Make objects float like magic with Levitagram for Windows Phone (Hidden Gems)

Want to pick up a cool photography app for your Windows Phone? Check out Levitagram, which arrived a few days ago for Windows Phone 8 devices. Levitagram (www.levitagram.com) is made by PixoMobile, based out of Redmond, Washington, and it's on iOS and Windows Phone at the moment (sorry, Android!). Not only that, it's free for a limited time.

Because of all of that, Levitagram is today's Hidden Gem. Remember, by leaving a comment, you're entered into our contest to win a new phone or tablet!

What is Levitagram? It lets you remove objects from photos to make them look like they're floating. Sure, you can do such trickery in Photoshop, but that presumes that you own that app and that you know how to use it. Levitagram lets you create those illusions with nothing more than your phone and finger.

Hidden Gems

Levitagram works by taking two photos, the first with the object and the second with the object removed. It then combines them into layers, and with your finger you can either erase or re-create the layer. As a result, you can erase objects – any object – by just swiping your finger like a paint brush over it. If you make a mistake, just chose the other brush and bring it back. The final result lets you create a photo where objects look like they're floating, falling or people are hovering.

When editing in Levitagram, you control brush size and its coarseness. You can also manipulate the brightness, contrast and coloring of the area where the object was removed, letting things blend in and hiding lighting changes.

Like HDR, I can't imagine using Levitagram all the time, but every once in a while you can create a startling and hilarious image.

This isn't a party trick

I should point out that there are a few guidelines in order to create a convincing Levitagram, some of which take the spontaneity out of the app:

  • Tripod + smartphone mount will help greatly
  • Have good lighting but watch out for shadows
  • Use the 15-second timer
  • Patience
  • Practice

A tripod helps because you need to take two photos with removal of only the intended objects. The steadier the two photos, the better they will overlay, much like how true HDR works in photography. Shadows can be tricky, as you can see in my photo below: to the right you can see the shadow of the ladder. In hindsight, I could have edited that using the app, but I missed it. The timer is on a 15 second countdown and lets you snap a photo, run in, remove the object and it'll snap the second photo automatically in 15 more seconds. Makes everything a lot easier and you don't have to touch the camera, possibly causing a misalignment.

That's where practice and patience comes in. You'll want to zoom in to the max when working around edges and go almost pixel by pixel. The cleaner and straighter the removal, the more convincing the image. Practice is important too. The images you see here, while not bad, are my very first attempts. They improved as I went along, but I know I can do even better the next time. Watch the video below to get an idea of how it works.

Isn't that tedious?

Not at all! Besides the setting up part, which is easier if you have a second hand, the actual process of creating the Levitagram was fun, cathartic and a little bit like magic. It's probably the most fun you can have editing a photo on your phone.

Where it can be better

There are a few areas though were Levitagram can improve, and one of them is huge. The app right now needs the physical camera button to snap a photo. Levitagram can tap-to-focus, but it can't take a photo without the physical shutter key to get the process started. That's super lame for ATIV SE owners on Verizon or Lumia 630 owners as well. The good news is that's simple for the Levitagram developers to fix, and if enough of you leave a polite review requesting it, I'm sure they'll oblige.

Another feature I'd like to see would be to re-edit previous creations. The app can optionally save both images separately, in addition to the third creation, but it can't go back. This inability to go back means you get once chance. It's not a deal breaker by any means, but it'd be nice if that could be achieved.

Wrapping it up

Levitagram is a fun app, and I enjoyed playing with it. Creating those images is something of an art, and I really like the creative possibilities and chances for improving my skills in it, like a game. Sure, it's a tad gimmicky, especially if you post 20 photos all doing the same thing to Instagram, but on occasion, you'll create a photo that will confuse and bewilder.

Levitagram is free for a limited time, so snatch it up now. Let me know what you think of it in comments, where it could be better and maybe share your own Levitagrams!

