New quote gesture coming in Carbon update for Windows Phone [Video]

We detailed the Carbon v1.1 launch this past weekend and one thing is for sure, you folks really like this Twitter client. Here in the US, the app is now #2 under the Social category and it's rocking 4.5 stars which is pretty slamming for an initial release.

It was noted that in the coming days, v1.2 would be released bringing trial-support and numerous other enhancements. Now we're getting a taste of that as the developers have posted a new video showing off their new "quote gesture".

We always highlight "smart" things around here at WPCentral and this quote/reTweet gesture is quite brilliant. We have a feeling that Carbon will have a very successful future on this platform with these kinds of additions.


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New quote gesture coming in Carbon update for Windows Phone [Video]


Still waiting for the ability to pin a search and see the number of unread messages on the tile (only the last part is missing). I will buy the app the very same day they publish this feature (I'll buy the first twitter client to bring this feature actually).

You mean, unread Direct Messages on a Live Tile? If that's what you're asking we already do have that in Carbon, all you need to do is pin an account or the app icon to your home screen and enable "Live Tiles/Background Updates" from Accounts & Settings scren.

Its amazing, bought it straight far better than rowi , barely a bug on it so rich in features!!!, so now who will need that fucking rowi update...9 months to release a fucking mango version Rowi? Loosers

How pleasant.  By my count, it hasn't been 5 months yet, but whatever you think. :) It's purely a side project for us so we update as much as we can.
Cool feature, Carbon. :)

Don't bother with him, you guys  have done an excellent job with Rowi, and to be honest I have multiple twitter clients installed on my Titan and I use them almost everyday and Rowi is one them. Keep up the great work.

Really 5 months? So for what did Microsoft release Mango to developers in advance? Your app is full of bugs right now, scrolling is pathetic, the push notif are working when they want, Can't see trending topics.. I got force closings constantly...do i need to explain more? Because i can! your app was the more expensive twitter app by far, it was that difficult to at minimum give access to mango multitasking ?but instead you're probably releasing the update in time for Apollo. You are the example of why people don't want to pay for apps, because 80% of the times you pay you got this kind of service, If i don't do my job properly i get fired, is really pathetic to dismiss a costumer because 99% of the time you can learn something of why he's upset & a way to avoid that on the future.

Yeah, cut a little slack for developers if you'd be so kind, we do have lives to live behind our development activities :)

This is Moe from "Carbon" team. No one should ever call any devs who delivered apps for you and worked long hours on their apps "Losers". And for what it's worth, why is there so much this app vs. that app in WP7 community, it's beyond me...

I actually like that, gives it a touch of personality which is good on a platform where most apps look exactly the same. I think it has to do with the development studio's name or something.

My opinion could change upon using it, but I doubt this is the best implementation. I've never really liked these moves to "emulate reality" - it's not immediately obvious that tapping with two fingers on a screen will trigger what would be an air quote in reality. Furthermore, I doubt this is the most practical manner in which to quickly quote - I would think a relatively long swipe across the screen would be easier for single-handed usage, and less fiddly in general.

You could already do it in a standard way. 1. You could long press and wait for the menu and choose "Quote". 2. Tap on the tweet, and choose "Quote" from the Tweet screen. This is just a shortcut. We are trying things that are not usual and traditional, that's how new gesture and features come, some might work, some might not, we'll see how users respond to it once it's in :)

This feature is AWESOME! I was going to wait for the trial to be available but I think I'll go ahead and buy the app tonight. I can't believe the official Twitter client for WP doesn't do retweet with comment yet. Oh, well. Carbon, here I come!!