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Microsoft: Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developer users should return to normal software before Lumia Cyan

Preview for Developers program temporarily halted as Microsoft looks to resolve issues

Earlier today we reported that certain Windows Phone users were having issues getting the Lumia Cyan update. Specifically, people running the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers and using BitLocker full disk encryption through their companies were having problems upgrading, resulting in locked phones.

Microsoft has just issued a statement and recommends users downgrade the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers to commercial software before downloading the Lumia Cyan update. Additionally, Microsoft has temporarily suspended the preview program, including today's 12400 build.

Here's the full statement from Microsoft:

"We are currently investigating the issue. We have paused delivery of the update to customers using the Preview for Developers, and will resume once a fix is in place. Customers whose phones have been affected should use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to return your Lumia to a normal commercial software state before downloading the Lumia Cyan update."

A lot of you are running the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developer on your phones. As of now, you should return your Lumia to normal commercial software before grabbing the Lumia Cyan update, especially if your company is using BitLocker enforcement (regular users are not reporting issues as of now). Links below to help you out:

To clarify:

  • Those who have had BitLocker related problems when upgrading to Lumia Cyan from the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview will need to use the Nokia Recovery Software Tool to return to a normal software state.
  • No problems with BitLocker? Or haven't received Lumia Cyan yet? Microsoft has temporarily paused the Lumia Cyan rollout to those with the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developer until a fix is in place.

Have you had any trouble updating to Lumia Cyan from the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developer program? Sound off below.


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Microsoft: Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developer users should return to normal software before Lumia Cyan



It sounds like if you are running Dev Preview period you won't have the option to install it. You might be able to turn it off though to get the option but if you install the rolled out update for Dev Preview today your version number might be not in tolerance to allow the update.

Just downgraded to WP 8.0 on my 920 but still no Cyan update available.... Aaaargh! Wonder how long I have to bare with 8.0.

Use the tracker page to see if ur region n phone has the update THEN downgrade. Not worth downgrading to wp8, I can't imagine going back to it now.

What's the easiet way to downgrade?  Is it in the developer preview app?  All I see in there is to unenable the preview for developers checkbox.  Buried in a system setting maybe?  It's not a full restore/wipe is it?


I downgraded from WP 8.1 DP to WP 8.0 using the Nokia Software Updater for Retail app for Windows. Then I checked for updates on my Lumia 625 and voila I'm on CYAN.

I know what you're saying. I just did this a few hours ago after I was told by T-Mobile that my LTE problem was related to running the Preview Edition. I disagreed, I was running LTE just fine up until a couple of days ago. I miss the action center. Now I have to be a WP 8.1 refugee until I get my update.

My phone reverted to what it was before I installed Preview for Developers, which means all setting and apps I installed during Preview were lost. Also, all music and pictures were wiped.


No idea what happens to apps on an SD card, but if you remove it before downgrading it should be safe. That's my guess at least,

I am in the same situation. Previous N925 with PFD 8.1 …895 Update to Cyan was without any complication. No use of Bitlocker at all. Now phone is running fine and battery life was extended.

Question - Have you noticed any difference after the update other than a tiny arrow near the wifi sign? I don't seem to be having any of the mentioned new options even though I was able to install the CYAN update while on 8.1 Developers Preview. 

Hi nemisis :-)

I am on cyan + wp 8.1 preview on the 925, extras+info shows it, but I don't get the arrow on top of the wifi sign. Did you factory reset your device?


i got little arrows on top of the mobile signal, wifi sign and letter for network if wifi is off. No resets, no nothing, it just appeared. Basically, that's the only new thing i noticed from Cyan, i am not sure what else did it do :/ much waiting about nothing.

Vodafone Italy 925 updated from 8.1DP to Cyan day before yesterday when rollout started, no problems.

My Lumia 930 has small arrow sign next to WiFi symbol, I think thats for the WiFi sense, but I am not sure though coz my Lumia 920 with WP8.1 Preview doesn't have that arrow.

I have the Lumia Icon with 8.1 Preview and Lumia Black and I do have the arrows on my wifi showing the direction of the data. My Lumia 822 with Black and 8.1 Preview doesn't have the arrows.

Nope. Just downloaded and installed. No factory reset or anything.

The only difference I saw was the arrow sign. I don't see any of the other new options that were mentioned about CYAN. Even my Extras+info shows CYAN. Microsoft really needs to fix things. 

if there is an arrow on the network/Wi-Fi logo that means it might be uploading something

having this thing since windows phone 8....

