New Lumia 800 Windows Phone firmware addresses more issues

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The brains over at the XDA Developers community forum have been playing around with a leaked Vodafone branded Lumia 800 ROM, which MobileTechWorld has been testing against bug reports and what previous software updates addressed. 1600.2487.8107.12070 is set to be the next step from the previous major firmware release (1600.2483.8106.11500) for the Lumia 800 that addressed battery and WiFi connectivity issues.

The following is a compilation of all known fixes / improvements in 12070:

  • Battery drain issue has been fixed
  • Lack of audio Bass when listening through headsets has been addressed 
  • Auto-white balance issue with the camera has been fixed
  • Hardware buttons backlights are now always illuminated at all available screen brightness levels
  • Diagnostics app has been updated to prevent users from receiving misleading technical readouts about their device

MobileTechWorld has noted that we should expect to see this update to be rolled out soon. We've reached out to Nokia for more details. Should you be an owner of the Lumia 800, fear not as it would appear the manufacturer is working hard to fix all user-reported problems.

Source: XDA Developers forum, MobileTechWorld


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New Lumia 800 Windows Phone firmware addresses more issues


Me neither, even though it is a OPN device...
It really seems as if you're better of with a branded device in WP7 world...

My unbranded Lumia, imported from Germany, got the update fairly soon after the rollout started.

But it seems the upcoming updates fixes pretty much all the issues I had with the phone itself. Just loving the phone more and more.

I have an unbranded phone and I never got that update either. I thought unbranded users were suppose to have no hassles when it came to updates?

Oh finally!! Spent AUD $500 to buy the handset of my dreams only to be plagued by all these problems. I was almost regretting putting up my Omnia 7 up for sale. Finally Nokia comes good on its promise. Phew!

This is why I always buy last year's models. All the bugs have been squashed and usually I get them for a penny!

I worry with the rate that they are updating their firmware once the 900 hits here in the US we will still be at the mercy of AT&T to get the firmware updates or can they bypass ATT for firmware only?

It was so easy to de-brand the lumia 800. I just downloaded the firmware from Nokia and used their tools to do it. The downside is that it wiped my phone's data (but that's mostly in the cloud), but since the phone was no longer associated with a carrier, I'll probably get the update sooner
Unlike other manufacturers, Nokia makes all the variants of their firmwares available (I guess with older phones they had to, not sure why they still do that with windows phone since it has an update mechanism)

Sorry to be annoying but could you explain where to find this official firmware flashing utility. I have looked in all the usual places and can't seem to find anything.

Thanks, works great. ♥

Edit 04-Mar-12
I have re-flashed to 12070 and battery discharge is idling around 80 whereas before it was around 200+

Have you tried connecting to Zune on a PC? Didn't get offered the update via mobile network, but Zune did the biz via usb. My 800 is branded. Can't wait for this update btw

PS Zune did a good job importing my iTunes library. This is a common WP myth - can't buy one as it won't work with iTunes.

That was one of the benefits that the Zune desktop always had: it was iTunes compatible. Sadly, it was another aspect that Microsoft failed to advertise enough on.

And you'r so sure about your guess you had to post it three times rite?
Just joking take no offence :)

So they have fixed the Battery issue for a third time... We lets hope its a third time a charm as I watch my Lumia switching to battery Saver mode at 4 pm in the afternoon again and without me even using it much.