Mortal Kombat X announced for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC for 2015

Developer NetherRealm and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive announced today that Mortal Kombat X, the latest game in the long running bloody fighting game series, will be coming out for Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles, along with the PC and Sony's PS3 and PS4, sometime in 2015.

Today's announcement was accompanied by an appropriately violent trailer, which features Mortal Kombat's two most famous characters, Scorpion and Sub-Zero, battling it out with typically graphic results. The trailer appears to be using Mortal Kombat X's all new graphics engine and it looks extremely impressive.

Warner Bros. Interactive says that long time fans of the fighting game franchise can expect to see new characters and new game modes with this new addition to the series. In addition, Mortal Kombat X will include a way for players to choose from multiple versions of the same character that is supposed to affect both their strategy and fighting styles. Exactly how this new gameplay system will work has yet to be revealed.

Even though Mortal Kombat X isn't due for release until 2015, the game will be shown during next week's E3 2014 trade show in Los Angeles. WPCentral will have a team ready to check out all there is to see at E3 that's related to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 so stay tuned for all our coverage.

In the meantime, what do you think about the new Mortal Kombat X announcement and the trailer? Are you excited about the prospect of executing new fatalities?

Source: Warner Bros Interactive


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Mortal Kombat X announced for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC for 2015


Nothing wrong with header image but....That video was great except for the awful crap they had playing in the background. Seriously, who the hell picks this music for this?  It doesnt go with it at all not to mention its horrible to begin with.

I think a spear going through someone's head is just a little disturbing. I never comment on articles I'm not interested in, but this is something I can't ignore because I see it whenever I'm scrolling through articles on the WPC app.

Ah I see.  I was looking at it on my pc but I see the image you're talking about on the WP app though.

Grow up and get over it. There's much worse going on in the world and you're getting your knickers in a mess because of some computer generated images of fake people.

I agree, the background music/song was just *terrible*.  MK has very iconic music, what was wrong with that?

Yeah it was lame. And I even like hip hop and Wiz Khalifa, it just didn't fit at all with the images (I was actually stopping the video to see if it was some music I accidentally had on in Spotify). I'm sure a new take on the classic theme will be in the game though.

I agree, I thought that was a perfect song for that trailer.

Man this game is violent as heck....I mean duh it's Mortal Kombat but sheeeeesh, I kinda wasn't ready for that ending...but i was....lol

Just because you don't like the music doesn't mean it's horrible. Your word isn't law.
I do agree that it wasn't the right music for the trailer at all though.

Yeah Id like to file a wrongful death suit because my client SubZero was wrongfully and shamefully defeated by none other than Scorpion.... AGAIN

That's how Johnny America rolls!

Glad to see him hard at work for mobile nations after his heartfelt good-bye piece over at neowin.net

If I see this damn thing advertised as being available in the Google Play store or Apple app store and not in the Windows Phone store, I'm gonna shit myself.

will be coming out for Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles, along with the PC and Sony's PS3 and PS4


They had a typo and had PS3 twice. But this isnt for any smart phone, its for PC and Consoles. Read the article

I'm glad developers keep making new games for Xbox 360. I have no reason to get an Xbox One anytime soon.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Xbox still has close to 50 million Xbox live users, of course they gonna make new games for 360, for now that's where the money are.

It is both good and bad. They reach more users to play it, however, the experience on the newer systems including PC will just feel "polished" compared to the old Gen ones. But if it is made only for newer systems, it will be amazing, like The Division. :)

It's Khalifa, and the song is actually written for the trailer. I'm the biggest MK fan boy going, and have watched the trailer over ten times today. I can't wait for characters, stages, fatalities and more!

Hmm.. maybe the Xbox One/PS4 should have come out in 2015. I'm feeling jipped for buying a launch console. No games!

Lesson learnt for next time! Never buy consoles when they first come out... Seriously. I got my PS3 as a gift 2-3 years after it released and that's when SOME good games started releasing, but the year after that was incredible. It takes time to get the games rolling and to get the exclusivity and use of the awesome powerful engine! But for now just make due with it I guess :P

I have bought 7 amazing games on Xbox One since launch and purchased content for a F2P game since the launch of Xbox One. For the amount of money and time available for me, that's a pretty good amount. Plenty of amazing games out there.

