Nokia Lumia 630 now available on contract from Carphone Warehouse

Nokia Lumia 630

The Nokia Lumia 630 is now available for purchase at The Carphone Warehouse, seven days prior to when the Windows Phone is set to be released on the UK shores. The retailer has seemingly jumped the gun alongside Unlocked Mobiles. If you're interested in the new affordable Windows Phone from Nokia/Microsoft, be prepared to part with funds on a monthly basis as Carphone Warehouse only has contracted units available.

The Lumia 630 was (and still is to a certain degree) expected to go on sale with EE, O2, Tesco and Amazon starting from £89.95. Unfortunately, the Carphone Warehouse is only displaying monthly tariff options for purchase, though we imagine it's neat they've made the Windows Phone available. Plans start from £7.25/month with an upfront fee of £39.99.

Colour options are: black, green, orange and white. So, will you be looking to pick one up?

Source: Carphone Warehouse; thanks, Vicho, for the heads up!


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Nokia Lumia 630 now available on contract from Carphone Warehouse


Was tempted to get the 930, but my gut feeling is that MS has some thing even better lined up for its next OS release, I'll wait for that one first.

Same here.. I'm gonna keep rockin my 1020 until the next gen phones come out.. I was tempted to get a 1520 or even the 930 (when it becomes available in the U.S. on AT&T.. I know Verizon has the Icon which is the same thing, but.. I don't use Verizon!) but I think ill wait... My 1020 is still a fantastic device and nothing even comes close to it's imaging capabilities. I think it's really strange (and eerily quiet) that AT&T hasn't announced any new 8.1 devices here in the states yet.... waiting anxiously to see what Microkia ( ..I mean Microsoft Mobile Oy) has up their sleeves for us "next gen" holdouts.

Maybe it's in a former Nokia employee's box who hasn't finished unpacking yet at his new office at Microsoft? :)

Because a lot of people don't have £100 to spare but they can afford £8.50 a month and get the phone free and mins texts and data

No WhatsApp no buy that's what's the situation of this model in India....any way it's a great budget phone

Yeah that jackass fb inc should be banned for their third graded products due to lack of security, stupid ads stratergy and many more things.

I wonder if MS can design a similar whatsapp replacement. They used to be pioneer in this making the days of MSN and I do not know what is holding them back from producing a first class chating/messaging app. No clear answer to me. If they think Skype can do... Maybe!!!

Just looked at CPW, it's available for £9/mth on Talkmobile no upfront fee. It's also available PAYG for £99 + £10 topup or £79 no topup if you upgrade on Vodafone. Unfortunately no FF camera but a good replacement for the 520.