More Lumia 620s begin getting Cyan update, including India and Latin America

Microsoft and Nokia are still pushing more Lumia Cyan updates, with the Lumia 620 getting another wave in the last 24 hours. Previously, a handful of countries in Europe were the only ones getting Cyan for the Lumia 620, but now the updates are expanding to Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

Unfortunately, for those in the Middle East and North America, there are still no signs of Lumia Cyan, though a wider release is expected soon. Did your carrier make the cut? See our recent additions below, or head to our full tracker to see everything thus far.

Remember, if you are using Windows Phone 8.1 already through the Preview for Developers, even if your country is listed below, you still do not get Lumia Cyan just yet (or a notification) as Microsoft has a pause on the updates. Users are instructed to either wait until a fix comes out or use the Nokia Recovery Tool to downgrade the OS and then take the updates.

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Lumia 620 and Lumia Cyan updates

*CV = Country Variant

  • Africa – Egypt CV; Libya CV; Nigeria CV
  • Asia Pacific – India CV; Sri Lanka CV; Taiwan CHT; Thailand CV
  • Europe – Austria A1, Orange; Germany T-Mobile, Vodafone; Greece Vodafone; Hungary Telenor, T-Mobile; Ireland Vodafone; Italy CV, TIM, Vodafone; Portugal Vodafone; Russia CV; Spain Vodafone; Ukraine CV; UK O2, Vodafone
  • Latin America – Argentina CV; Brazil CV; Costa Rica Claro; El Salvador Claro; Guatemala Claro; Honduras Claro; Mexico CV, Telcel; Nicaragua Claro; Paraguay CV; Puerto Rico CV, Claro; Uruguay CV
  • Middle East – nothing yet
  • North America – nothing yet

Thanks, for the tips, everyone!


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More Lumia 620s begin getting Cyan update, including India and Latin America



"all my organized tiles" you don't lose it on Windows Phone 8.1


EDIT: Hmmm... just tought about the Windows Phone 8.0 version isn't able to backup this data. So... I'm thinking about this: Downgrade, don't configure your account > Update to Cyan > Reset > Configure your account and use your backup.

This should work :D

In my opinion MS is trolling us with this bitlocker thing, to reduce the number of users on the DP who keeps complaining about bugs and all, and get US to Dwngrd!

Daniel. I have a question. I have a 1520,installed the developers preview, and downgraded it so that i can install the cyan. After a successful installation. I downloaded the developer preview again. And updated to it. Is this Ok?

No its not okay! Are you daft? Do you want your phone to explode in your pocket? Do you want Cortana to tell your fb friends about your dirty search history?

What are the possible explanations for the update not showing in the phone update screen? I'm in India using a lumia 620

I'm on developer preview and NSRT is telling that Cyan update is available.Does it mean that I can directly install cyan without downgrading to 8.0?

Usually after updates the battery is draining a lot in my experience. But it settles in after a day or so.

The battery life on my 520 after Cyan and 8.1 is excellent. I know this doesn't help you, and I know a lot of people make these claims, but I'm being honest.

All CV Lumias from Brazil are getting Cyan. This includes Lumia 820. Not sure about other countries but there are many firmwares for every model appearing at Nokia servers.

jitendra sir Lumia 820 Ki update bhool jaiye. Me bhi use kar rha Tha but mene plateform he change kar Dia i am using android and it's quite better in comparison to Lumia. Mircosoft focus only over those phone which have good


market position.

Android me Terre KO kaunsa update milte h, galaxy s3,s2, htc one x, KO kitkat nahi Mila,android L to door Ki baat h...... Agar advice Dena h to sahi vala do,ullu mat banao....

My CV 920 in Sweden can't find the update for 2 days now. So now i have just went back to DP 8.1 and am waiting for the all clear on the Bitlocker issue.

Already running the DP 8.1 Update 1 on my 620 here in Sri lanka. This is definitely good news for the 620 users here! 

Did the same and was told by winphonesupport to downgrade to upgrade. I had asked what the deal with bitlocker was when I don't use it. Went on a triple tweet rant and said they should push it out and let the dummies with bitlocker brick their phones and that they should know better since this has been a couple months now.

agreed. WP8.1 came out in April and at&t branded phones are still not updated. First they give us a crap battery and now they make us wait for ever? If only they made something like a Lumia 930 with SD capabilities I'd eventually switch over to that, but a phone with no SD support is more useless than a phone with a crap battery, which is why 820 users exist at all.

Really? Hmmm weird.

I keep my Lumia 820 using 4G connection all day long here in Brazil.

If it wasn't for gaming and music, it will not drain fast.

WP8 1 was announced in April and only officially released recently. It'll come to your device soon. Asking about it in every single update post won't make it happen any faster.