I dont think the argument really holds that "you shouldnt buy a launch console", by the time you get yours, I've already been enjoying it for years.

Those are the cyborgs, no blood shed anymore.. Its all cords and electronic circuits.. no blood no sinew.. Its all encrypted in a digital medium. That's how the future looks like; scary, dark and damp!

Video looks awesome but why is subzero always the loser in videos or made up fights like these? Why cant subzero be the winner for once? These fights are rigged

Ed Boon (the creator of the series) is the voice of Scorpion in the older games.  Also, the logo of Netherrealm Studios (the company that makes these) has Scorpion on it.  There's some serious Scorpion fanboys in that company.

And here in WPCentral too. Scorpion fan forever. My friend is SubZero fan, so most of our fights are very fun and reactive :) Get over here

Barely anything AMAZING is being released this year for Sony and Microsoft. At least Nintendo released and is going to release their big games soon.
If we see the Halo Matter Chief Collection for this year, I'll be happy.

Nah bruh..Wii U is where it's at. Smash bros this year. Nuff said for me. MK was good until 3. After that they is all trash. They looked more realistic to me back in the Super Nintendo days. Now, it looks all cartoony. Fatalities are not the same anymore. Gameplay seems ok though.

Did you miss MK9? That was a return to the roots of the franchise with a good story and pretty amazing game play.

Allow me to rephrase. What I meant was barely anything amazing is coming out this year, so that excludes games that already came out. Some of the games that came out earlier, what you listed, like Titanfall, I don't count as an AMAZING game, IMO. But yeah, infamous, watchdogs, the show, and Destiny are/seem great. But that's it this year for major games, besides the yearly COD and sports games. Next year is the year. Rumors say this year is just the "warmup year", because e3 2015 will be the huge one.

As much as I want games now, like the Division, we have to wait as long as we need to for them to be finialized and completed.

Thank God for Ed Boon and his Mortal Kombat series! This one is going to be epic and I'll pre-order it for sure. 
Hope that Sub-Zero won't be as slow as in MK 9 :) 

Windows ?Phone? Central?
PLEASE let us filter out what news we receive on the mobile app. I paid for phone news, not Xbox news. Let us filter out those 'deals of the day' too. Damn, they're annoying!

No....you play games. I use my phone for other things - and I don't have an Xbox or any other gaming device.
I'm not saying they shouldn't publish such things - just that we need to be able to filter out the news that is relevant to us.
I think I got 5 toast notifications today for utterly irrelevant (to me and my phone) news...
I don't think my request is unreasonable. As it stands, I'll just end up turning off toasts and then forget about checking WPCentral completely!

Optimize for masses or a few? Start a poll in forums. If there are many people who feel same way as you, it may get done.

Nothing better than Street Fighter. Ultra Street Fighter 4 is only a few hours away. Hit me up on XBL. wetworker

Why would you not mention that it's going to PS in the title as well... I was thinking it's an Xbox and Windows exclusive, but nope

Because of the obvious reason that this is not Sony Central? So if the game devs are releasing for every console in the planet, WP central news will name the relavent devices in the title.

- Précis Writing 101.

KI looks great, it could have been better looking but it looks great and plays very tight. This looks uninspired and unresponsive. I enjoyed MK 9 but this doesn't excite me at all.

Come on dude, it's very likely to play just like MK9. And you certainly can't get a proper idea for how it will play from a trailer that precedes the game by a year.

I really stepped away from first person fighters like this. The last one I really got into was Dead or Alive. BUT this looks really good. The only question is will the game play look like this? If so, "Shut up and take my moneyis." Im going to to watch it again.

Sub Zero and Scorpion have been the main two guys everyone fights with since day one, nice video music was ok I was looking more at screenplay than trying to get ringtone.

Saw the vid earlier today and it was trash. Animation trash, music extra trash and the art style even more trash lol. Seriously though this was just unimpressive and seemed rushed.

I dont know about others but this was one of the first games many of us played on a console. The second was Tekken. Brings back memories.

Great trailer, got me really hyped. Just wish the graphics will be on pair with the CGI trailer. They should be on Xbox One and PS4.