Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes sneaks onto Xbox consoles, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare sprouts an update

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes sneaks onto Xbox, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare sprouts DLC

The Xbox One received a high-profile multiplayer-only game last week – Titanfall. But the world needs single-player games too, and so Konami delivers one this week. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is now available on Xbox One, 360, and competing platforms. A short game with a mercifully low price, Ground Zeroes provides a tantalizing glimpse at the future of the Metal Gear series.

Meanwhile, the already-released Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for Xbox One and 360 just received a major free downloadable content package that adds a new map, items, and lots more changes. Read on for details, trailers, and store links!

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

The real Metal Gear Solid V won’t be ready for quite some time, but in its stead Konami has released a value-priced prequel called Ground Zeroes. Players once again take on the role of Snake (played by Kifer Sutherland), who must infiltrate a prison camp in order to perform a daring rescue. The game's environments are now much more open than before, allowing Snake to solve problems and handle enemy encounters with a variety of solutions. He can even drive vehicles.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Ground Zeroes is a very short game, with the main mission taking less than two hours to complete. The cinematic sequences last only twenty minutes total, which is praise-worthy for this particular series. After the main mission concludes, the game offers five additional missions and the replayability of collectibles and trying for better scores. With a light 15 Achievements worth 1,000 GamerScore, Ground Zeroes should be a reasonable completion.

The Xbox One and 360 versions of Ground Zeroes feature an exclusive mission called "Jamais Vu." The bad news is you play as Raiden during the mission. We got the short end of the stick there, because the Playstation 3 and 4 versions get a much better mission starring the Metal Gear Solid 1 version of Solid Snake. But we do get a SmartGlass feature called iDroid that displays maps and other useful information. So that’s something.

  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – Xbox 360 – 1.53 GB –  $29.99 ($19.99 via download) – Amazon Link

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Today’s version 1.31 update is called the “Garden Variety Pack.” The download clocks in at ~800 MB on Xbox One and 213 MB (as a separate download) on Xbox 360.

Major Features:

  • New Map: Chomp Town – playable in Garden Ops, Team Vanquish and Gnome Bomb. Yes Crazy Dave IS riding a Chomper… Why??? Because he’s CRAAAZYYY!
  • New Game Mode: Gnome Bomb – be the 1st team to destroy all three gardens or graveyards with the explosive new Gnome Bomb.
  • Pirates have invaded Port Scallywag and Sharkbite Shores in Garden Ops
  • New Abilities for all characters – new character abilities are tucked away in the sticker shop (hint: Crazy Pack and higher are your best bet to get them! Supremium Pack, Incredi-Plant Pack & Vengeful Zomboss Pack have the highest chances to get them)
  • 125 new customization items added to the sticker shop – spread across all characters/rarities…
  • Added Doom-shroom potted plant consumable for plants
  • Added Barrel Pirate, Treasure Map Pirate consumable for zombies

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Minor Features:

  • Improved reliability for the hold (B) interaction wheel – when reviving, building turrets etc….
  • Added Bonus Score for playing Garden Ops Solo or with a friend
  • Added a min player requirement to each game mode
  • Tweaked various hats to improve overall visibility
  • Added improved audio to slow firing weapons to queue players when next shot is available

Gameplay Balance Changes and Bug Fixes:

Garden Warfare is an amazingly fun game, and this new content makes it even better. If you enjoy multiplayer shooters, don’t miss it.

Next week


Only one Xbox game has been announced for next week so far: the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall! Electronic Arts has yet to show the 360 game to the public, which could indicate a lack of faith on their part. Or perhaps they just want the Xbox One version to enjoy the limelight first and foremost, as was the case with Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. We’ll find out in seven days’ time!

In much farther off news, Zen Studios has just announced Pinball FX2, Castlestorm, and Kickbeat for Xbox One! Shame we never got that Windows Phone version of Pinball FX2...


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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes sneaks onto Xbox, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare sprouts DLC



I wish if Kojima change his mind about releasing MGS4 on XB1.... but thats never gonna happen right? On Xbox, they released MGS 1, 2, 3, 5 and skipped 4... 

MGS is the only reason I prefer PS (or any gaming console).

Paul!  Pop on groupme for your Throne Wars alliance and let us know if you're coming back or not.  Some new changes coming that will require leader actions so we need your assistance soon. =)

I'm not a Sony fanboy, but MGS5:GZ on PS4 looks a lot better. The X1 version looks like a last-gen version (what people call "current gen"). Some games you can't tell the difference, but it is still annoying and is bad press how the X1 is getting too many upscaled games, or just lower than their competitors. I hope DX12 fixes these issues. If not for current or soon released games, maybe future games. :(

Because the overly jingoistic Hideo Kojima is blatantly biased and likely invested more resources into the PS4 version. He all but admitted so in a press interview.

Although the guy was pro-Sony, he was right that the PS4 was the superior console, in terms of performance. There is no denying it, the PS4 is more powerful and it is CURRENTLY easier to develop for.

Yeah, sadly that's the case here.  The XB1 version got all the last gen assets and even runs at the same resolution.  Just faster.  They only added all the fancy stuff (dynamic climate, hd textures) to the PS4 version alone.  He's a Sony dev who only added XB support b/c Konami made him.  I'd avoid this game if you don't have the PS4.


Could be wrong, but I believe the focus of DX12 was Windows PC's.  The CtM (close to metal) enhancements they were adding to improve performance already exist on the XB1 and PS4 with DX11.1 and gnm respectively.  DX12 seemed mostly a move to keep AMD and Mantle from gaining any ground.  Although, I might be wrong, maybe someone can clarify with a link.

PvZ:GW is the most fun I've had with an online game since Midtown Madness on the original Xbox.  If only there was more time in the day and I didn't suck so bad at FPS.

I am the worst at FPS and was hoping that this game would have more of an offline story to play in co-op mode with my girlfriend so I ended up not getting it.

I was of the same mindset, but figured I'd try it anyway.  So glad I did.  There are enough differences between the characters that you can find one you'd be good at.  There is a single player mode on the X1 version, and it was a good starting point but got boring quickly.  The online game is great fun.

Midtwon Madness. Now that's a game they should remake or bring back. That was loads of fun. Glitches and all! One of my 3 favorite racing/car games from the original xbox.

I loved the mode that spawned gold and had to work as a team to capture it and deposit it in the bank.  Hoping for a return of this series as well.

Chili Bean is OP, they need to at least put an indicator when one is near you. On game modes like Gardens & Graveyards especially, when people are capturing the garden, a peashooter just chucks a Chili Bean in there and gets 3-6 kills with it.

I need to play more (keep getting disconnects due to their servers) but it appears the Chili Bean seems less powerful than before.  It may be due to the lag from the servers but I sent one in against the Football player and several others and nobody died although they did lose alot of health.

I would rather pay $60 for PvZ than paying $60 for the overrated and overhyped Titanfall.  The gameplay, fun value, artistic nature simply trumps Titanfall.  It's the only FPS that I have never felt cheated when killed, laugh after gettting killed when I see the characters running around and appreciate the team aspect. 

It's not going to be the same playing as Solid Snake without him being voiced by David Hayter. :(

Can't believe Ground Zeroes (why is this plural??) is $30.  That's insane.  I might pay $10 for what's basically a tech demo but there's no way I'm paying $30.  (Especially if the XB1 version is vastly inferior to the PS4 version, as others seem to suggest it is.)

I can't find this dlc... How much is it as usually dlc has a fee... all I got so far was a free update to the game. Is this what the author is refering to? Ya game had an update not dlc.