This revolutionary GUI feature (yes, its sarcasm, if you didnt read it)  is only available since GDR2, and its presence is completely carrier-dependent. If the carrier enables it, you have it. If they dont enable it, you can do whatever you like, you wont see it on your phone. I am so "glad" carriers were given the freedom to enable / disable such basic features.  Guess what, most of the time they (the carriers) dont spend ANY time to enable these, cheaper for their greedy kind just not to enable anything, that is marked as optional in the alacarte of Microsoft. We should blame MS for putting these basic items on the alacarte, instead of the other list "yes-its-mandatory-you-better-enable-for-your-exploited-subscribers-or-we-cancel-our-partnership-with-you-dear-mister-carrier". Unfortunately those Redmond a$$holes didnt have the balls to do this, instead they slept with everybody who wanted to sell their crap.

Hii iam from india 

an iam not getting the cyan update on my developer preview enabled device or in my win8 device

When wil the update come??


There is no option to only wait if you use bitlocker. The article says they stopped delivering to phones with developer preview. Not just phones with bitlocker.

Bitlocker ?? I registered in and downloaded preview for developers app and then i updated !! Now i can't find latest update in the phone updates !!!


Sometimes I wonder why Apple and Google have lesser problem with their update, Or new software. Why is Microsoft so frustrating?

in the case of apple, they make both OS and firmware and got a straggle hold on carriers that is why their updates roll out are usually pretty good. though there have been serious bugs in the past (such as people getting past lock screens without passwords) so they're not completely flawless.

as for google, android phones almost never get updated so there's no problem because there's no update!


Running 8.1 and did not get today's update to the PD.  No doubt irrelevant because it's unlikely to get day one release of Cyan from AT&T.

james8561 concisely analyzers Apple for this profile and only exaggerates the situation for carrier standard android.  It's true enough to be apt. 

I'm still not happy about the situation, MS should have seen indications while testing the release for business purposes.

Idk why google and microsoft have togo through carrier for ota update, apple doesn't do this, comes straight from them. Well my htc one m8 is running latest version of android 4.4.4, thanks to custom rom. However, the average user does not know about rooting or custom roms. In fact, they don't care what version they are on, at least with android. I still know alot of people who hate ios 7.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Apple has plenty of problems with their Updates. Do a little exploring. It's just that iSheep ignore this and continue to bleet nonsense about how out never goes wrong.
Anything labeled "Preview" is asking for trouble. Don't install such things if you aren't ready to take the bad with the good.

Yep, just google "iphone update bricked", or "iPhone update problems". There have been plenty of issues on the iOS side too. No one writes articles about them though.

Not true.  It's about the same with android, OLD phones don't get updated, newer ones do, and the carriers are the ones that decide what phone will get what update, since they *customise* the update.  Google dials around this by selling Nexus phones and Google versions of popular phones that get updated right away.  

Apple mostly smooth updates.. Then a shit load of issues,especially security related issues. But it's ok. It's Apple. Google? No problems? You must be kidding.. The first problem is getting the updates in the first place. People need to chill. Issues happen across the board. It's technology. It's always prone to some type of issues. Then it gets fixed. Repeat.

One update on my iPhone 3G back in the day made it impossible to hold a call for longer than 2 minutes for 2 months while everyone waited for an update. iPhone updates have been hardly smooth.

Also there was that time Apple and AT&T were caught outright faking signal bar strength. Good times.

Google ish garbage as far as updates, unless u got the latest greatest chances of new updates are slim to none, imagine a $100 2 yr old phone running same software as an s5

It's BS Apple and Google have no update problems.  Go to any search engine and type "ios update brick" or "Android update brick" and come back again to say only MS have problems with updates.

Yeah, Apple is king of upgrade brick. Had it happen to me about 30% of the time when I had to do them for others. I would always warn them before hand that "there is a very real chance that this update will brick your phone".

So when is the last time Apple released an iOS preview? Right, never so no use comparing.

Yes they do - beta 3 of iOS 8 was released on July 7th, beta 4 is rumoured to be released next week

Yup, beta software for iOS is always available, you know how long it will last, you know when to restore or upgrade cause that beta ends, and there's always GM (gold master) which is a finished software coming out (usually) 2 weeks before public release that can be installed without problems by anyone who wants to. Update wise, Apple is in a league of their own, and what i like the most is setting a date. When Apple has an official update release for public, there's an event, they say "Update to iOS X will be availible on XX/XX/XXXX" and every single person in the world owning a qulified iOS device knows they will get it then. No bullshit about "maybe soon, carrier, country, device depending".


Developer preview is the next best thing. Android is a mess, no real preview (cause Android L is not usable as a daily driver), no dates, no rollout to all devices.