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Make objects float like magic with Levitagram for Windows Phone (Hidden Gems)



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Cool idea, I think ill make some cool stuff with it ;)
Well the idea of the app is pretty clear, clean and neat!
Maybe more features ?like adding shadows

Otherwise 10/10

Very clever, would recommend watching the in app video first showing how to use it, will save time.

Used it several times. No complaints. Tried to impress my GF with a few edited photos, but she just beh'ed (doesn't understand the awesomeness of this app)...

What I would ask the developer for is to polish the process of deleting unnecessary objects. One thing that could be of a great help is a half-transparent initial photo on top of the viewfinder when you make a second shot, just to make sure two pictures match perfectly.

Tried it a few times but only once it was able to match the two images. But maybe a real tripod does a better job than my collection of books. Cool app though, but better image alignment (from my few experiments I learned that it works better when the object is smaller and fails completely when using glass objects) and an auto-brightness/contrast mapping would be cool.

Levitagram lets you create those illusions with nothing more than your phone and finger . 


if it capture the motion of image : for few seconds  from starting to end 


or something similar would be great 


+  few fantastic filters and integration to other social apps  

This sort of app can look frivolous at first but with some imagination you can spice up a blog or your social media accounts. It's fun, slick & very easy to use. Give it a go!!

I wish there were a way to select/detect objects without manually brushing it out with your finger on the screen. I've always been terrible at that, like with selected blur in Nokia Creative Suite.

Introduction please!
Ladies and gentlemen, one and only! Meeee!
Alright, lets go..
Woke up this morning, live tiles poking, something new showing, hidden gems growing, chance to win I'm noting, but I'm just beats throwing, new app coming, levitating storing, what my phone won't opening, my mind blowing, it's getting boring, like the app is bugging, I'm not able to stop it, it just keeps quitting, so my review is missing!

Its a Definite try! Reminds me of the old Face Swap from MS. It needs some tweaking in case of shadows part. it appears odd when there are no shadows on a heavy one sided lighted images.

I really wanted to write a full review but couldn't get the app to work for me ;_;

P.S:-My photography skills are really poor so that's probably the main reason

It looks pretty interesting, but a like the article said unless you have a tripod you're going to have some trouble. 

It would also look nicer if they had the ability to add a shadow under the object

I guess it has probabl y been already said , but well I'm saying it anyway : it would be great if this was a universal app ; also the capability to edit the photos once they've been saved would be great too.

Tried this app yesterday. If you don't have a tripod of any sort, you should have another person make the adjustments to the photo subject while you stay as still as possible. Also, be aware of the different sizes of ' brushes' when you edit the final product.

The next step maybe is to explore same magic in video making, that would make this more fun. Or create videos using multiple levitagrams.

Using a second person is actually what even I thought of. Its not always that one carries a tripod, however another person is almost always there. :)

I can now make it appear as though alcohol is floating in front of me. I'm watching the NHL draft right now and will need plenty when the Hawks make some stupid trade

(was that helpful enough? I like free stuff)

Haha, it is a bit interesting to see it on WP and iOS first before Android. Glad to see you guys at least got it.

Looks interesting, now I just need it to come to Android, since it doesn't look like this app is available in the Surface store.

Posted via Surface

It's quite a good app however its hard to keep the camera still without a stand or something. However it does try to aline the photos. So it does create quite a good floating effect.

Watching the NHL Draft myself and I would want to levitate Claude Lemieux's son to the Devils, I don't think the Hawks will make a stupid deal have faith I sure do 

I'd say that's my Surface Pro 3 levitating in that pic except that I chose the black keyboard. Downloading this app now. Thanks WPC.

I have this app and I am already thinking about how I can make the best UFO hoax picture ever!

I like the simplicity of using the app... Though cannot be as accurate as Photoshop but still a much better app for beginners... I am thinking to make a Mountain Diving scene with this...

