Nokia Lumia 635 now available in Italy direct from Microsoft

One of the convenient changes in Microsoft purchasing the mobile device division from Nokia is the ability for Microsoft to offer phones direct to consumers at a faster clip. The Nokia Lumia 635, the LTE big brother of the single-SIM Lumia 630, is now joining the ranks in Italy where it is priced for € 179 (free shipping included). To sweeten the deal, if you buy the phone before July 14, you can nab a € 25 gift card to the Windows Phone Store for some new apps.

The Lumia 635 of course comes in black, white, yellow, orange and green and features a 4.5 inch ClearBlack display with Gorilla Glass 3, a 5 MP rear camera, 8 GB internal memory with micro SD expansion and a hearty 1830 mAh battery. Toss in that 4G LTE speeds and this looks to be a nicely priced entry level Windows Phone.

Grab the Lumia 635 direct from Microsoft Italy through this Store link.

Via: Plaffo; Thanks, Guy Kh., for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 635 now available in Italy direct from Microsoft


I've been wondering, since these phones are now directly available from Microsoft, I'm assuming they're unbranded and SIM-free? Do they get updates directly from Microsoft in that case? If so, looks like buying outright is the way forward...

That is what I'm hoping for, Its big pain to find unbranded devices, most of the time its a just a factory unlocked device.

We have been buying phones directly in India for years now. From retailer's, of course. But alas, not directly from Microsoft. I can only encourage the trend there.

If they are carrier unlocked they do receive the updates directly from Microsoft. But it still depends on when the updates are released in Italy.

In Italy if you buy phones from the Microsoft store they are all unbranded and they're also sim-free.

Seriously!  THIS!  Support from the Canadian carriers is shite.  No 930, 1320, 1520, or even the 630 in sight.

Seriously Seriously This This!

Sell direct in Canada!   Market share sucks in Canada only because availability sucks.   Let us buy your products!

I always wondered why Microsoft doesn't directly sell unlocked and carrier unbranded Windows Phones through their Canadian store. It's simply a way to get more buyers, especially when there are several Windows Phones now sold under $200.

Since Microsoft physical stores are nowhere to be found in most parts of the world, they should just instead make their presence felt through the online store!

Microsoft, please allow everyone across the globe to buy direct from Microsoft Online Stores!

I'm getting one, well not the Italian version. I believe Tmobile is getting the white version so I'll get the orange back shell for it.

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