myTube for Windows Phone

myTube is a beautiful and innovative YouTube application for Windows Phone 8

Look down at your Windows Phone, odds are if you want to watch some YouTube videos you have crowd favorite Metrotube installed. It’s been by far one of the best YouTube experiences on any mobile platform even though it’s a third party app. Newcomer myTube looks to challenge them and seems well equipped. It’s just as beautiful and fluid, but has some killer features that I haven’t seen on any YouTube app on any platform. Let’s see if it can dethrone the king.

Load up myTube for the first time and you’ll see the first three videos in the popular section. Swipe to the left and you have all the catergories in YouTube, another swipe left will show all recent uploads for anyone you’re subscribed to (you need to be signed in), and one more swipe will take you to the welcome/user screen. Sign in and the welcome section displays your name prominently and puts you a tap away from your channel, uploads, favorites, playlists, and more.

myTube SC

As far as features go you’ll find it having everything you could want in a YouTube client. But there is something that makes myTube insanely awesome – the ability to keep you video playing in the background as you navigate throughout the app. I can’t count the number of times I’ll start playing a video on other YouTube apps and accidently backed out while wanting to navigate around. The genius of myTube is that you’re able to continue searching for videos, read comments, and more with the video playing in in the background. Check out the video in the post to get an idea of how it works. Or try it yourself.

This is by far one of the smoothest YouTube experiences I’ve had on any mobile device and really highlights the ingenuity of the developer community surrounding Windows Phone. A beautiful and functional app all with super smooth performance? That’s the sign of a really great Windows Phone app and myTube has it. The craziest part is this is just the first version of myTube, it can only get better with time. The foundation laid down by the developer here makes it my new favorite YouTube app.

If you want to try out myTube you can, it’s only $0.99 but includes a trial so you can see if you want to part with the dollar (do it). The trial version appears to be fully functional, but it will limit you to watching one hour of video in a three hour period. After that you’ll need to wait 10 minutes before you can watch again. If you like the app, give the developer your support and purchase it. 

Additionally, since this is version 1 you might find a bug or a feature you want in a future version. The developer seems to take feedback seriously and provides different avenues to contact him in the ‘about’ section of the app (or try him on Twitter). You’ll also find a link to join the beta of myTube so you can stay ahead of the curve and help shape the development of an awesome application for Windows Phone. This is also the same guy behind Photo Shader, a cool app we highlighted back in February. Speaking of the beta, you should join it to play videos that are 'mobile restricted' by YouTube. Otherwise there is an update that will be here in a few days addressing the issue for non-beta users. 

It's great to have two killer YouTube apps on Windows Phone. At this point there is no way an "official" app could beat either Metrotube or myTube. What do you guys think of the newcomer? Sound off below.

At the moment myTube is only available for Windows Phone 8. You can download it here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

QR: myTube


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myTube is a beautiful and innovative YouTube application for Windows Phone 8


Hey Mic,
I'm the developer of the app, and I actually do have a "working" WP7 version of the app, and I really did want to release it for WP 7.8. However, the framerate when playing videos is pretty terrible :(


Tell ya what, I'll upload the WP7 version to the beta.
Anybody who really wants wants to see it come for 7.8 email me at, and I'll add you to the beta.
And maybe, we can get an official one out on the store :)
The ability to play videos in the background might have to be axed though :(
EDIT: Please email me from the Microsoft account you use on your phone!
EDIT # 2: If you don't have a YouTube channel account, you won't be able to sign into myTube with your Google account. The app will crash. This has been fixed in the beta, and should be applied to the official version soon.

What phone did you test it on? But yes cut the background playing if need be. I'd rather have performance, and another YouTube app alternative

I tested it on a Samsung Focus. It would probably run better on 2nd gen phones, but I don't have one to test on. That's where beta testers would come in :)

I think if forcing videos to not pay in the background is a fair exchange/trade-off for 7.8 users as long as when they upgrade to WP8 they do not have to repurchase. I would take it if I still had my Trophy.

Cheers Ryken! buying it right now and subbing to beta, even though I use YouTube maybe once or twice a week, just because I appreciate your work ethic and enthusiasm for the platform!

I tested it on a Samsung Focus. It would probably run better on 2nd gen phones, but I don't have one to test on. That's where beta testers would come in :)
EDIT: Sorry wrong reply, I could have sworn I replied to this properly :/
Thanks a lot though Matt!

The review didn't show, and I don't have my Lumia with me right now... But the video in the background idea is very awesome, does it support that in landscape-mode too? :)
Your app looks absolutely flawless by the way!

Thank you, and your contact with the community will make sure that I look out for your apps in the future. :) Interested in translations?

