MiniClip adds Windows Phone versions to free gaming offer

Miniclip freebies

Earlier today Miniclip dropped the price of their Windows 8 and RT versions of iStunt 2, Gravity Guy and Monster Island to free titles.

Miniclip has now added the Windows Phone 7.x/8 versions of these games to their free offer. The free offer on the Xbox Windows Phone titles is only for a limited time only. As an added bonus, the Xbox Live game Fragger is also a freebie.

So if you've been on the fence or just want to build up your Xbox Windows Phone gaming library, now's the time to act. Head past the break for all the links and QR Codes.

Windows Phone Store Links


Gravity Guy

Monster Island


Source: windows-smartphones.de; Thanks, Marcel, for the tip!

QR: MiniClip Games


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MiniClip adds Windows Phone versions to free gaming offer


They have launched Gravity guy 2 first on Windows phone, its still not available on ios and google play store, so support the developers and buy it :)

Go on your computer and follow the link from WPCentral and it brings up the page where you get it free and it sends it to the phone right away. Just did it this way as it wasnt free on my 920 either.

I had the same problem on my Lumia 920. If you click on the links in this article in a desktop web browser you can dowload each app from the windows phone store website. Each app will be wirelessly pushed to your device. 

Wow this is freakin awesome I wanted these games forever, good thing I waited! Monster island and Fragger are not shown as free games just yet

the only game that I haven't bought already is monster island.. fuu. nice move by miniclip though :)

The QR codes and manually searching didn't show as free for me either.  The links that were posted to the store though above the QR codes worked for me.

I bought iStunt 2 and Gravity Guy on Windows 8 before, now I got Monster Island on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, as well as 3 other great games for free! Thank you, Miniclip, you have my lispect. (Like & Respect)

Like another poster said, use the hyperlinks above the QR codes. Those will take you to the page in the desktop browser version of windowsphone app store with the free games for whatever reason. MS really needs to figure out their store so that the various ways that you can find a page all show the same infor...this isn't the first time there have been problems.

Is this sale not available for Windows Phone 7.5?
HTC Trophy on VZ and all games still have their original prices.

Excellent! Gonna grab them all. My L620 won't be able to handle them all but at better to download them now while they're free. That way when my L920 returns from the factory I'll be able to redownload the games for free.

I meant can't handle because it's 4 games and the L620 has a limited storage capacity ;) (and I have other games installed)
Even though I've placed a 32GB micro-SD in it, Apps don't seem to install in the SD card so....

Still 2.99 in Florida. Will be checking constantly to get all of these.

Edit: going through links on PC worked brilliantly. Now have new games to play.

Ffs i bought 3 of these games and now every tom dick and harry getting them for free?? now i feel robbed. Not cool miniclip... Not cool :-(

AT&T US Lumia 920 couldn't find for free on phone, but clicked the links on my computer and installed remotely for free from store!

I almost bought Fragger just yesterday too! Glad I didn't...I already had snagged Monster Island for a buck when it was DOTW and iStunt2 at launch but it's nice I got two free games from it :)

Today is my birthday and I feel like this is a special present for me, I'm so happy. Thank you Miniclip for theese awesome games you gave us for free! Now lets gain some XBOX live achievements :)

Got fragger for free! thanks for the heads up. Had the others already but got them at decent enough prices, so not a big loss. Anyway, it seems like the deals on the marketplace have really started to mature and become more like those on other platforms. Hope the trend continues.

Free Xbox lice games are good.

Anyway, snagged Fragger and iStunt 2 for free, since I already bought Monster Island and Gravity Guy three months earlier.

That's great! I got the freebies on Windows 8, but would much rather play these on my phone as opposed to my laptop. I'm definitely more prone to "repay" them on future releases now :)

I got iStunt 2. Very entertaining.

Downloaded Fragger too, but it was boring, as the other games seem to be.