Nokia Lumia 800 bundle available at Microsoft Stores

Nokia Lumia 800 Bundled at Microsoft Retail Stores

We made mention of the Nokia Lumia 800 becoming available at Microsoft Retail Stores starting February 14th a while back. We are now hearing the phone is indeed on store shelves and available in black and magenta.  The Lumia 800 is being sold optimized for the AT&T network.

For the time being the Lumia 800 is being bundled with the Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth Speaker, Nokia Purity HD headphones and a Luna Bluetooth headset. Out the door price is $899 (plus local taxes).  While the price may seem high, you do get a lot in the bundle.

In talking to a retail associate from the Atlanta Store, there is no telling if the Lumia 800 will be offered outside the bundle or not.  Unfortunately the Lumia is only available in store. Head on over to Microsoft's store listing page to see if there's a retail store within driving distance.

Thanks, Jesse, for tipping us on this!


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Nokia Lumia 800 bundle available at Microsoft Stores


We have regular meetings here at WPC and in the latest it was mentioned how maxurbn finds the Lumia 800 to be "unattractive", so we decided to ramp up our coverage.

It has nothing to do though with the fact that Nokia is quickly becoming one of the most important players on Windows Phone. Our coverage is determined solely by how pretty phones are.

I have suspected as much for some time, but at least you admitted it and we can all go back to living our lives! At least though you know what a pretty phone looks like unlike maxurbn. If he was in charge we might be forced to look at startacs all day.

Taste is subjective, but I think more people like this design than dislike it.  Probably by a wide margin.  I personally love it.

Either way... All of these mid to higher level Nokia phones and packages are geared for AT&T. A huge chunk of the market wouldn't switch to AT&Me,Me,Me if it came with a free Ferrari. Get with it Nokia and Microsoft and hook up TMobile supporters with something more high end.

One of the best looking phones ever made. 
Hopefully we will be able to get the AT&T optimized model without the bundle at some point.

please, please, PLEASE sell this without the bundle.

A) $899 is obscene
B) I already have speakers, multiple sets of headphones, and a bluetooth headset. I don't need more.

I second that. Would pay to leave Verizon for that price. Too bad you can't share LTE services on the 900. Would prefer their connection vs. AT&T.

For this Price Microsoft should toss in a 360 w/hhd, I mean come on $899, I dont believe they will sell more than 5 of these bundles. Sometimes I just dont get it.

I'm not interested in the bundle but I'll be in Atlanta next week so I'll finally get to see this phone.

I would think if someone actually bought this bundle the receipt would reveal the real price of just the phone?

Was just in the Denver store just today, asked if they had this and the answer was "no, don't know when its coming in"