Microsoft details password syncing for IE11 on Windows and Windows Phone

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Microsoft posted some new details this week on how Internet Explorer 11 will allow users to share the same website passwords when using the browser on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.

While we have reported in the past that tabs on IE11 can be shared for the two operating systems, Microsoft is now offering up info on how passwords are synced as well. The same feature can also be used for credentials inside Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. Microsoft stated:

In IE11, Windows will use your IE saved credentials for that same domain hosted in Store app via the Web Authentication Broker. As always, Store apps will never be able to read the credentials stored in IE. Windows Store apps using the Web Authentication Broker today will automatically get this experience with no additional markup required. And, your site and app credentials will roam between your PC and mobile devices as well.

IE11 also automatically pre-populates username and password credentials after a secure web page has loaded. For people who are still a bit paranoid, IE11 still prompts the user to save passwords even if the autocomplete=off attribute is set on the website.

What do you think about being able to save the same passwords in IE11 on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1?

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Microsoft details password syncing for IE11 on Windows and Windows Phone


Too bad I had to revert back to 8.0 because 8.1 has too many bugs on Lumia Icon. Hopefully after beta it will be stable.

I only had bugs on my icon with the original 8.1 release. Since the 3 other patches have come out, all my problems have been resolved. Sorry to hear you are still having problems.

If it sucks then why do you still have it or in the alternative why did you by a vacuum cleaner to use as a phone?

It is good, but not great yet.  I hope one day it could truely replace third party password manager, such as lastpass.

First they need to eliminate the long delay of the current syncing before adding more syncing capabilities. Whether it's tabs, bookmarks or history, I cannot just grab my tablet and pick up where I left off on my laptop. The tabs and other information are always from an hour or so earlier. Is there a way to manually sync as a way to view current information from the other browser? Manually syncing OneDrive on both devices does nothing to resolve this problem.

Yes! I read all the comments in this article in the hopes that someone would mention tab syncing. I want to be able to move from my phone, to my tablet instantly or at least have a way to manually sync the tabs!

+925 Sometimes the delay is short, other times I give up and retype, re-search for the url on the other device, or email the url to myself. Incidentally, what I would really like is copy-paste between devices... which would require InstaSync™.

I've had even MORE issues syncing with kopy unfortunately. I started using pushbullet beta for syncing between my tablet and desktop recently. I wish someone would develop a metro version though!

How long is the sync delay? Is it instantanious with a good data connection? That's the seemingly unresolvable issue, at least on a consistent basis.

Using a mouse, you need to click on the three lines in the upper left corner (Android?), then right-click one of those folders on the far left. Sync appears on the bottom left.

Not sure as I haven't fully tested but in moving between desktop and tablet I need to close modern IE to trigger the sync. The tabs are all naturally there, it's not the 'full close' just the drag to close. I should try to see if that makes a difference between WP8.1 and Windows 8.


I love LastPass so much. Not being able to use it on WP (without paying for a premium account or whatever) is one of my biggest (and only) problems with the platform.

But... It already does, even my Wi-Fi passwords are synchronized between my phone and computers, it doesn't keep the same account sessions from device to device but it has the pw already in there, well one less step is always better right?

Don't use keep or store passwords in IE, just not trusting the security. I may be wrong due to lack of knowledge but prefer to use an encrypted wallet.

Also, my bank uses a randomly generated key, so not much use there.

They are stored in Credential Manager in control panel, which is encrypted, not IE.

I suppose the passwords on WP are also encrypted; they just need to add a proper manager.

Ummmmm i really confused are we just covering an overlooked feature because its been happening on my phone since day one of the dev preview

Just a little tidbit, syncing settings for IE might be a big part of why people's battery lives are terrible, I turned mine off and my battery is like it is before I updated to windows phone 8.1

Good to know, thanks! It isn't very often that I even care to sync a URL between devices (and browser-based passwords, never).

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You can see the New version sitting at Version
By giving General Fixes

Doesn't seem to be consistent. It doesn't always prompt me to save passwords on the phone, but does from the PC. Is this by design?

And if anyone is trustworthy of keeping your computer secure, it'd be Microsoft... What could possibly go wrong?

It simply makes sense to have this.  What I truly hope we can finally get is a one click log in for stuff like Facebook, Twitter etc.  This having to re-key in a password is ancient.

For over a year I would use Windows 8 with the local Administrator account. Just few months ago I started using it with my Microsoft account and I'm loving it!

This and Reading List has made my experience between Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone really sweeter.

I never use anything to remember or save my passwords other than my brain. I also use multiple different passwords. Saving passwords in a browser is an unsafe practice in my opinion. I just don't trust software like that.

All that native synchronizing was the main reason I went from iOS to Windows Phone 8.0 and ASAP 8.1

Totally not looking back except for an UBS Mobile Banking App...

I love this feature, but its very frustrating that a specific website I use everyday, when accessed with IE 11, won't auto-populate the password. Other browsers have a button to populate username/password fields and so i use them often. I wish IE also had that to force filling in the password. Am I missing something? Anyone else experience this?