Because Apple doesn't have to wait for carriers etc, it can push updates faster and even if they do have dodgy bugs, all they do is stay quiet about it and push another update to fix the problem. You see Microsoft can't do that very easily because it's updates have to go through carriers, so what MS does it's stops the update as soon as a bug is found, asked then fixes only the devices which have been affected

Smart move in the current situation

It's never easy with how whiny and insecure the MS fans are. It's a bug affecting a small number of users who had both the preview and Bitlocker full phone encryption on. Nobody else, but that tiny percentage. And yet here we have people shitting their pants and running around the house like mad men shouting "the sky is falling this is such a big deal and a disaster!!!"

It's as predictable as some douche nozzle demanding to know in broken English when something comes to India in every fucking article.

Right, because the headline to this article is "Small Percentage Of Users With WP8.1 Preview Should Downgrade Before Updating to Cyan"? yeah, granted, people are f'ing dumb for not reading the article, but the douche nozzles are bloggers with click bait headlines. Whiny fans and alarmist bloggers go together like peanut butter and jelly. And hey, you know what else you can always count on? The angry commenter grousing over the whiny fans! Thanks for helping the vicious cycle... We don't deserve to be blessed by such intelligence.

Does MS actually think ALL "douche nozzles" have the where with all to actually roll back their devices? What an effin nightmare.

If you don't have the where with all to know how to roll back your device, then you shouldn't be a Developer Previewer.  You need to be knowledgable enough to handle these situations when they arise (and they will arise) in order to be a Developer Previewer.  Everyone acts like the Developer Preview is the actual final release that should be error free, but it's NOT!  It's a "tester" version of the software, prone to having bugs and we, as Developer Previewers, are responsible for finding these bugs and reporting them to Microsoft to get them fixed BEFORE the final release comes out.  If you aren't knowledgeable enough to know how to roll back your phone if a major issue like this arises, then you shouldn't be a developer previewer and you shouldn't have installed this version to begin with!

then again, it was MSFT who messed up, and this message to stop using the dev preview and roll back comes from them, small percentages and all. so,there is that.

issues which could have been prevented IF they had released Cyan to dev preview participants in stages earlier as many here suggested they should have :)

It's not their fault this time though, bugs happen, and Microsoft has found this and has taken it upon their hands nearly asap, can't blame them for a bug that had appeared, everything gets 'em

having worked in the software industry for a decade I couldn't disagree more. Yes bugs do happen but a catastrophic brick like this should have been caught in testing. The problem was MSFT didn't do their due diligence and even when they had a dev preview program, they naively neglected to roll out this update to their dev preview participants in stages to ensure there would be no problems.

this type of mistake is ok for small companies with small dev resources. Something as big as MSFT has people who's job is to ensure this doesn't happen. these people obviously didn't do their job.

Maybe you shouldn't run the developer preview the next time around. This is a very minor issue, get over your entitled self.

To be more accurate its a release candidate ms did this alot with pc users but as usual you usually would have to rollback to the previous state. The difference with this build versus a manufacture/carrier release is usually listed in the about page

....and that is why they stopped the upgrades ONLY for phones with the DP installed. Do people even think before spewing their favorite tag lines? If anything amply demonstrates that it was pre-release software this would be it. Feel free to now perpetuate your untenable position that the DP was final in spite of the indisputable evidence to the contrary. Kind of reminds me of a Fox News broadcast....

It is a pre-release software because it was released before its official release, but other than that it is the same. There are problems and bugs with finished and release products. The Surface Pro 3 had (or has) Wifi issues. Does that mean the SP3 is a beta product?

Well said bro,well said,I made comment yesterday about people coming from WP 8.1DP --> WP 8.1 Cyan would have issues and i got a shitload of comments saying that the DP is the final release ,versions are same,soon after DP released a small update & now this article,I wonder what some of them are thinking now

You made good points until you threw in the silly political comment.  Can't a tech site be a partisan free zone?

Nobody said MS wont update your phone if you have dev preview! MS only suggested rolling back for those who use bitlocker. Don't forget, Windows 7Ultimate had bit locker. This may not affect only employees....anyone thought of that?

You should take your own advise and stop spewing the Fox News tagline. I watch all news networks and, while they are all slanted in one way or another, find that Fox News Sunday will at times hit hard on both liberals and conservatives. Can't say the same about the other Sunday shows.

When you have the Developer Preview installed, you already have the "actual" release of the "Windows Phone 8.1 OS". You just don't have Cyan. Cyan is not part of the "Windows Phone 8.1 OS".

