Microsoft Store US site pulls pre-order listings for Nokia Lumia 635

lumia 635

A day after taking pre-orders for the AT&T and T-Mobile versions of the Nokia Lumia 635, the Microsoft Store website has now abruptly pulled both of those listings without an explanation.

It's more than possible that Microsoft pulled the trigger on these Lumia 635 pre-orders a little too early. As we previously reported, the Microsoft Store site did show on Monday that customers could pay $99 for the AT&T version without a contract, along with $129 for the T-Mobile version, again without a contract. The listings did not offer a shipment date for the Lumia 635 before they were removed.

We have contacted Microsoft to see if they can comment about this situation and will update this post if and when we hear back. There's no word if people who jumped in and pre-ordered the Lumia 635 from the site on Monday will have their money refunded or if Microsoft will simply wait to ship them their phones when they are ready to be released.

Source: Windows Store via @WinObs


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Microsoft Store US site pulls pre-order listings for Nokia Lumia 635


Bear in mind that the 520/521 started selling of contract  at $130, if I recall. So if the 635 really is $99 on AT&T, that's indeed a great price to start of with! :)

Yeah right, you want lower specs then that? Yeah, maybe they could have given 'em away free with a Happy Meal at McDonald's. Get real Google Android slave.

With the selfie craze, how can you produce any phone without a front facing camera in 2014? Especially on the lower end.

Considering how Skype is more integrated into 8.1, no front camera is ridiculous. Otherwise I would give one of these to far away relatives.

I'm sure days could been worse if I had gone for Android at this price ;)
I'm satisfied with this little guy and with 8.1 it's even better (apps on SD expansion, Cortana, 3-column tiles, everything!)

I am glad it is working out for you both. My brother and one of my friends have the 520 with 8.1 and I am sure they agree with your comments about the 520.

1gig of ram. I know people say its not that big of a deal, but having my apps load after I resume them is annoying

yaa well, i get what u are saying, i use a 520 and sometimes the 'resuming' is really annoying....and since we are complaining why not nag for a flash too ffc is understandable

They were pulled so the high-end Lumias offerings available across the nation can shine by getting all the attention!  LMAO

Orange UK have offer in their in store magazine for Lumia 930, on sale 19th June, they could not honour the offer as they said "Nokia" had delayed delivery. They do not know when it will be available.

So maybe all-round delay??

Nadella pulled them at the last second saying "Damn you fools, either call this the 535 or add flash and FFC"

MICROSOFT OY.. Pushes update for NOKIA CARE & renamed it has LUMIA HELP + TIPS..
You can see the New version sitting at Version
By giving General Fixes...

It's weird, because I even got a text message from Microsoft Store telling me about the pre-order availability yesterday.

I wish that AT&T would release the 635 with 1GB of RAM. That would be a nice surprise. I can't wait for the 635 to replace the 520 on store shelves at the same price point. I would rather have a 635 on AT&T than a 520 on AT&T.

Microsoft is bungling the Windows Phone line.  The carrier distribution for the Lumias 930/630/635  is non-existant, or delayed/slow.  These phones were announced in April; guess we are waiting until November for something new.

It is pretty sad that more than two months after 8.1 was annoucned we don't have a single WP flagship phone annoucned from anyone, while Android seemingly get a new phone each week. Its unacceptable. Where is HTC, Samsung? MS should just make a Surface phone and be done with it. And the worst part is, they will annoucne a phone in September with a release date "Just in time for the Holidays!". Pathetic.

What's wrong with the screen? Heard complaints about ram, no ffc, no flash. But I think the screen is supposed to be nice isn't it? Should certainly be a lot better than the 520's, which I'd clearly what this is meant to replace.

The screen is the superficial issue.

The underlying problem likely resides in the graphics driver. Too much battery drain or something, hence the need to stick with the crapterpillar resolution.

The price will come down again. I wonder how that affects licensing fees to the lte consortium...

Ramble ramble ramble but yeah that screen res is miserable at4.5 inches. And with no other front end improvements immediately discernable by potential buyers, the phone will flop at 99 hence the lack of pre orders.

But when the price is brought down to 50.or 60 usd, it will sell... I hope. Rooting for WP even with such a pitiful device as the 630 is.


Microsoft needs to step into the game of they want to attract more users to windows phone, I am waiting for a 920 successor

Nokia X2 seems better! SP3 delayed, l635 disappeared meanwhile Nokia X2 was delivered. Interesting, very very interesting.

I preordered, the charge is still showing as pending on my pay pal. I hope it goes through, this device fits my needs very well.

Geez people, pull your underwear out of your ass crack and relax.  This stuff happens. It could easily just have been an over anxious web person put the listing up too early.

This should of bee properly numbered, it shouldn't be 635, it shoudl be 535 or something.  The 600 lines have FFC, flash and all that with 512 mb ram, so 635 should of had all of those with upgraded specs at the least.  Numbering for this device is rather odd. 

For $99 it's crazy you think it's going to feature a front camera. I'm one of the few who have no need for a front facing camera. For a low cost device, these phones will sell like crazy

I own a 820, 925, and two 520's. But at 100$ i would order one in a second and sell one of my 520's. Make a great backup for my 820. But everyone is right Microsoft is taking way to long to get 8.1 out to the public or get phones with 8.1 out. Losing more market share