Mini Motor Racing, small scale racing for Windows Phone 8

Mini Motor Racing

Mini Motor Racing is a relatively new Windows Phone 8 arcade styled racing game with quality graphics and challenging racecourses. The cars remind me of those miniature RC cars and there are plenty racing car styles to unlock. Add over three-hundred races to win with two racing modes and Mini Motor Racing will not grow stale too quick.

The game has seen decent success over on iOS and based on what we've seen, Mini Motor Racing should see similar here on the Windows Phone 8 platform.

Main Menu

Mini Motor Racing Menu

Mini Motor Racing's main menu has your customary options to jump into game play, access the game's options, visit the game's in-app purchase store and options to follow the game on a variety of social networks.

Game options include audio/sound effects levels and choosing a steering option. Steering options include three different styled.

  • Toggle: This option has two directional arrows for left/right turns and a nitro button lining the bottom of the screen.
  • Tank: A similar layout to the Toggle style but with the left/right turn buttons placed in the bottom corners of the screen and the nitro boost in the bottom center.
  • Slider: Exchange the left/right steering buttons with a slider bar to control your car's direction and place the nitro button next to it.
  • Wheel: This option has a virtual steering wheel in place to guide your race car with the adjacent nitro button.

Additional control options include the ability to flip the controls, auto acceleration, and a shake option to activate the nitro boost.

Mini Motor Racing Options

It's difficult to say which steering option is the best. I like the Tank option that places your steering controls in more of a natural location. The Wheel option was nice but with an overhead perspective, it is easy to get confused on which way you should turn the wheel. I'm not sure if a tilt control option would have been better.

Mini Motor Racing Career Mode

Mini Motor Racing's gaming modes include a Career Mode and a Quick Race. Quick Race is just that, a quick way to jump into game play when you only have the time or desire for a single race. You can choose one of the twenty available race cars and thirty-eight race tracks. Cars and tracks are progressively unlocked as you win races.

Mini Motor Racing Courses

Career Mode is just that too. You compete in races to earn cash that can be used to unlock additional cars and upgrade cars. You compete across the same thirty-eight tracks and have the same twenty cars that are available in the Quick Race mode.

Mini Motor Racing Garage

Car choices range from your typical dirt track racer to a school bus to an Indy Racer. Tracks have an equally wide range that includes dirt tracks at the beach to road courses in the city. The selection of tracks also includes day and night racing.

Game Play

The racing screen for Mini Motor Racing has your position and race times in the upper left corner of the screen and in the upper right corner, you will see a map of the track. Across the bottom of the screen will be your racing controls. You begin the race with three Nitro Boosts and you can add to that by collecting power-ups that appear randomly on the track.

Mini Motor Racing Starting Line

Game play is straightforward. You maneuver your car around the track with the goal of winning the race.

Racing can be a little on the brutal side with other racers side-swiping your car, pushing you off the track and overall being very aggressive drivers. You will need to use your Nitro Boosts in a timely manner to create a little separation between you and the other cars.

Mini Motor Racing Game Screen

The key to Mini Motor Racing is finding a steering option that you are comfortable with. The selection is more of a personal preference than a design issue. Each option is responsive but you may find one control option more comfortable than the other.

Overall Impression

I have to admit that after playing Mini Motor Racing for a short period, I wasn't that impressed. Graphics were really nice, the designs of the tracks creative and the races were definitely competitive. What made the game un-appealing was the steering controls.

However, once I settled in on a configuration (the Tank option) that was comfortable the game began to grow on me. The Career Mode has plenty of gaming opportunities where you can earn cash that can be used to upgrade your existing race fleet and buy new cars to expand your fleet.

Mini Motor Racing isn't strong enough to knock off Asphalt 8: Airborne but it is a strong contender if you need a more casual racing game. While the controls will take a few laps around the racetrack to get used to, the biggest downside to Mini Motor Racing is the lack of a trial version. I've never understood the logic behind not providing a trial version because it is a great way to promote you app or game.

The full version of Mini Motor Racing is currently running $.99 and the game is available for Windows Phone 8 devices. You can find your copy of Mini Motor Racing here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Mini Motor Racing, small scale racing for Windows Phone 8


Interesting how many people use that lame argument. Had I used your logic since I've had Windows Phone I'd have wasted at least $200 on total crap games and apps by now. You can throw your money down the drain, I'll continue with the no try no buy.

That's not the point smartass, you don't have to buy literally every app you come across, but in this case when you find a game that interests you and gets really positive reviews then why not drop a buck?

Because there is no guarantee that just because a game or app gets positive reviews that I will like it.

When you buy a cupof coffe there are no guarantees that you will like it either... even so you wont care much if you wasted 1 dollar buying it. So stop wining and support the developers that are helping wo with good quality games. If it has 5 stars chances are very high that you will like it, especially after getting sense for it from reviews like these.

