Microsoft Surface Pro 3 forums now open!

Surface Pro 3

Are you a massive fan of the new Surface Pro 3? Want to have somewhere new to discuss everything to do with the tablet from Microsoft? We've answered said calls with a brand new Surface Pro 3 forum over on the Windows Phone Central community. It's now easier than ever to join in discussions with other members about the new product (as well as everything else under the Windows umbrella).

Surface Pro 3 Forum

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 forums now open!


If it has 4G (like I've read it does), then it will finally be the "no compromises" device that Microsoft envisioned when they launched the Surface line. It's thin. It's light. It's powerful. And it's mobile.

Lol. They don't get it, because they don't want to get it. I have ipad mini and have never done anything productive with it. Pure entertainment. Want to buy this to replace my laptop.

Exactly. I wish I could reply and right their wrongs, but my account was banned for some unexplained reason XD They were probably afraid I'd convince the other users that Satya Nadella isn't the devil


So just as a form of ranting I'll get it out here:

"It can't be used on the lap" - I'm assuming anyone who says this is too lazy or too biased to actually watch the demo. Sad, really

"To be a great laptop, it's about the performance and optimizing the user interface, which means the keyboard and trackpad.  So it's not a big competitor to the MacBook Air." - No keyboard and trackpad? What the hell are you smoking?

"Windows is dead" - 90% of the computer industry disagrees with you

"I absolutely LOVE how he didn't even manage to include the fucking cloth keyboard when comparing the weight against the Macbook Air. He might as well compare the weight of the iPad to that of the Air, or any other laptop for that matter. I mean- really?" - First of all, he did. Second of all, the weight comparison was between the SP3 and MBA + iPad Mini, to show that one is clearly better than two

"1/3 the usefulness of a Macbook Air?" - Sigh

"Could this be any uglier?" - This is not an objective statement. Without the art industry to back you up, it can't be. I can run around saying the iPad is ugly all I want. 

Haha, my dad thought I was having a fit from a smoking something LOL. I was like jokingly "yeah, I've got laughing gas stored underneath my bed,, you want some?". He litterally started checking and cursing lol!

I guess I woke him up from his evening nap or something as I just spent the last few minutes explaining the situation. But I guess it went through one ear and out the other lol as his muttering something in the corrider. Which he does when he doesn't get something or is in his grump moods :P.

Microsoft doing sexy hardware, about time. Now the hard part where to buy one. Better be tomorrow or in gonna scream and scream and scream.

Maybe they released the SP3 separately so they could see how many people complained there was no Mini to guage the actual desire for such a product