I agree with freakzilla, in addition the release version numbers for Developer preview and the public release are identical. 

nonsense. There is a device state of Cyan + 8.1 which you call "final release" but MSFT doesn't control the firmware for the non nokia devices so there is no such thing as this being a "beta". It is the final release plus a few updates to the final release of the OS. The firmware is independent of this which is why you can run it to begin with.

Please stop spreading erroneous ideas that this is some sort of beta. Neither the software (the OS) or the firmware are in beta form.

Doesn't matter right now. AT&T will drag its feet so long with Cyan WP9 will be out before I have to deal with it on my 1020.

Hate to say it but you are probably right. I wouldn't put it past AT&T to not release this update for the 1020. 

Doesn't matter. I'll just keep using DP.   It does what I want. From what I gather, Cyan is only going to be a minor firmware update anyway. I would rather have more official apps than worry whether my phone is going to get Cyan or not.


Can you believe the jackass forum mods banned me saying "I love Microsoft and their products but they always tend to f***k you when you least expect it. All the commenters whined "well then leave and go to Android or Apple then snarf snarf"

Have you ever considered what value your whining brings to the forums? Try and be constructive with your criticisms and perhaps not only will someone listen, but maybe something will change.

some of the forum mods are biased fanboys who IMHO have never really moderated a large community who needs to encourage a variety of views. Basically have made it into an echo chamber where if you're not a total cheeleader, you get all sorts of flags and bans.  Recall suggesting android to a person who was on the fence about the WP platform and got a yellow card because uh, we don't suggest android here.

Yet this is a MOBILE NATIONS site lol. Forums = joke. Sad because most of the disucussions are not well informed as they have ensured a singlular point of view survives, that which agrees with everything MSFT does. The article mods are far better than the forum mods which is why I don't like haning around those forums much.

....did you miss the bit about them halting the Cyan rollout to anyone with the DP installed? Good luck installing something you can't get. Until they lift the block you can either wait or downgrade back to commercial release.... 

No, they suggest to roll back " for those affected" and they temporarily halted the update but will resume soon. Your not going to miss out or have to roll back, READ, VERY SSLOOOWWWWLLYY.

And why would you believe that AT&T will actually release cyan before they get a chance to sell a few 930's?? Anybody wanna take a bet this issue will be long forgotten by the time the Cyan update is actually available?

Agree... All of us signing for Preview for Developer should have anticipated for things like this to happen.. It's a Pre release product after all.. Now we just need to wait for them to fix this and for them to make sure this won't happen in the future major updates again.

Agreed. Why would I go through all the trouble of reloading eeeeeeverything on my phone? I'd rather wait till the fix is in place and then just do a normal easy upgrade.

Now thats crap .... First Developers Preview , now roll back to previous version just coz the developers are in the wrong place... Whats wrong with Microsoft Developers

Okay, I get this now... So... Have dev 8.1 & bitlocker... Then when Cyan is available you should return your device to 8 before you download Cyan. Got dev 8.1 but not got bitlocker? Microsoft still say you should return to WP8 before downloading Cyan. Rather belt & braces, but you could just wait for a fix, as you can't download Cyan yet anyway... Microsoft have also suspended the minor update that was being applied to dev 8.1, for now, until fix is available for this bitlocker fuck up... Clear? So, just do nothing cause there's nothing to do until Cyan pops up as available or Microsoft supply a fix. If you need to ask about bitlocker, you ain't got it! Believe you'd know, it's not cheap & is encryption software...

I might just wait till it's fixed, save myself the hassle. Lumia 928 here so it's not like Cyan brings a ton of cool stuff for me.

I've had The 920 and I can tell you that with a sensor that small having DNG would be pointless. Not to me to mention the shot times would increase by a lot.

It will probably be 6 months before my 920 gets Cyan thanks to AT&T being the slowest to approve any updates on WP. I'm sure MS will have it fixed by then or the replacement for the 1020 will have been released and I'll have moved on.

So the update for 8.1 today should not affect us at&t users right? Since cyan isn't available to us. (off topic, does anyone else's 1520 randomly turn it's camera on? My phone does this all the time even when I'm not touching the camera button)

Mine does the camera thing once a day at least.....seen it do it when the phone was just sitting on a table unlocked lol......ghosts!

my 1520 was doing it for little while as well as some of my friends. on a hunch i removed the camera launcher from my action center and havent had the problem since.

Yes! I used to think that the camera button was just very sensitive, then I thought I going crazy, but it is a bug that I've noticed.

Yes, me too! I thought it was me "going crazy" - but yes, my camera activates when I am not touching the camera button.

My 8x occasionally goes Cortana crazy turning her on speech mode and then when I back out, it waits a few seconds then goes back into Cortana speech mode. Only way to stop it that I've found is to turn the phone on and off.