If you want so bad to use Windows Phone 8.1 version, use the Developer Preview version.

Cyan isn't bringing nothing thaaaaaat great like Black did.

So, you just can do it like I'll do: Use Developer Preview and wait until Microsoft release a fix for the bitlocker problem. I think that I'm losing nothing not updating to Cyan right now.

Where the hell is update for Nokia Lumia 820 users in India & many other countries.

Whereas many in India have received Cyan update on the high end Lumia 1520, 1020, 925, 920 and lower end devices too have received it in India like 720, 620, 520, etc..

Yeah, I'm trying from yesterday, but still not showing any update... Plz Denial guide us what to do??? India country variety, 620 black, no DP :(

Even us amongst the hardcore defenders of Windows Phone and MS must admit that it is pretty weak that MS still hasn't released a fix to make Cyan available for us WP 8.1 DP. Remember, the devil is in the details, this issue may be considered irrelevant, but think for one second if Apple ever has had 10% or more of its userbase locked between and outdated Firmware or a quite risky downgrade procedure because of a unresolved software bug detected almost two months ago and counting.

Of course I'm guessing my comment will get the usual replies: "Buy an iPhone then", "It's just a phone update, it's not a life or death issue". In part because of that mentality is that WP still is far away from even 7% worldwide market.

Hey dnt feel so its ota process naaaa u can wait until evening we hope it will shw u a update notification dnt wry ..... Microsoft z alwayzzzz cool....

You forgot the 928 and the Icon(929) and pretty much every other phone on Verizon because Verizon sucks and they clearly don't want to keep me as a customer.

Thanks Everyone for the tip?

C'mon, that all data is provided by me which you gave.

It need hard work to check all continental & countries.

Are you serious? Look at our tracker. Did you do all of that too? Sam and I do this everyday on Skype: we go through the list, we update ours, we post an article.

"All that data" comes from Nokia, not you.

I'm sorry you think we did not give you credit, but I assure you, we had plenty of tips, mostly India, about the 620 update.

And nokia site is showing update is available for india even the nokia site is showing that update is available,

Right. Except for these:

Belgium CV; Czech Republic Vodafone; Germany T-Mobile, Vodafone; Greece Vodafone; Hungary Vodafone; Ireland Vodafone; Italy CV, TIM, Vodafone; Netherlands Vodafone; Poland Orange; Portugal Vodfaone; Slovakia Orange; Switzerland Orange; UK o2

Is anybody else experiencing extremely fast battery drain issue?? It's been 4-5 days i flashed my phone with cyan update released in Italy, i am from India. Is it because of the difference in CV firmware.?? Reply please. Urgently in need of help.

Yeah Verizon sucks. I saw something the other day where they were the slowest carrier to update android phones. So thanks for sucking Verizon!

I am big fan of Windows phone and always will be... But this whole update thing has disappointed me... I am waiting for the update for my L525..but still no signs of it... Hope Microsoft understands the frustration and releases future updates properly...

I think 820 is only phone in India which has no update... So sad to see that once upon time high end phone is last one to get update. MS has forgotten this model...

I an done selling my 1520.1 Netherlands still no cyan and other ppl with 1520 alredy have it

Sorry but a big fail and stupid they dont release it world Wide

Never more than now have I wished I had a foreign (non-USA) phone. I have an AT&T 920 and both my cousin and aunt have AIO 620s. Microsoft, AT&T, why hath thee forsaken ye?

Meanwhile, at Redmond, the meme to fix the developer preview sits forgotten upon a table in an empty cabinet, while Joe Belfiore does backflips from a boat, miles away.

n my opinion MS is trolling us with this bitlocker thing, to reduce the number of users on the DP who keeps complaining about bugs and all, and get US to Dwngrd!

is there actually a chance that we might not get the bitlocker fix for developer preview users atleast for the next 2-3 months??

I had preview for dev and now after downgrade I have cyan update. I have 8.1 but don't have live folder which I had in preview. But performance is better than preview.

Hi Daniel,

I've got a doubt.  Will it void my warranty if i use Nokia Software Recovery Tool to update my Lumia 620 to Windows Phone 8.1.  I'm currently running Windows Phone 8 Black update.


n my opinion MS is trolling us with this bitlocker thing, to reduce the number of users on the DP who keeps complaining about bugs and all, and get US to Dwngrd!

My 620 running DP showed a notification for an update today.
After installing, I checked I was still on Lumia Black !!
How about that? Anyone!!

dear denial I think Microsoft is making us fool. It gives all mobile update except Lumia 820cv in India. I am thinking to Chang my mobile from windows to android.

Hie Daniel,

                 Is it sure cyan update for L20 is into air ..???? In india not yet available