I feel like it isn't very convincing without some simple shadows, otherwise it just looks like the objects were enlarged.

I like how it has detailed instructions on how to operate the app. I was first worried about the outcome, but I was impressed, the trick works well.

App is great, the on screen instructions make it easy to know how to perfect a photo with the levitation illusion. As someone else said, good for pranks!

Huh, doesn't it appear the subject might just be sitting on the ground, just a different size at times?

Then again, as is the plight of 2D.

This is actually the first Hidden Gems that's caught my eye due to how much creativity the average Joe can do. Nice find, I'll gladly give this photo editing app a go. :D

Been looking for an app that does it, mainly to remove people from pictures lol.
I'll have to test it out in the wild soon & see how it goes ... The Hold Steady part gonna be tricky ... Especially without a tripod lol.
A few notes,
- It Does not scale properly on my HTC 8X.
- I'd love to have an option to import preexisting photos & make things "Float"
- A Double-Wide & a Live tile would really cool.
- The picture resolution is kinda odd ... Never seen it before, according to my phone its 1365x1024.

Anyway, it's a great app with a lot of potential . Thanks guys, I love the Hidden Gem series!

Did you know that you can remove people from pictures since years ago, when Nokia Smart Cam was announced? You can try it! ;)

This kind of trick can't be made with old pictures just because you don't have 2 versions of this same pic; the trick stands on overlaying 2 pictures and pulling out the objects that weren't on the other one. Unless you luckily took these 2 pictures randomly on another moment of your life, which I think is almost impossible to happen.

I found this a must have photo editor, like Nokia Smart Cam. They do one simple, but neat and useful trick! Not a magic, but it looks like magic for the ones that don't know that much about software possibilities.

The Nokia app is ... Well, exclusive to Nokia devices ;)
I do take multiple pictures of the same shot :P

Yes I read the article... But by reflex I kept touching the screen for the image to be captured. It focuses and I got irritated. And then I used the camera button and it worked.

Maybe time to say Goodbye Photoshop and Hello Levitagram... App is a brilliantly built with all those simplicity...

The app should be smarter and require less manual work by the user, the results don't look very reslistic. I achieved better results by simply throwing my object into the air and taking a photo of her during flight.

With a little work, getting the shots right, you can do nice images! Nice App

Edit: Acctualy, if there was a transparent overlay of the first shot when taking the second, to get a perfect alignment, would be alot easier.

I used to spent a lot of time doing this in my laptop with photoshop. Now I can do it from my phone. What an awesome idea..

Really nice app. Tried it and it's awesome for the intended functionality. Gonna keep using it to make some pranks.

After fiddling about with it for a bit, its ok, but without the addition of shadows it just looks like you've pasted an object onto a canvas. It's missing depth of field. Good to mess about with though, and really good that you can do it all on your phone. Cheers

Huh. The variety of camera apps on Windows Phone 8 never fails to impress me. I'll certainly be fiddling with this on my 1020.

It Works well with the camera grip and the 1020. Using the camera grip itself as tripod is good but using a tripod plus camera grip is deluxe ;) If you have ever used Photoshop masks you will not have much problems using this app.

A fun, quirky photo app! Does one thing, but does it well. Tap to capture photo is really pretty much a must have - hope it comes soon.

Alright, I had fun using this app for a long time doing magic tricks and illusuions. Its a very nice idea but has a mix of nokia smartcam’s too. The best part I loved to hear is that this app is not available in Android. You know,Usually apps are first released on Android and IOS but here its for Windows and IOS. That mean Windows Phone is climbing the hill more fastly and can beat Android. That’s good to hear since I am a hard core fan of Windows Phone, especially Nokia Lumia devices. Now , coming back to the app “Levitagram”. Llevitagram is the first of its kind on windows phone which give you developers a high hand on big success. But if you guys wanna make it to the top rank, you seriosly got to do a lot of work on the app. I will suggest some improvements needed in the following Article