I'm having the camera issue since I upgraded to the 8.1 developer preview. The camera launch itself around 4 times per day...

Yeah I've got the camera launching problem on my 1520 also. I assumed it was an 8.1 preview thing. Also yeah I'm not sure going back to the commercial state is a good idea on 1520's... Can't imagine 8.1 is out commercially yet for all 1520s, and the 1520 was badly scaled back on 8.0.

The 1520 is a great phone, but its got so many bugs it's ridiculous and it seems to get slower everyday. i'm hoopimg the Cyan update resolves most or all of it's quirks.

Yes! I posted about it a lot, no one ever confirmed so i thought i was the only one.

Usually happens when i am using IE, but not only.

setting the phone not to launch the camera while the phone is locked is super important!!!

I had it in my wifes bag and camera turned on and took over 60 pictures, and the phone overheated almost melted stuff in the bag, not to mention drained almost all the battery.

Excuse me, Im terribly sorry, but I cant stop laughing... that was hilarious


The idea of a lightning storm in your wife bag, and all the snickers melted down because of that... Is just too funny to be true!!!! >_<

Yew I thought it was funny too, until I saw my wife's face. She was not amused!
I almost lost my "can you put this is your bag" privileges!!!

They're saying that if you have installed the Developer Preview you should revert back to WP8 before upgrading to the commercial release of WP8.1. Not clear is if this is only a problem for Lumias or all WP's.

It says you should revert back to 8.0 if you have bitlocker with your 8.1 Preview. It doesn't affect those without Bitlocker. Majority of people don't have Bitlocker anyway.

But I haven't even been able to download the update and I just have the Preview. I don't have Bitlocker. Is this a gradual rollout? Because it seems like I usually have access to updates by now.

They suspended the dev preview program for the time being. It was mentioned in the article. That's why we can't update right now.

Only for the 635 and 930. WPCentral has a site to track your specific phone. Each one in the US is showing "carrier testing," so I'd say a month for us. (Verizon longer.)

Because of the bit locker issue they shut down the update that started this afternoon for everybody while they work on the fix is the way I read the article

Can you not read?  Here is the statement again:

We are currently investigating the issue. We have paused delivery of the update to customers using the Preview for Developers, and will resume once a fix is in place. Customers whose phones have been affected should use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to return your Lumia to a normal commercial software state before downloading the Lumia Cyan update.

It says NOTHING about bitlocker in the release.  Please at least try to read the less than 100 word statement before saying remakably ill-informed (i.e., stupid) things. The statement is about ALL users running the DP, not a subset....

A good way to know is if you have ever turned on Bit Locker. I will give you a detailed how to.


If you have turned on BitLocker, you have it.


If you have not, you don't.

It actually says that customers who have been affected should use the Nokia tool to revert. In other words, if you've already experienced the issue when installing Cyan you should revert. Others have been put on hold until a fix is in place. You don't have to revert of you haven't tried to update with Cyan.

Actually if you've already had the problem it's too late to revert because your phone is stuck with a blue screen. What they say is if you want to update to Cyan and don't want to wait for the fix, you can revert now and the update will be available to you (if you're in one of the regions where the update is available). If you don't revert you'll have to wait for the fix.

It's not too late to revert if you have the BSOD, because the revert process is using the Care tool which can fix a bricked device.

I'm confused. I was told by MS (plus it's all over the web) that you cannot revert back to 8 after updating to 8.1 developer preview. Also, I just asks WP on Twitter & they said same thing--it's not possible to go back?? Can anyone clarify please?

Yeah it is possible to revert back just use Nokia Software Recovery Tool ,hook phone up to PC and follow instructions,pretty simple I've done before.

We did opt to install the dev preview after all and have had the opportunity to experience wp8.1 well before the official release so it is not much to ask really.

This is totally insane. A pain in the neck! Hope they issue a fix soon enough that does not require us to go back to WP8 to get the Cyan update.

Not true. I have PFD 8.1  ...895 installed and I got official Cyan without any problem at all. Phone works OK. Nokia 925, Middle Europe. As I understand affected are phones with active Bitlocker .

Yes, those who have developer preview ll not get cyan update untill issue ll be fixed. Or if you want it as soon as it out, than go back to WP8. Otherwise wait

God these repetitive posts are getting on my tits. On this one I actually thought my phone had jumped back to the top of the page. These people must be computer and internet savvy to know about and find blogs and forums but on here they just seem to read the headlines

if you haven't got cyan yet you already have black, but you'll need to go back to 8.0 with the nokia software

-edit- that's for everyone, not just the ones with bitlocker