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New Office 365 ads help you choose between Personal and Home subscriptions

Microsoft has released two new advertisements for its Office 365 service. The new videos help explain features of both the personal and home subscriptions, one being for the individual and the latter for the family. If you've been confused by Microsoft's subscription packages for its cloud Office suite, be sure to take a good look at what's offered in the ads to determine which option best suits your requirements.

Office 365 is a neat way to get Microsoft's superb suite of productivity tools on multiple devices with cloud storage to boot. The personal plan ($6.99) enables the Office package to be installed on 1 PC/Mac, 1 tablet and supported smartphones. The home plan ($9.99) supports up to five users and can be deployed on up to 5 PC/Macs, 5 tablets and connected smartphones. The ads themselves are informative, catchy and get straight to the point.

Side note: subscribers also get membership bonuses like 20GB extra OneDrive storage. What are your thoughts on available Office 365 plans?

via: WinBeta


Reader comments

New Office 365 ads help you choose between Personal and Home subscriptions


Haa....i watched that videos twice but still trying to find different apart from"Home" or "personal".
Can you please tell me in simple words.

Well maybe you should have read the article, the home version lets you use it on more than one computer.

Terchoo's point is that the video ads don't really give a simple comparison between Home and Personal as the article implies.

I have Office 365 Home Premium. I'm wondering when they're going to get in gear and have it also working on Windows Phone ? I've got Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview on my Nokia Lumia 521. It has a Office Hub on it, but when you try to log into your Microsoft Account for Office 365, it repeatedly fail's. I've heard they're working on a touch-based version of Office. Hopefully it'll work with Windows Phone, too.  

Glad they're finally including their Office stepchildren, Access and Publisher, in the advertising (omitted from print ads). I have a Home subscription for those two programs, and OneNote, more so than the rest. Best $99 a year I ever spent.

Anyone know what songs are in these videos?

Also - I think the videos need some narration it was a bit hard to follow with how fast it went.

I have Office 365 Personal and wuvvvvv it :D