No rest in sight as Nokia launches Lumia 620 in Spain, Turkey and Canada

Nokia appears keen on getting the seemingly popular and new to the crowd Lumia 620 into people’s hands. The phone has previously launched in Russia, Thailand, India (available soon), Germany (pre-order) UAE (AED 899) and China.

Now we’ve learned of three more places launching the super colorful and affordable Windows Phone 8 device: Spain, Turkey and it’s even coming to Canada.

First up is Spain, where the entry level phone is now available via the Phone House for 289 €. Unfortunately, the device is only available in boring old black, which is a real shame for such a luminous Nokia release.

Next up is Turkey where the Lumia 620 will evidently be getting a full on launch event there on Monday, January 28th. The phone is launching on Turkcell and reportedly Chris Weber (Executive Vice President of Nokia), Emre Sayın (General Manager Assistant of Retail Marketing and Sales Group of Turkcell) will all be on hand at the the Kanyon Store of Turkcell in Istanbul for the occasion.

The affair starts at 10:30am and we expect pricing and availability to be announced at that time.

Finally, we have some good news for our friends up north. Rogers is reportedly getting the Lumia 620 (hopefully more than just black) in March. Mobile Syrup, via one of their tipsters, passed on the info that the large Canadian carrier will be stocking the device in the next 6 weeks as they are currently prepping it for release on their network. Price is expected to be “...under $300 outright”, which is keeping with the 620’s entry level status.

As we mentioned earlier today, the Lumia 620 is not scheduled for a US carrier pickup, which is a bit of a shame seeing as Expansys is evidently selling quite a few. Being that the case, Nokia seems to be doing a great job of getting this device into many regions in a short amount of time and that’s nothing but good news for the platform.

Via: Windows Phone Apps (Spain), MaxiCep (Turkey), MobileSyrup (Canada); Top image via FraWinThanks, Pedro, Rajkumar N., and Ali K., for the tip!


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No rest in sight as Nokia launches Lumia 620 in Spain, Turkey and Canada


Before they make a phone available to the public, they first launch it, usually at an earlier date. So even though the Lumia 620 has been launched in India, availability will still be in February. Launch and availability are two separate things in cellphones.

And as I've also said in a tip I sent, they will be launched in Portugal too on January 28th.

You can also buy the Lumia 620 at gsmnation.com in the U.S. but I think they price it higher than Expansys.

Nokia have really screwed up with the launch of the 620... Not only is it hitting the market months too late, but it is also hitting the market before its ready to... Only white and black handsets available in the UK until march??? What the fook? So they've missed the Xmas sales, and now they're happy to miss out on potentially eye-catching promotions, simply because they can't be added to make a few coloured cases... With the 8s getting drive, im at the point now where ill be going for that... My lumia 620 pre-order has just been cancelled because Nokia will not supply the green version to the UK until march. Way to go Nokia, shit on your loyal customers, again.

Well thanks to Nokia, there's no alternative in the UK... Im not into paying £400 for an 820 or £500 for a 920 that will become obsolete in a matter of months... My 710 needs replacing and only HTC can be arsed to announce and then fully release shortly after. Nokia are uninterested in the UK, which is strange, since it seems to be their strongest market according to the latest kantar marketshare reports. Sometimes I think Elop is batting for the competition with the decisions Nokia take!!

So buy the green casing later on when it becomes available! What's the big deal about that! Nokia made the casing replaceable purposely for people who want to have different colors of the Lumia 620!

Nokia arnt releasing cases so it seems... Im not prepared to take the risk, I want a lumia, not another boring black phone. The 8s is sweet in blue n silver

As the others mentioned, available in Malaysia for about 2-3 weeks now at 799 MYR (~260 USD) at the Nokia branded stores, though you can easily pick one up at smaller shops with the same warranty for 699 MYR (~230 USD).
Just grabbed one for the gf's dad two days ago. It's his first smartphone and he seems to be enjoying it so far. I was surprised at how into it he was getting.
The phone itself is just brilliant at it's price point. I expected something that felt cheaper, but this was just really nice, that screen looks great, really deep blacks and the colors just pop. I'm hoping this is a homerun for Nokia in this market where, while you have plenty of people that want the latest and the greatest, you have a sizeable number of people that can't afford top of the line hardware, and I firmly believe that you can't do better than windows phone on budget hardware.
The Malaysian government is also running an initiative to get smartphones into more hands with a 200 MYR kickback on smartphone purchases, coupled with the 620's already bargain basement pricing, this could be killer.