Nokia Lumia 630 now available for pre-order at Unlocked Mobiles UK

Nokia Lumia 630

The Nokia Lumia 630 is an affordable Windows Phone now available for pre-order on Unlocked Mobiles UK. Stock is due to be released on May 20, which will see the first batch launched. Consumers in the UK will now be able to pick up the single SIM version for £149.98, a solid price for the package one would be receiving.

Sporting a 4.5-inch display with a resolution of 854 x 480, the Lumia 630 comes with Gorilla Glass 3, IPS screen technology, a 5-MP shooter, 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 1830 mAh battery and 8 GB of internal storage. The only downside is the 512 MB RAM (not every app and game supports this configuration) but there's microSD support to up the internal storage for multimedia and apps.

Unlocked Mobiles has the Lumia 630 listed in black, green, white and yellow.

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Nokia Lumia 630 now available for pre-order at Unlocked Mobiles UK


Wait, so if it launches May 20th, will we get a solid final 'V1' update on that day, along with Cortana for the UK and China?

A packaged phone running 8.1 will have been installed at the plant. Therefore the latest patches will need to be applied to that too - irony is the developer edition in your hand is likely more up to date than the retail version. We need to get over this V1, final etc debate. 8.1 will continue to be patched throughout its lifecycle, just like any other OS, there is no final version....

As for Cortana, I doubt we will see that outside the US before the end of the year.....

Yeah... I don't understand why people are so concerned about the version... Microsoft decides what version is "RTM", and that was the same as the initial dev preview release... there is no "final", at least not unless Microsoft kills the product and stops releasing updates. What is so hard to understand, and why do people even care?

No, Cortana will initially be available in the US only. The release firmware is on the Nokia servers so it stands to reason that it will be available shortly after you set up the phone.

Does anyone know where to get that lockscreen photo with the leaves on the L630 boxing? I love it.

How is it better than the 520 (real question)? The street price is quite a bit higher, what do you get for it?

What's better than the 520?

The 625?

It has lte, a 4.7" screen, flash, massive 2000mah battery and other specs. That is better than the 520.

If you're asking how the 630 is better - it's too close and honestly I'm not sure about the 630. The 635, the lte variant, not sure about that either.

The 625, at least here in the UK, as this article references, is really quiet well priced and one can get it really cheap.

I dunno - this is an odd placement for the devices. Hopefully, under MS, they sort the phone hierarchy out!

I always turn off the flash, it makes the pictures awful, people look like drunk ghosts. It is not any near to the professional flash it is just a dumb LED. The only thing I use it is for a flashlight, but that is rare, it is much faster just to turn on the screen and you get enough light.

I used to say the same, but flash has come a long way. The flash on my Icon is awesome. No drunk ghosts anywhere.
The lack of front facing camera on the 630 is a bigger problem though, IMO.

I don't miss the front facing camera. Not everyone does Skype on his/her phone. A 630 is considered as an entry level for those coming from feature phones. How can you call them smart phones when even feature phones had flash included 10 years ago ?

I was going to recommend 630 to my parents, but cannot do so without flash.

I miss the FFC when taking pictures of myself with friends at parties etc, jn addition to Skype It's been a much more glaring omission on my Lumia 521 than the lack of flash has been. Even my feature phone from 5 years ago had a way to take selfies without having to do it blindly. :)

Do you have a tripod in your hands ? This does not come with optical image stabilisation, so turning the flash off is not an option. I have the 520 (and 925 too) so I kind of know what I'm talking about. How much could a small LED cost them ?

In a world where i know what the word 'and' means. I didn't say it was the only reason that prices change.

Hope you understand now

Slower cpu, smaller screen,worse camera than the 625 But if it has a bug free 8.1 I might get it

It would be the world's first and only bug free cell phone, so should be a great investment as a collector's item.

I wish they just put 1 GB and dual core cpu 1.4 GHz
insted of quad and 512 MB
then I would buy it and sell my l520
but now there is no point
but for new use they should buy it over l520
ps . some contres don't have l525 :(

136 Russian Rubbles  = £ 136
10,500 Indian Rupees = £ 106
546 Brazilian Real = £ 147

It is not available in Pakistan officialy but I am sure it will be cheap over there as well. I have seen some buzz about this phone on Pakistani websites and forums.

UK consumers pay more due to high taxes :(