Microsoft's E3 announcement is tomorrow and we're here live

In just over 16 hours, Microsoft will be taking the stage here in Los Angeles to kick off E3 2014, aka the biggest thing in gaming, ever. If you've never seen Microsoft's E3 announcements, well, you're in for a treat. The company takes over the Galen Center for 90 minutes or so and delivers announcements for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Kinect, new games, new technologies and improvements to their services. Of all the press events, the Microsoft E3 one is the most extravagant.

Myself, Sam Sabri and Mark Guim are here to bring you all the latest news from E3 this week, including covering Microsoft's announcement. Here's what you need to know.

What will Microsoft announce? Our gaming editor Paul Acevedo has some ideas, which you can read about here, but at the end of the day, it's a surprise for all of us.

What are you hoping gets announced? Let us know in comments.

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Microsoft's E3 announcement is tomorrow and we're here live


At parties Arda is the one repeating his bad jokes and explaining them 3 times since no one is laughing, thinking no one gets them. Get a clue.

There are comments that are much more cringe worthy IMO, like "+920" and (especially) "I see what you did there"

I'm Bothered that Microsoft is starting again. You know Sony is going to modify their conference to outdo them.

It's not just MS they did it to last year, they did it to Sega years ago too... that was beginning of the end for Sega.

True, but what can Sony modify? Microsoft was smart to announce the $399 stand-alone Xbox One almost 1 month prior to E3. Sony can't counter top quality games if Microsoft bring their A game.

I think he meant that last year, when Microsoft started first, and announced the DRM policies and 24 hour check in, Sony changed their policies at the last second, and announced it at their e3, causing a HUGE applause. Tbh, Microsoft made a disaster for themselves last year at e3. You have to admit...

You are correct though. Sony was going to have the same policies as XB, but changed their tune when they saw the backlash and came out as the good guys. Maybe if MS would go after Sony they could do some last second tweaks to their announcement and stab Sony in the back. Stupid to go first....If you don't learn from your mistakes you're bound to repeat them.

It did. There are articles from PS4 sites that specifically state that Sony execs were all in with the same policies until XB made their announcement. They changed their policy after it and torpedoed XB and came out making MS look like an anti-gamer console. When in fact, they were in the same boat as XB.

Sega didn't have an ocean of money. Microsoft is packed with shitloads of money and powerful and Xbox isn't going anywhere near of dropping it. The console is crucial for costumer targeted policy of MS. With people like Phil Spencer Sony has to prepare for real bloodbath.

I am hoping they will announce the surface mini as a note taking and gaming device that is able to stream from Xbox one ala vita with ps4

I think Daniel is not using Microsoft products because of preference but because of work, meaning money. Both apple and android are far beyond Microsoft. I have a windows phone, a Samsung galaxy s5 and an iPhone 5s and honestly each one has pros and cons but Microsoft has to catch up.

What makes you say that? I started with Pocket PCs back in 2003 and was well known in the Windows Mobile community way before I started writing. I also don't use Apple or Android products by choice, though I own them so I know how they work/what they do/can compare.

Our company has no policy on using the equipment we write on. If I wanted to write this on a Mac, I could. In fact, I own a Mac Book Air (2011 version) but I choose to write on an XPS 15 because I think it's better.

Ö!!! I like how that's announced in the comments so it's sort of like a secret, unless the entire WPCentral community reads every single comment.

I made this suggestion around a year ago. Window central instead of windows phone central. The site's coverage has gone beyond phones, it covers everything Microsoft. Microsoft central perhaps?

WPC announced a while ago that they would be covering all things Microsoft with a focus on windows phones. Thank you for paying attention.

I feel terrible. I missed that proclamation, too. But its not like you couldn't see it happen.

Usually extravagance is a cover for inadequacies. All I care about is the Sony E3 presser which I'm going to see live tomorrow in an IMAX theater.

That's like looking at your penis with a magnifying glass you'll be disappointed when you take it away

Given the unlikeliness that they announce Xbox games for Windows Phone or Windows 8, my hopes for killer announcements are the following (in no particular order, and yes I realize the odds of any of those happening are near zero):

1. Microsoft Studios purchases Capybara Games

2. Microsoft buys Valve (and thus, Steam, which they rename Xbox Steam and integrate with Xbox One, 360, and Xbox on WP and Windows 8)

3. Titanfall 2 is announced for Xbox One and "never coming to PS4".

4. Microsoft announces that their previous announcement of a Kinect-less Xbox One for $399 was a lie: they're actually selling a Kinect-included Xbox One for $399.

5. A Kinect-enabled sequel to Rez/Child of Eden is announced as an Xbox One exclusive.

6. Microsoft announces that Twitch has decided to sell to them instead of Google.

+1 for the last one. Hopefully the Twitch people learn something about Google by looking at their treatment of Windows Phone and now artists through YouTube

This event is going to be either terrible or amazing. I have a feeling its going to be the latter

Those announcements were already made last week so there would be more focus on E3 audiences.

I don't know about everyone else, but my enthusiasm is significantly dampened because of the disaster that the June update has turned out to be.  The Kinect now no longer properly recognizes commands, won't turn on 50% of the time, and now has up to a full minute delay before the TV app finally recognizes our Dish Network unit.  If I could reverse this update I would.  It brought nothing new that we cared about and has made the unit virtually useless.

Though I'm personally not into games, a correction to the article is needed for those readers who want to watch live: 9:30 am PDT is 4:30 pm GMT (since GMT doesn't do daylight savings time).

Did you guys end up coming to the event today at Microsoft Retail? Will you be at the Sunset Overdrive event on Wednesday?

Do you think the entire Microsoft conference will be available for download on channel 9 or anywhere else afterwards?

Crap, I live in Taiwan, that meas I'll have to stay up pretty late to watch the event......but I do this every year!!

I know it's a far cry for this to happen, but it'd be great to see Microsoft make good on some of the pro-PC gaming comments they've made over the last six months, whatever form that takes. DirectX 12 (fun fact: DirectX is in WP swipe dictionary, apparently), Xbox games support on Windows 8, cross platform multiplayer, Surface Mini as NVIDIA shield-like device with Xbox One or Windows.

Yea, that ain't happening.

A small word of advice to the staff; when mentioning scheduled events, please use the 24 hour clock for the GMT estimates. AM/PM is an"unfamiliar" format in most countries outside North America.

Welp, I'll be honest and say I'm considering a Wii U (Mario Kart!). Change my mind if you can, Microsoft!

I would love if they just announced more games.

1. A true Perfect Dark sequel

2. Banjo~Kazooie 3

3. Alan Wake 2

4. Kameo 2

5. More new IP's

6. Jade Empire 2

7. Revival of WP8 Xbox games

This would be a dream come true!

If "windows phone" central covers xBONE things, they could cover pc games too. it windows --> microsoft

Just show me an ingame clip of Halo: Guardians, CGI teaser trailer of new Gears of War and a juicy fat gameplay of Horizon 2 and I'm going straight to the nearest store for my Xbox One. Oh wait, did it in January.

Oh, and Daniel, or Sam, or Mark, could you ask someone (Spencer?) about gaming plans for WP? In case you interview one of the Xbox team members.

I hope MS crushes it and makes Sony cry. They have to leverage WP and PC/tablet to their advantage. Reminds me of that patent filing recently of a better gaming control on mobile devices files by MS. Hope it sees light of day and encourages more multiplayer on mobile.