The app was built quite simply. If you guys wanna make it more attractive, you need to add more option and designs. The guide was usefull for becoming friendly with the app. But there are many cons on it as well which I will suggest later on “IMPROVEMENTS NEEDED” sectoion
The app was very easy to use.But the way it looks is not attractive. You sure got some interesting pictures onn Guide page. But it dosnt felt satisfing. It was really not a good idea to add physical camera button to take the photo. Using this app require much accuracy to hold the camera steady. With that problem in one hand , having the physical camera button for taking shot makes it much more difficult.Over all there are only few features in the app and I liked them all. But there are points where you need to improve the app , which arwe listed below

1, In addition with physical camera shot add touch screen shot also. It help to take better photos.
2, Make the “Guide” page more intersting with giving subtitles, like IMAGES for showing images and subtitle VIDEO for showing video.
3, In the photo guide, at first I didn’t even noticed the discriptions given at the bottom. It’s very less in size as compared to the picture. So you guys need to work on that
4, The “info” page shouldn’t be put like this. Its very annoying to see a page like this with no design and all. I suggest you to put the each options (Feedbacks, Share, Like on Facebook) on the option buttion on the bottom where it is more suitable just like in other major apps like”PICSART” posted sometimes ago by WPCentral.
5, I also suggest you to remove the “Guide” page and make it as a subtitile to the “Main Menu”.Currently you don’t have a main menu at all.If you had a main menu then you could also add the lauch “camera” tile to it istead on the option at bottom .
6, I would also like to be able to adjust the timer for taking automatic photo. Currenty its permenantly set on 15 second for each shot. Its quite annoying to hold the camera that long.
7, I also found that no matter how hard I try to take the two photos in a same way, the message shows that “ it couldn’t align with the other photo since it couldn’t find any sharp points” . why does it always says like that? I think you guys also need to work on that too.
8, I also found a problem with the app. After using the app for a long time, say like 30 min. the app freezed and wont do anything, I had to holld back button and close it .
9, The splash screen wont even stay for 1 sec . it happens so fast and open the “Guide” page.
10, Give it more colour , colour gives life to the app. Currntly it looks like dead. :-D
The idea of the app is very good but you need to do a lot of improvements to make it good. If you work on all my suggestions, then its gonna be one of the best photo apps ever on windows . I hope you devlopers read my comment. Its only for you and for no one else.Thank You.

I love this app because it has that different factor. Not to mention the fact that it makes every picture unique. Yet, there's always a room for improvement in the UI.

This is seriously an AWESOME app. I can see myself using it a lot.


There are just a couple of suggestions I would like to make:


- In the guide, it would be helpful to have an indication as to which gesture we must use to go to the next page. This because we need to swipe from right to left, but being Windows Phone also constructed vertically (the start screen, for example, scrolls vertically) an indication would help make things more clear for people new to the OS.


- The use of the physical camera button to take the photos is ok, but when it comes to an app that requires the phone to move as little as possible, it's not the best choice. Adding a touch screen camera button would vastly improve the experience and lead to better results.


- In the edit room, I would put the zoom feature always available through the pinch gesture. It's a bit cumbersome to have to keep changing settings when we're selecting what's to be erased.


Apart from that, awesome app and I'll keep using it some more.

Already sold on the idea after just one attempt. I was able to do it without a tripod or any help but both would be better.

I had to use the camera button to take the picture as tapping the screen wasn't doing anything. I had to use the camera button a couple of times too before the picture would take. Love the app though.

This app was amazing. I could make different stuff levitate. It was great for pranks, then one day I showed it to an evangelical christian and he smashed my phone for being the devil. :c

Cool concept, just needs a way to edit in some shadows maybe so it gives it more "realism".  Fun regardless...

All ATIV Windows Phone models have a hardware camera key, except for the Samsung ATIV SE...