Hi ryken, you app crashes if I don't use WiFi. Could you fix this issue right away? I'm using versions lte.

Hey Jcagga,
I actually don't have a Verizon phone to test on, if you want to join the beta (from the About page in the app) that would help me a lot! :)

Sorry Jcagga... same as me, oot into beta, I am working well with both versions via lte. Is your radio set to global or LTE/CDMA only? GSM bands do us no good in the states.

The finger seek in the video player is awesome. Never seen it done like that before. Microsoft please take note!!

Does supertube allow you to watch videos that require you to verify your age before watching? Metrotube seems to have issues with that. Even when logged in

I prefer supertube as well, and I have never had it ask for age verification when logged in, metrotube is a great app, just like supertube better

SuperTube for me to. Never had a video I couldn't play or download instantly. I verified my age on my desktop years ago. Once logged in SuperTube has never asked me my age.
Still I like the way this app works and it's only .99 so I'm gonna buy it.

That's the best thing I've heard so far about the trial! Fully functional but gives you one hr/ 3hrs that's so good considering I only use it from time to tim

This app reminds me of prime tube. Plus I think its free. It's also available on windows 8 and lets you browse other videos while current one minimizes. I think this is a rip off. Try PRIME TUBE people. EDIT: YUP, prime tube is free.

And that is your opinion. I will gladly support this dev for his hard work and awesome app for a measly dollar, next time I go to Starbucks I will ask for a tall instead of Grande, voila! paid for by saving calories! Done and done! Options and competition make things better, so voice the apps you like, but I hardly see how 1.00 is a rip off when VZW charges 2.99/month for an inferior VVM service that I get for free with google voice and a one-time MetroTalk purchase of 1.49. Sometimes the time spent is worth the tiny price.

what's missing from PrimeTube? I have it on phone, tablet and desktop and I'm happy. I remember being unsatisfied with Metrotubw, hence why it's no longer installed

Whatever. This is far from a rip off in any form. It is original and intuitive. They guy has talent and put hard work into this thing and it runs excellent right out of the gate. Give the guy a break.

Wow. I very rarely browse YouTube, and if I do, the website is good enough for me. That being said, the video of this app has sold me on it. Purchasing right now!

What I like about this app is that it shows all the playlists from a channel, something metrotube or supertube often fail to do. None of them however give you a way to see show pages as well as author pages though, unless I am missing something.

Great way to bring that up now. You guys calm down. This app is new and cool. If you like MetroTube which I happen to love cool. Can we just appreciate a nicely done app please?

I am pretty calm actually, I don`t care if there is another good looking app. The more the merrier and I appreciate it very much. So please don`t assume what others are thinking. 

You sir, are a Genius. I really like to show off my Lumia with you app working. Keep the good work. We need more apps from you.

Just purchased. (didn't bother with the trial after the rave review) I signed in and authorized the app and once I did it crashed. It will not open now. I restarted my phone and it still crashes just as soon as I open it. :-/ no time to mess with it further now. Lumia 920 on Wi-Fi

That's not good :(
When you have time, would you like to reinstall the app, then join the beta from the about page? That would help a lot :)

Reinstalled. I didn't sign in this time and just did a search for a video. The first I tried wouldn't play because, "it wasn't available on mobile or in my country" but it plays on metrotube fine. I will join the beta. Later though.

Alrighty, the inability to play some videos has been fixed in the update I submitted to the store (and in the beta).
Thanks for joining the beta, you have no idea how much this will help :)

Did you fix not being able to edit your comments before submitting. The cursor just jumps off the screen.

Hello, Ryken. Great app, mate !! Only thing I didn't liked about it, is that my YouTube username is a little long (15 characters), and it merges with the next word"subscriptions". I know it's a visual issue, but it bothers me.  Hope you fix that later (:

Ryken, I'm having the same issue. Still happens on uninstall/reinstall, too. I'll do it again and sign up for the beta.

Sam problem here. I don't want to give the developer a negative review... can this be fixed soon pls? I genuinely want to be supportive of the WP developer community

Hey Abe,
Sorry about that :(
Would you like to reinstall the app and then join the beta from the About page? It would help a lot :)

I'm not really on youtube much, but one thing I had noticed before is that MetroTube wouldn't allow me to watch "explicit" videos. That doesn't appear to have changed, but I was just able to watch a Die Antwoord video that I believe would not have been available without logging in first (or whatever proves I am old enough) on that is a big benefit if you like music with explicit lyrics. Anyway, the thing I have noticed is this, when I search for a "VEVO" video under MetroTube it won't even show up. When I do the same under myTube, it shows up, but gives me an error that it cannot be played on a mobile device or in my country. I also have the VEVO app so no big deal, but does anyone have any additional insight into this "functionality"?

