Nokia Lumia 800/710 to be sold in Taiwan in mid-Dec

Nokia Taiwan

Good news for those in Taiwan. Just days after announcing that the Nokia Lumia 800 (and 710) will be coming to Hong Kong , it looks like Taiwan will be getting the device too. The price is set for  18,900 (800) & 13,900元 (710) and preorders are expected to take place this Saturday.

Nokia is making a big push into markets that typical Microsoft OEMs have had not much luck getting into or dominating. Asian markets like Taiwan and Hong Kong are key to the OS's success and it looks like Nokia has it all figured out.

Source: Mobile01.com; Thanks, Jean-François A., for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 800/710 to be sold in Taiwan in mid-Dec


$18,900TW = 451E / 389BP / $610US
$13,900TW = 338E / 292BP / $458US
We off course do hope that carrier will subsidise the phone (my guess is that it will costs about $3000/4000TW (70 to 100E) with a 24 months contract.)

TW has the sales tax included with their price, so I guess it kind of depends on where you are in the world when you compare prices, us in Vancouver have 12% tax so it'll end up costing us more here..
now the debate, to let me gf's father bring the phone for me or wait for early next year release.... yarggggg

Whoa so close to the Philippines! When will they launch the phones here? I am dying to have one Lumia phone on my hands right now. :D

o come on, so unfair lol, why are THEY getting to preorder first when WE (hk) got the launch party first. humph :(