Fun concept! App crashes on me quite often. However the algorithm that lines up the pics works well.

Improve stability and its a winner.

Downloaded the app yesterday, looking forward to making some unique and creative pics. Great review.

very cool concept but tripod looks like a requirement for the final effect to be convincing, making it kind of cumbersome for spontaneous shots on random notice

The app is fun but the app logo i.e. the live tile really needs a makeover... A more metro style logo could do wonders!

It sounds like the developers could make good use of the Lumia Imaging SDK image alignment feature. That helps to fix minute movements without a tripod. Tripod is always best though! Being able to re-edit would be great, and lack of hardware button is easy to accommodate.

I freaked my grandma out with this app. She's religious so she started saying my cousin must worship the devil because he was floating. :) hahahahahaha @_@

Using this app for week, so far it's great for ILLUSIONS....!
But a word of caution ⚠, STEADY HAND NEEDED!

It's a very good app to for creating special effect. The app is nicely built. So far no annoying bug or crashes on my Lumia 920. I prefer to have a more colorful and flat design for the app UI. And thanks for the developer bring the app to Windows Phone before Android.

Levitation is also possible without any image manipulation trickery with a short exposure time, high iso and big aperture so that no motion blur appears.

This has some potential.  But I think the developers a little ways to go before it is ready for prime time.

I downloaded this earlier today and have been having fun with it... The only catch is you will have to make a photo of sth on a bed or stool and then wipe that part away... Playing with the brightness helps you to fade out the marks left behind after erasing the other item! It takes some work, but if your patient enough you can have some genuine fun :D

It does take come practice and a little planning. But you can end up with some really nice photos. I like odd photos for my work computer (for the screen saver). Makes people ask questions. A dog floating above the back yard deck!! Very nice!!

Nice idea, but when I start editing my photos it always crushes and when you're selecting the photos in the gallery the sorting is not starting with the recent photos you've taken. I hope they'll fix it soon I'm using Huawei Ascend W1 (8.1).

Super cool. Gonna give this a shot and see how it easy it is to use. You can get real creative with this

I love when they create apps that uses the power of a camera to shortcut long works on Photoshop. It makes a lot of things easier, specially for people who dont know how to Photoshop, or just don't have the time.

Owner of an Ativ SE here. That's really sad that it requires a physical button. I really hope they patch in an option for myself and others. For now I'll download it while it's free and hope. Q_Q

Cool App, having guide is definitely useful, wish they could allow us to take multiple attempts for the background image

Really cool app, the levitated objects really look realistic and kinda scary lol. Can't wait to try it out.

Its not a bad app. I mean it's a toy app something to have fun with. In that it Succeeded. Though this app isn't for me as I tend to be more original with my photos. The layout is good I didn't find it Intrusive at all.

Hi everyone!

As you can set the brush for better object removal, the timer has enough time to remove object in any distance, can remove as much object as possible from the second shot for better productivity (ex. birds, insects or any other moving object from the first shot), use it easy and the guide to the point,

This app is wonderful for instant levitating photography.


This is not filled Cartridge

This is a space pen in cartridge shell

The idea is great, the use of it a bit difficult.

Can't get exact the same shot with and without the "floating" object.

To hard to hold still the phone and push the camera button (for quite a long time) to take two exact the same pictures. A need of somekind of tripod would be usefull.

Automatic alignment didn't work for me. No sharp corners it saids...

Gonna try it tomorow in bright sunlight, hopefully with more succes.


Glad it's on WP, but it is a little tedious to use. If it can be simplified a bit I would probably play worth it more.

The ideia of the app is cool, but I don't think will have many adopters. Maybe instagram's addicted will have more use. Would be nice to add a video option, to make a video of something floating, like you're sitting on your couch and just using the "force" you can bring the remote to you!!

I really like the large number and variety of photo (and video) recording/editing apps on Windows Phone, it really speaks to Lumia's focus on imaging. I'd like to see Microsoft make a marketing push in that regard.