If he buys a cup of coffee and isn't satisfied most places would remake it for him, or at least that would be the case in the UK.

Trials are always good, and Microsoft have shown they actually increase revenue.

Obviously you're missing the point because it has nothing to do with wasting 99 cents. I also support plenty of developers and have often bought apps with not so great reviews because they interest me which wouldn't have happened without the trials they included.

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I guess there is no harm in asking a question, I've seen lots of peeps ask questions that are not related to the topic and reasonable peeps who know the answer to the questions answer em. I asked a question, if u don't know the answer I'll suggest u leave only ur first word which is "No".

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I would have thought it was more to do with the way gravity works in the universe. But that's just me.

It happens to me to, when I buy music from the Xbox Music store. Buy 1, get the 2nd same song free. But I also know a fix is coming soon for that. And for stream songs u have in the list that dont work also gets a fix.

It's only 79p/99c and has high reviews. As much as I like a trial, some games don't need it and this looks like one of them.

No game/app 'doesn't need' a trial (imho). Only because you think a good review is enough doesn't mean it is enough for everyone. If everyone thinks the way you do, there would be no downloads at all, think about that. Because when the app is new, there's no positive review for it (if the dev didn't rate it himself) so no one else would buy it.

Although this has no trial version, I went for it and did not regret. The steering does take a while to get the hang of, but once you're past it, it's a very enjoyable game to pass the time - especially since there are over 300 tracks and loads of cars to unlock.

Been playing it.  IT's a good game.  I like that it doesn't make the game too ridiculously hard to play if you DON'T make some in app purchases. 


And yes, the tracks do get repetitive, but what is unique about this game is that they change the camera angle in addition to the direction of the tracks.  It makes driving the same track a totally different experience when you are viewing from a different angle.  It's brilliant, and really helps keep the gameplay less stagnant. 


Highly recommend.  Though my friend told me to consider this game a $2 game, not a $1 game.  He said buy the DOUBLE MONEY IAP right away to make the game faster.  He said he couldn't play the game without that power up, but I'm doing fine without it. 

Looks like it's well done. In driving games I need to be in the car driving. I'm not a fan of top down reaching games. Good to see more games though.

yeah they should make a topic about this. needs optimization.

on topic the game looks good. shame about no trial though

I see you posting this type of offer so many times. I don't live in Brazil any more, but I appreciate your efforts to get developers to release apps in multiple markets. You don't just ask them to do it. You also offer to help. Obrigado.

Dude to me the controls are too easy. Use the wheel, you won't lose and you won't even need nitro.

Good game.


Its taken far too long for games like this to appear on WP.

Where is a proper Raiden?

Ikari Warriors?

Metal Slug?

The way you described the wheel control is a little misleading. You don't just steer the wheel left and right, you point the wheel in the direction that you want to go and the car will turn and drive in that direction. I thought it was fairly intuitive the first time I played.

The biggest thing I worried about when I bought it were how it would control, but I'm happy to report that the controls are actually incredibly tight and responsive.

This game reminds me of RC Pro AM for the NES, except modernized a bit. I don't normally buy a game without a trial first, but glad I did in this case. Multiplayer would be nice though.

Anyone else having an update for the game, but can't update it? When I try to update it disappears immediately and then shows up again after some time... This is not the first time I see something like this but I don't know how to 'fix' it. Reinstall?^^

Couple of concerns:
1. No trial
2. Asphalt 8 is actually a free game now, or gamelofts idea of 'free'

it is only 79p, not sure I would be content dropping any amount of money "in a gutter" but this game looks alright.

I have this on my iPad... it's a great game! Had a hankering for some top down racing like Super Off Road (boy did I spend a lot of quarters on that one during lunch in high school) and found this. One of the few games that I still play on the iPad... use it mostly for reading (flipboard), watching videos and making music (ableton controller).

I have to be honest and say I normally never buy games or apps without trials and saw this when it was first posted earlier this week and held off.  Earlier today I decided to buy it and kicking myself for not buying it earlier.  Yes, I know it's only $1, but if I bought everything for $1 I thought I'd like I could have bought a 1520 outright. 

This is everything I thought it could be and more.  I absolutely love this game and very happy I decided to purchase it.  I look forward to the multiplayer aspect and hope a trial comes open soon for others who may be in my same situation.  Also hope more tracks, levels, and career modes come in an update.  Having the upgradability to the cars makes it challenging as well.

I haven't made it that far, but have played enought to 'race' the same track multiple times.  Although it is the same layout, changing the camera angle or running the track backwards makes it a completely new feel and for the most part I never even noticed it was the same track until after doing a lap or two and noticing a specific landmark. 

Again, very happy, and very impressed.  There is a game I've played on Wii U that is very similar and it has a ton of re-playability.  See below: