Nokia launches Gift Voucher promotion for select UK Lumia Windows Phones

Windows Phone 8.1

If you happened to be in the United Kingdom and own a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone that has been updated to Windows Phone 8.1, it may be worth a few minutes to see if you qualify for Nokia’s latest promotion.

Nokia has released a Gift Voucher app in the Nokia Collection that will generate a pin-code that can be redeemed in your Windows Phone Wallet app for £20. The promotion is for a limited time and is being offered for select Lumia models. While Nokia doesn’t list which models are eligible for the gift, our tipster confirms that the app works with the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520. Based on the Windows Phone Store reviews and our experiences the Lumia 920 and Lumia 925 are not eligible.

You can find the Gift Voucher app here in the UK Windows Phone Store. Let us know in the comments if you’ve had any luck claiming your gift voucher.

Thanks, Steve, for the tip!

QR: Nokia Gift Voucher


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Nokia launches Gift Voucher promotion for select UK Lumia Windows Phones


UK only. Always UK only! /s

I wonder if...

Update: Bloody marbles, it does work changing the regional setting to UK! You'll now have a second Microsoft Account card under wallet. I guess this means you'll only be able to spend this money only if you access the English Store. Now enjoy and have a cup of tea my dear.

Sorry to burst your bubble... But I'm sure its always US no always UK... US are the ones who are getting most of the competitions that become available... I mean, you've even got Cortana available on US version of the update, all of us have to either wait or change our region (what hasn't worked for me for some reason) so sorry, but what u said isn't true :/

I'm US. Can I just switch regions, and download the app? Also, would this be considered stealing? I personally am not sure, but I'm leaning towards "yes" and probably won't do so, because people taking advantage of such promotions discourages future ones...

No. Just new considering my own morals and values, and trying to see what other people have to say on the subject.
So I'm leaning against it, but free apps are always tempting... Hmm...

Well, people think its fine to do that with things like updates (with the Cortana situation outside of the US) so I guess its the same as that. :)

But Cortana is different. The only reason she's feature locked is because, due to the fact she hasn't yet received localization for any region than the US, she'd potentially be rather sub par.

If people purposefully change regions to use her, it's on them if she's not ideal.

But if they're willing to accept that, it doesn't really affect Microsoft in any negative way. But with this app promo, it likely costs Nokia out of pocket, so people who aren't supposed to be using it could cost them.

You need to log in with your MS account in the app, so I would assume it depends on the region of that account?


Just confirmed that changing regions works, three log in is merely to ensure you only redeem one voucher.

Yes, just tested it, and can confirm it works. However, I'm not sure if if the US store will allow you to use pounds. Guess I'll figure out when I next try purchasing an app.

I haven't read the terms and clicked through and it worked on my 1020. Was there something about it being time limited also?


This is brilliant Thanks Mr Ponder! Just claimed on my 1020 (wp8.0). Already had £17 worth of credit from another promotion, just updating my 625 and will see what happens with that! :-D

Lumia 1020 is eligible. Thanks Nokia for £20 voucher......

I also received £20 when I preordered Lumia 1020 (£599). But now price dropped to £350-399.

Superb just redeemed mine, made even sweeter by the ice cream cone i'm eating on the beach at the moment.

Free stuff is always great. UK 1520

This is the second £20 voucher I've had off Nokia. It's nice, I haven't paid my own money for an app since I got my 1020.

Be careful...they have expiry dates. I have one expiring on the 24th April (from a Nokia Xmas promo).
Hmm...£17 to spend, and nothing I want to buy!!

My Wallet app does not seem to be working. I dont know if it's since the update as hadn't checked it for a while before. When I download the gift voucher app I can open it and see the code but when I click copy and activate it tries to open and then goes back to where it was. I assume it's trying to open the Wallet app which is crashing. Anyone else finding this issue? I'm using 1520

Just open your wallet manually...click the plus icon and add the code (the code has been copied to your clipboard...so just paste and add)

I've managed to redeem now by going to the browser site commerce.microsoft.com and manually typing in the code. I've since discovered now that I am not able to copy text etc on top of not being able to open wallet app. Any ideas on how to fix this. Don't want to hard reset and have tried soft reset. Well happy with the 20 quid though!

Nice one! I have a 1020 and it was eligible, the only snag was I couldn't copy the code of the voucher screen. I had to type it in manually but that's a small price to pay for £20 :)  Thanks WPC I don't know if I would ever had known about this otherwise.

I now have £80 of promotional money (bought and sold two Lumia 1020's on Ebay - their IMEI codes hadn't been used for Nokia's Christmas promotion)...
However, I can't ever find anything to spend it on!!
I cant even use my MS account to pay for OneDrive...and I also cant use it to pay for Nokia MixRadio. Hmmm - if only someone would release a movie maker app so I could spend some of the allowance before it runs out!
Great idea from Nokia and MS...gets people used to the process of paying for apps (I never bought anything on Android)

Odd how they mention the icon but the 1320 is available in the UK so don't see why that is odd.

First time in my life a bought an app. thank to Gift Boucher...:)
and my first paid app is also WPCentral #ThankYouMicrosoft

Might be worth looking at but as part of the promo you can get a load of gameloft games free, I just searched for Gameloft in the appstore and downloaded a few like nova, modern combat and sharkdash for free...

Thanks for the heads up! Worked on a lumia 625, 1020 and 1520 - like Christmas came early!!!

What do we do with three app now? Can I delete it? Can I stop it running background tasks?

YAY!! I just got this for myself on my Lumia 1020 & on my dads Lumia 625. I saw the app on the store before this post but ignored it as I didn't think it applied to me.

Got the voucher for £20on lumia 625 and added itself to my wallet in the Microsoft Account. When i purchased WPC it opened the wallet but charged my mobile account not deducted from MS acc. So is the voucher only for MS apps and not 3rd party ones on the store?Don't know but will try and report back. Respect.

Have tried purchase again and now offers to change payment details on verification page to the MS acc. If you miss this you will be charged on your monthly bill,so be warned. Respect.

Just redeem mine because last time I bough L1520 no free gift flip case on december (Malaysia).

But start Jan~ Feb have promotion. So I claim this as my free gift. 

I keep getting the below error message when trying to redeem the code. I did change the region to UK on the phone. My MS account is US based, but I did add a UK address under commerce.microsoft.com

When i enter the code, it says there is $40 balance on the card instead of in pounds.

'The gift card code you entered does not match the country or region of your Microsoft account.'

I have L625, i do everything from then info and when i press redeem voucher it shows me "Sorry, but promotion is for selected Lumia models only, purchased during the promotion period determined in the Terms and Conditions". I tried it before a month ago and the result was the same. I have bought my Lumia on 19.02.14 and i think that is the problem, so is there any way to take my voucher when my phone is bought before the start of the promotion?