracts coming to an end, will this delay make them move away from windows?

AT&T has released Cyan for four of their phones so far: 520, 1020, 1520 and 925.

Verizon: 0 T-Mobile: 0 Sprint: 0

I think this hate for AT&T is a bit unreasonable.

I wouldn't say it's unreasonable to expect that those who got the first AT&T WP8 devices (820 and 920) would get support before the next update is ready.

I would agree. AT&T isn't doing that bad with this update. The 920 is getting close and given the worldwide rollout should be here soon. I know it's tough to be patient in this instant gratification society but I'm doing my best.

I would say AT&T had done very well with updates with free exceptions ever since Mango. If they could stop crippling phones I would have no reason to be investigating options for leaving them when my contract is up in a few months. Unfortunately, they have declared war on Qi and I don't like it one bit, so...

Just because the other carriers suck does not give AT&T the excuse to suck too. I think there is enough hate to go around for all the US carriers.

Same here, just need to make sure I've backed up everything important and work around 2 factor authentication. Tired of EEs lack of movement on this round of upgrades.
Edit: also need to figure out a way of switching to a new ROM, that'll be the hardest part...

The list does not have America, in North America. :/

But agreeing with everyone here. I too will wait for a fix, unless it doesn't take too long that is.

They must've updated the article. Last time I saw, it only showed Claro. Anyways, I'm still on DP, so I've gotta downgrade to 8.0 asap.

"Any takers on AT&T updating their Lumia 920 this week?"

Lumia 920 owners on AT&T have been taking it for a few weeks :p

I have a 920. I'm on att. In Chicago. I have Lumia cyan and update 1. But I was one of those guys who couldn't wait for amber and flashed the Rogers amber rom. I guess it paid off being impatient.

You'll lose all your apps data. Any games you have that don't have cloud save will be reset and any apps you have that may have been delisted (like Twitter Beta) will be lost forever.

I'm just betting on Verizon not updating the 928 until the fix for Cyan so I don't have to downgrade my 8.1. :P

Habs selber gerade auf Cyan geupdated, ladet euch mal das Nokia Recovery Tool runter. Mir wurde das Cyan-Update sofort angeboten!

Rogers Lumia 920 here, on Developer Preview. Fired up Nokia Software Recovery, which offered to install update. Boom ... now on Cyan. No muss, no fuss, no manual downgrade. Nice work, Microsoft.

Yep, same here. Estonian CV 920, Nokia Software Recovery Tool offered the Cyan firmware, so no downgrading necessary. Lost game progress and start screen layout (as was expected), but other than that everything went very smoothly.

You have put down UK updates under the Europe heading. Not to be padantic, but we are separate Sovereign State and have not joined the EU. /rantover

Hahaha... that cheered me up! About the only thing we're not a member of is the Euro. Christ, we even share some aircraft carriers with the French.

Yeah, you may want to pick up a History book.
All members of the EU are sovereign states. The only thing the UK didn't join was the Euro. In everything else the UK is as much a member of the EU as everyone else.

Already downloaded and installed in Costa Rica!!!. 

works great, love the live folders and now I am able to track my fitbit steps!

Still no Telstra, sick of it and flashed unbranded. Now on 8.1.1 dp after being sick with the update error for weeks. Australian/uk cortana sounds god awful though.

The 920 Developer Device (Rogers/AT&T) is also finally getting the 8.1 update for real today.  Not Friday like was previously reported.

I really dont understand when u get cyan do u automatically get wp8.1 update by just updating to cyan.(cyan enables wp8.1 i mean or what?) sometimes they say the features of cyan is just like wp8.1