Some publisher on YouTube set their videos to not play on mobile devices. But there are ways to get around that I think, which is why right now in myTube you won't be able to play 'mobile restricted' videos until the update comes out in a few days. You can join the myTube beta right now and get access though. 

Someone with more knowledge on 'mobile restricted' YouTube vidoes want to chime in? :)

Thanks, Sam. I'll continue to check it out in the future. Again, it's not a big deal, and I like both MetroTube and myTube. Given my usage (low), I can live without those (the restricted videos) for now.

This does something I have wanted every app and the WP's to do natively. The only other app I have seen it in is the NBC news app. To be able to watch videos in the vertical/portrait position. When I'm watching a lot of quick videos while browsing in and out of them, I don't always want to flip the phone back and forth a million times. Love this.

HOOLY SHIT this is awesome :D
Never thought something could top MetroTube but this app just kicks ass! Just that little rotate animation and Im like O.O rotate rotate rotate rotate

agreed on the rotation animation. most of the app's transitions are so smooth. it actually makes me want to watch youtube videos all day (I normally don't)

I didn't really care for MetroTube.  I've been a happy user of SuperTube for some time now.  Particularly, I like being able to download videos in SuperTube.

You can download videos in MetroTube now as well but it's not implemented as good as in SuperTube.

Trying it out but it take's time to load and play the video i just move from the lumia 710 to the 810 on t-m' metrotube work great on the 710. On the 810 it's seem slower to start the video on wifi and the 4G what give if anyone know's let me know .

I don't have the screen to sign in to my YouTube account. I am using the trial version. Do I have to buy it to sign in?

I bought and then, yes, you can sign in. Worth every penny. I know we have MetroTube but this is completely different. Buy it. We have to reward devs like this that put their time in and make something this beautiful. Sits right next to Metrotube now, on my main screen.

Hey there,
Keep scrolling either left or right on the first page of the app, and you'll find the options to sign in :)

The app looks nice. However, the videos don't keep playing in the background like stated in the review (which Metrotube does perfectly). Nevertheless, this app could be one of the best with a few updates -- I think the play button gets in the way, and stands out too much. Also, it should be placed lower down.

I wish the developer the best of luck, but Metrotube is miles ahead in terms of UI...

I agree about the play button being lower down, since you have to reach far up with your thumb while using one hand.

I don't like the GUI. MetroTube has spoiled me there. I'm not saying it is not nice, it's very good actually but I'm a sucker for dark backgrounds with innovative touches here and there and MetroTube has classy all over it. There are more stuff that I don't like but again, this is only because I've been heavily attached to MetroTube, Tweetro and LazyWorm Apps in general.
Will I be buying this app? 99% yes, the developer put in a hard work to make such a great app of high quality and he surely deserves all the support in the world for that. Let's bring more awesome apps to our ecosystem! Good job, myTube!

Daniel - great review as always.
Which Al Jazeera app are you running?
I like how you have your AJ Live Tile set to Americas.

btw, in this new app, the app's main tile won't go all the way upto a wide tile. However, you can pin various sections and their tiles will go all the way upto a wide tile. Looks like Daniel pinned the "Americas" section.
I'd actually tipped WPCentral about it and Daniel followed up with me and I told him the same thing.

Thx much for the heads up aaa6112. Based on your tip, I now have the AJ Frontpage and AJ Americas double-wide Live Tiles pinned to my Start screen, and they look sweet.

The seeking implemenation is ingenious! The rotation animation is hot! The live tile options is much appreciated! This app's transitions feel more polished than metrotube.
Competition is good! Your turn, Lazyworm Apps!

I love it!!!y only thing is I wish the video options were not in the middle of the screen. Maybe in the future you could add a background to the app? Nothing wrong with it now. I just am just a little tired of all the black backgrounds in apps!

Just downloaded the trial. It's so...damn...smooth. Will definitely buy. Would be nice if the app had a screen rotation lock option(for both portrait and landscape). Plus, live stream viewing support (if possible).

So far I love this app, the only complain that I have is that I wish the bottom portion with the search button was black instead of gray kind of sticks out to much. If it was black it would blend in more. :)

I was able to watch one video, but now the app crashes each time I try to watch another one. Trial version.

Just got it, All three videos I tried to play said can't play on mobile or not available in your country. Sorry metrotube will be my main YouTube app. Lumia 920, USA.

Was my problem too, just ask for the beta version on About, the developr answer my e-mail in like 5 minutes and now it works flawless.

This is awesome. I love how the accelerometer switches the orientation so quickly, makes it feel much smoother! Well done!

Ryken, just emailed u with my email to beta test for 7.8. Im interested. Using dell venue pro.

