Microsoft offers $100 off Xbox One if you bring in your old console

Microsoft offers 00 off Xbox One if you trade in your old console

Microsoft is reviving its $100 trade-in promotion so users get to take $100 off the price of the Xbox One if they bring in their old Sony Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 consoles. With the promotion, the Xbox One with Kinext comes in at just $400 and the value Xbox One without Kinect camera will come in at just $300.

The promotion is available at Microsoft retail stores. Interested customers must bring in their old console in full working condition without any material damage.

"To receive maximum trade-in value, you must trade-in a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 E, Xbox 360 S console and purchase an Xbox One at the same time," Microsoft said, noting that all trade-ins are final so you can't change your mind and ask for your old system back if things don't work out.

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Microsoft offers $100 off Xbox One if you bring in your old console


I have a day 1 edition,and sometimes I get that thought, but then I remember the months of awesome gaming time I've gotten out of the one so far, and that's well worth the extra money to me.

Some defect consoles can power on ;) They may not be able to read disks though haha. I'm seeing a lot of those on Ebay for 10 bucks.

Why can't they make backwards compatibility on the Xbox one first? They were originally a software company, so it shouldn't be too hard for them.

It would have to go through an emulator and be buggy. Old console is PowerPC new one is x86.

Well it still would probably be worth it though (especially if they could make it but free) - I think they'd still so many millions more of the Xbox one if it was able to play all the tons Xbox 360 games.

Idk. I don't completely get the need for it. On one hand, would it be convenient to play my old games on the one? Yeah, but only cause it'd already be powered on. Otherwise I still have my 360, so why would I need backwards compatibility? It's not like it'd look nicer or play different.

"Otherwise I still have my 360, so why would I need backwards compatibility?"


Unfortunately, that's the point though - if you trade-in your X360, you *don't* still have your X360. I could actually see trading-in my X360 *IF* the newer one offered backwards compatibility. Some people seem to think it's unreasonable to expect it but why would I want a shelf fulll of games (not to mention *ALL* of the DLC and digitally-delivered games/content) I could never pop in and play again. If I actually wanted to get rid of my X360, this would be a terrible trade-in offer. I'd be better off listing it on Craigslist with all the games...offering backwards compatibility would negate that need and would make me more inclined to move to the new hardware.


Imagine if MS said "Hey here's a newer PC" but it wouldn't play any of your old games or run any of your old software - I can still run old DOS/Win 3.1/WinXP/WinME games on Win7/Win8. I understand it won't be like that forever in future iterations but at least that option wasn't taken away...sometimes I just feel like tossing in Dungeon Keeper 2 or KOTOR and I still have that ability; with the XB1, MS took that option away from the offset.



I wouldn't ever trade in my 360. I've still got all my old consoles right back to a master system. In the grand scheme of things the consoles don't cost that much and your not going to get that much of a saving, so keeping a console effectively solves the problem.

You also have to consider what you would give up for backwards compatibility. At the very least your going to loose some hard drive space and the OS would use a little extra resources up to have the emulator running. But someone would need to be tasked with building it, so some features like external drive support would also have had to of been dropped / delayed.

I reckon at some point we will see 360 game support. But I don't think you will be able to put a 360 disk in. I think it's more likely to be like what Sony are doing re-releasing games for the PS4, or the PS Now service thats coming. i.e. You will have to buy the game again.

Snow Leopard was able to emulate PowerPC on x86. And DirectX 9 was on x360. It will be hard but not impossible. I think Microsoft just doesn't want to license the software or code from Apple.

They don't have to, Microsoft is allowed to use any of the patents that apple has because of the fallout that apple had back 20some years ago

Apple does not own Power PC. I think Motorola? Apple just used to use the same architecture. MS wouldn't need to pay Apple. However, emulating a sophisticated recent gaming system is FAR more complicated than emulating an os running applications.

Snow Leopard couldn't run all Power PC apps on x86. Amoungst the unsupported stuff was a lot of games. They did do a good job though, particularly when you compare it to the x86 emulators that were around for Power PC, where a high end Mac could only run Win XP very slowly.

But that would mean I need a next Gen version of gta5 which is coming in November. By then, Xbox one will get a black Friday discount.

You mean current gen version. The 360 is last gen :). That said, I have yet to see a current gen version of any game that makes me want it over the last gen version.

Actually, the XbOne, and PS4 are still considered "Next Gen" because there is still strong support for 360 and PS3. Once support for those systems are dropped they will be considered current gen.

I'm just hoping for either a Destiny or Halo Anniversary edition Xbox One before I upgrade. I currently use my Halo Reach 360...

Seriously, when will Microsoft start releasing special edition consoles? The designs alone might get me to buy one. I thought the Star Wars edition 360 was one of the best looking consoles around and Im not even a huge fan of Star Wars. I do love the look of my MW3 console too though.

I'd take them up on that if the One did Media Center Extender like the 360 but it doesn't. Until then they can pry our 2 360's from my cold, dead, hands. Having said that we do already own 2 Ones so it may be a moot point I'm making but I'm sticking with it.

This is the single reason I havent upgraded to the XBox One. It doesnt even have to have Media Center - I just need to be able to play files off my network recorded by my Cable Card tuners.


I have a windows 8.1 pro media center and I use a 360 for the extender capabilities too, but I also have xbmc installed because I want to use an ouya or other device to watch content and the media center doesn't work with downloaded tv unless it's converted :(.  I discovered this a few days ago for the xbox one and I think I'm going to do this too.  it looks like current xbmc versions work better with cablecard/tuners too so I may be able to set it up for live tv/dvr also.