Sounds like a very fun app and I'm sure people will come up with some crazy photos from it. Let's see what all you creative ones out there can come up with.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

I like the effort developers are putting into these apps and the creativity, but I think I'll probably pass on this one lol.

It is a fun app but it can be so tedious, automate some things could help that, like a button for automatic contrast or brightness, that would make this app a lot easier to use.
Also in lumia 520 is a little bit difficult select the image, in comparison with 925, I guess is just the screen response.
In conclusion, is a fun "one-time" app, but I would use it a lot more if only it had social media features for discovering levitation photos from all the world (inside the app, not in pinterest or tumblr).

Really a fun app But I would like to have the zoom in our zoom out feature available everytime I use two fingers... It bothers to tap zoom icon everytime I need to zoom in or out of image... Rest all good...

This app is amazing! Love the simplicity and smoothness of it. Don't like the fact that you can't add shadows for the levitated object, the UI could also use an upgrade. Other than that, the app is great and unique and it makes it even better that it's not on Android second :)

Looks really neat, but a nice improvement might be if you had the ability to take the first shot then see a ghost image of it to perfectly align your second shot onto it. Maybe include a grid to assist with alignment. This would eliminate the need for a tripod, a steady hand or an assistant to remove an object. Still a great start to a cool idea.

Sometimes it can look fake and so you need to make sure that it is set right.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Cool but im going to delete my Microsoft account and create new one cause i cant change my country/region in my developer account. All my free apps will disappear.

I love how apps like this get my creativity going. It's been cool to make a can float above my dining room table, but now I'm on to more complicated setups.  Hopefully, I'll have something cool before the weekend is over.

This App is good just add shadows of objects and stuff and add few filters like Blur and motion so it will look even more Amazing all together this app is great to make our friends fool :P but it some improvements as I mentioned above. I'll give It 9/10 right now after those Addition 10/10

Before this I have to use Photoshop for levitation pics but now its came to my phone
I'm loving it

Didn't get a chance to use this for levitating objects but it creates a cool effect for showing the insides of a container.
I took a picture of a jar from the top. Then removed the lid and just erased a small circle to show contents. It made for a really neat effect.

I was hoping I could actually make things hover, but a be photo app is also acceptable. I may have to think of something to try it on.

It looks like a nice app, but to get a good picture is going to depend entirely on how much effort you put into making it look good!

Perfect. We were doing skewed perspective shots yesterday and wanted to put in a few other special effects to sell the illusion of skewed gravity, like some floating objects. This app helped. :)

Choose the background wisely, and your pictures can look really real. Shaded background is much nicer than bright background. :D

What a brilliant idea for an app! Amazing work by the dev.. The app itself is really awesome.. Plus its free! (Only for a while though) All in all, an excellent effort by the dev.. Very different kinda app! :D

Thank you for highlighting this app in the hidden gems. I've seen friends use this app with apple devices for some pretty cool photos. While I'm not much of a photographer, I was able to get a couple of decent photos the first time I used this app. This is not an app that most people will use every day but it can be interesting to play with from time to time. Definately worth the download!

I like it. The idea is very interesting and funny. I can do very fun and creative things with this app. It can be improved in terms of design and presentation.

Well I need exposure, ISO settings, and tap to focus options for the app while talking pictures...

A pretty cool app, tried it and I would like to see an on screen camera button instead of the physical camera button, I would like to see more additions to the brush as to make it more fine, or just more editing tools
A very cool app none the less will keep it in my collection!

cool they should also make vanishogram.. make objects disappear or combine both functions into one and call it vanishalevitogram, yeahhh sounds cool

Wow this APP is amazing, really funny to make objects 'float' on photos (I'll try to make with real people haha)

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

The network dependency wrecks this app. The phones are powerful enough to handle these operations, so let them. Cloud should be a solution not detriment.