Sorry, but we have three killer YouTube apps on Windows Phone; SuperTube, MetroTube and now MyTube.

Supertube never gets enough credit.

I'm not getting playing videos in the background. Is that to listen to music that is on youtube? If that's the case then it makes sense, but if not I don't understand why you'd listen to but not watch a video 99% of the time. Anywho, I'm going to try this even though MetroTube is damn near perfect. A little competition is always a good thing.

No, it means playing a video in the background while reading comments, for example. Try swiping left or right when watching a video!

Testing it right now! I'm a Tile fanatic and this one seems better at showing content than MetroTube only thing that some time seems off is the white text on bright background thumbnails.

Hope someone can answer me this. Is myTube using some kind of 'Photo-like live tile'? It's updating the same way as my double wide photo tile and showing me more than just the last video on my subscription box.
For comperison, MetroTube can only show one video while flipping between MetroTube logo and Video.

Wow... Joined the beta for WP7, the app is amazing and smooth on my Lumia 900. Its faster than Metrotube on my phone, which lags at the time. Pretty impressive, given it stays smooth even with background video.

Oh yeah im on lumia 820Love this app, ive had metro since it started and its started slowing down crashing again, this is the third or fourth time ive had to reinstall metro?? But this app ive bought and will b my main you tube app don't get me wrong i love metro but the crashes and sheer slowness is just getting boring!

Awesome work. The app looks cool. Video running in background is great and its multitasking within app. Great work. Can we update the tile with live video or snaps of video currently playing when i return to start screen. It would look great since the app will be running in background. Is this possible?

Bought this a few mins ago...lovin it...a really good app.
But the videos aren't showing up under the main subscription window..

Just bought it. Brilliant piece of work, considering that this is version 1.0. Compared to Metrotube, I only have two complaints: A noticeable lag when starting videos and an apparently higher battery drain, as my Lumia 920 gets quit a bit warmer when using myTube. Hopefully these issues will get addressed in future updates.

Just downloaded trial on my L920 and while it looks very good indeed it seems to kick me out of the app after I've entered my Google login details.  Have deleted and re-installed trial and happens again.  Anyone else getting same issue?

The UI on this one is nothing short of amazing. Its really fluid on the L920 too. Works well, glides really smoothly and looks great doing it. Well done dev. You've earned my .99 cents for sure. Now if MS could just buy one of these other video services, devs could build on that platfrom and I could reduce my google footprint to less than 15%. Would be great.

Nobody mentioned HD video. Metrotube supports 720p, which is so much better than 480p in full screen. I compared same video in full screen, myTube looks blurry while Metrotube is clear and sharp.

Hi there, myTube does indeed have 720p support, just click the HD button on the right side of the video controls :)

Nice, didn't notice that.
I'm going to buy myTube. But there are a few things Metrotube still does better:
1. Metrotube can filter search results by time (all, this month, this week, today), by relevance, and by category, which is very useful.
2. In search results page, Metrotube shows the "like/not like" percent for each video as a line: green for like, red for not like. It's very useful to for users to pick good video from search results.
3. To show video/comment in portrait mode, I wish myTube can have an option to show the video at the top of screen, and show comments in the remaining space. Thus I can still see clear video while browsing comment. Keep the current overlay mode thought, it's nice too.

I will be adding search filters, and a like/dislike display to the video thumbnails :D
I'll be keeping the current overlay mode as well :)
Don't worry, I'm gonna make this app awesome!

LOVE this APP, I think every app on WP8 should look as fabulous as this. This is right up there with TVShow in terms of aesthetics. Simply beautiful and easy to use, love the video seeking feature, simply drag left and right and its smooth like butter.

I think metrotube is great. BUT Mytube in 1 week will support and VEVO videos (metrotube nothing yet :) ). So +1 for Mytube. Great app from amazing Developer Christophe​r. Support and buy this app guys. It's very good and all problems now is ok.

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I soledom write comments for an app, but this app is exceptionally good in a sense that it also support portrait orientation playback, which is really considerate for those who like to hold their phone naturally on the move and using the Nokia nfc wireless charger.
Well done!

After the upgrade the app stopped playing videos.  When I click on the video a message pops up saying that it cannot play the video and click OK if you want to send an email to the developer.

The fact that the developer is communicating a lot with the users made me feel comfortable enough to just go ahead and buy the software without even trying it out first.  Looking forward to a great youtube experience!

I have the trial version so far, and I really like it. My only concern is that only about 1/5 of my playlists show up. Is that fixed with the full version? If I can find that out, I'd be interested in buying the full app and living happily ever after.

This is my most-used app since getting my 520. Much nicer than PVStar+ on Android. In fact, I'm heading out now to listen to some vids while I walk the dog that I downloaded. I guess I should pay for it.