If they add backwards compatibility for 360 and add support for a Media Center Extender, I'll take this offer up. Otherwise I'm holding onto my 360!

That has to be one of the best 'unknown' features on the Xbox 360. I have a laptop with Windows 8.1(previously 7) with Media Center and a built in tv tuner that allows me to record my favorite shows/ games and then replay them on the 360... Its awesome! :)

Or if you have a Ceton tuner you can stream live HD TV including protected premium channels to any Extender or 360. I still have 2 Linksys DMA 2200's that still work flawlessly and they're probably Six years old. Would the One be faster? I would think so. But since it can't DO media center its not better now is it?

Personally, the streaming is good in a pinch. But without recording my uses of it are limited. Sadly, I cannot used the Linksys extenders nor any 3rd party extender since their support was dropped by Microsoft in Windows 8. :-(

I'm glad to see Windows Media Center WTH Ceton tuner (actually 4 or 6 tuners) using Xbox 360s as Media Extenders mentioned here. Most people don't know about this great software. This whole house Media Center solution serves all kinds of media to it's monitor or connected HD TV (Plazma or lcd) AND to every Xbox 360 in the house, including protected HD cable TV either streamed live or from it's DVR as big as your hard drive! The Xbox One can't do that.

Honestly the One doesn't need to do exactly what the 360 does, the same way the 360 does it. It should be better. Within the TV app their should be a setting for recorded tv so that we can browse and play what's recorded on the MCPC. Similarly for live TV allow the one to access Ceton Network tuners. That is a better solution,which would allow us to trade in our 360's and guess what buy more XBox Ones. Are you listening Microsoft?

Apparently cable card was such a massive pain thanks to cable providers that very few people actually do this in Windows. Its a shame, but it should have been a major marketing win for Windows and the XBox. I never turn on my cable box from Charter. My XBox 360 is my cable box and its MUCH better.

Hallelujah! I was pissed that I missed this last time it was offered. Time to start packing up my extra 360!

DANG!!!!! #@%&!!!!! My PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 just stop playing games, but everything else works great; it plays regular DVD's just won't play PlayStation 3 games.

Why do I already know that if I go and read the T&C's it will be US-only?

Getting sick of MS's constant deals/features/updates etc that are US-only.

Hop on a plane or drive over. Heck, there are probably shopping vacations* to the Mall of America, which conveniently has a Microsoft Store.
* I visited MOA one day shortly after it opened. I happened to cross paths with a couple of ladies from the UK, who were there on a shopping vacation. They considering buying some of "the cutest" framed prints of antique toilets for their WCs. Ironically, the prints were made in the UK.

Completely agree.
MS is incredibly provincial. You'd have thought it could at least have one stores in London, Paris, Tokyo etc.
Bing is a US search solution. Cortana a US assistant. Etc.

You don't need to read any T&C's. It's a MS Retail Store offer... Therefore not available in any other country as they only have US stores (while Apple stores are everywhere!)

I have Xbox 360 but gonna replace it with PS4 due to region restrictions in MS devices. I stay in UAE. TC all

I think he is referring to MS services like xbox live. In my country Live is not supported so not worth buying Xbox One simply for gaming since PS4 clearly a more powerful console

I would never give up my Xbox 360s. They are Media Extenders for my whole house Windows Media Center with Ceton cable TV "M" card. The Xbox one can't do that.

Nope. The 360 is still a far more capable media machine than the one, and the games are still pretty decent on the system as well.

Is there a way to stream mkv files easily like my PS3 has with PS3 media server?  I'm not a big console gamer I think I use my PS3 more to stream than to play but I'd take advantage of the 100 off if there is an easy way to stream mkv's.

Pior to last night it wasn't working for me but last night I installed this: http://shark007.net/ (saying no to the extra crap that is bundled).


And the option of "Play To" for mkv files started showing up.


I have a network drive. I right clicked on the file I wanted to play and picked Play To Xbox One and it worked perfectly fine.

If there was an MS store nearby this would've been tempting if the One was able to play 360 games. Until it does, if ever, I'll keep my 360.

When are we going to get some Microsoft stores in London, it would be amazing if they could do something with John Lewis. Maybe a mini store inside each John Lewis department store.

I still have my 80GB ( upgraded to 512GB ) 1st Generation PS3 that came in Piano Black with Silver Accents.

Logically this would be an opportunity to make some money out of it BUT despite me not really using it anymore I'm just too attached to it because of the fond memories I had with it AND because of it's Games I would never be able to play again as none of them are available on other Plattforms.

And then there's the problem with me not living in the US where this deal is actually running - duh.

I would do it. Ever since I set up the Wii U, I have no need for the Wii since it's backwards compatible.

Why they no take Wii?? Lol. But seriously, there's no Microsoft stores anywhere relatively close to me to take advantage of this. Also, I would now have a pile of useless games if I traded in my 360.

Best deal ever! No one will give you 100$ for an Xbox 360 by itself more less for a 4GB version. Street value for an Xbox 360 by itself is no where near 100$ This is the best time for those who bought a 4GB model to get half of your money back! I'm game! If you have a large 360 library simply sell the games separately.

Went to go trade in my Xbox 360 today at MoA and I use it everyday, in great working condition. The lady takes it to the back to test and and says it powers on but won't transmit anything to the screen, it's just black. So I'm like it works fine for me but she says she can't do anything. I drive all the way back home and plug it in to see it works just fine!! What a joke! Now I have to drive all the  way back and take a video of it working on my tv. Terrible...