Nokia Lumia 928 parts leaked online, Verizon branding included

Nokia Lumia 928

Shh, don't tell Nokia, but the Lumia 928 isn't exactly a secret. The high-end Lumia is destined for Verizon Wireless here in the United States. Further adding to the growing evidence are these parts for the Lumia 928. If you're planning on some DIY repair adventures you'll want to check this out. 

Head on over to ETrade Supply and you'll be able to buy an LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly for the Nokia Lumia 928. It matches up nicely with this leaked rendering a week or so back. You'll notice a certain logo in the upper right hand portion of the screen. More pictures below and at the source.

Verizon Nokia Lumia 928Backside

What do you get in a top shelf Lumia on Big Red? You're basically getting a CDMA variant of the Lumia 920. The differences of course will be slightly different exterior and inclusion of Xenon flash all wrapped up in a thinner body.   

Anybody on Verizon looking forward to the Lumia 928?

Source: ETrade Supply

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Nokia Lumia 928 parts leaked online, Verizon branding included


That "tick" in their logo is really ugly. Kinda messes up the front panel for me.
In our country, there isn't a provider important enought to get phones branded (yay) :P

1. Rub it with a sugarcube till logo is gone (havn't tried on phone because I have unbranded, but works on most stuff)
2. Enjoy

The 920 ATT branding is the same as the Nokia logo, it's mirrored from the back of the glass. You can't just rub it off and paint over it.

Couldn't agree more... Verizon branding is ugly and too prominent. Better on the 928 than their others though. I find the at&t globe to be much more attractive than the large check.

I have an 822 and I never notice the logo unless I think about it or I read about it here. With constant use it disappears as you focus on the screen. It's not a big deal at all.

I got a message from a friend on Verizon - "Sent from my 4G LTE Verizon Phone". I always thought the iPhone signature was pretentious, but this is marketing run amok.

Was it actually up or did you hit your 20 month mark which is when you can upgrade... or could.
As I read and understood but could be completely wrong, if you were like me and and Jan 26th was my 20 month mark which made me elidgible for a new phone, I had to use it by today or lose it until late April early May? I am glad this is what I wanted according to Lowell McAdams, as Verizon Wireless only does what it's customers want.

I forget all the time. The other day I was walking down the street and thought, "Damn it, what carrier am I with???". And thankfully, there it was smacked dab right on the front of my phone in all of its glory....AT&Frigin'T !!!!

+1! I can't ever remember, either, and it makes a huge difference in how I dial my phone, too. "Am I dialing for CDMA or GSM?" It's vital to know. Personally I'm GLAD it's right there on the front, big, bold, and beautiful.


Compared to the HTC 'Droid DNA' and the Galaxy Note 2, this one got off lightly. All carrier apps can be uninstalled too, which certainly helps.

I think Nokia should have asked verizon to get rid if the logo and put it on the back like the HTC 8X. But leave a tick on it instead of the whole thing :-) but anyway excited :-) 

I won't be able to handle that tick logo each time I look at the screen.  It's hideous. 

If they want the brand to grab attention it should be placed on the back, where ALL THE OTHER people actually look at when you use your phone. 

why? Do you use your phone just for phone calls at the ear? or do you ran arount with the phones in your hand pointing the back of the phone away from you? i thought the back is mostly covered by the hand nowadays

If carriers thought they'd get more exposure on the back, they'd put the logo on the back- but they know that:
a) phone will mostly be used for apps, not phone calls
b) many, if not most phones will get some kind of case that will cover the back
c) if placed down, the phone will almost always be screen up 

I wish the logo was in a bolder font, I just hate thin ones and also if the tick was just a bit bigger and fatter because it feels like it's the tick of a weak carrier and if it lit up also that would be cool and maybe even flashed like bb as a notification maybe. All the /sarcasm in the world

Couldn't wait bought the 822. (two actually). Needs an SD card slot, then I would have waited. Ran out of phone memory first day on the 822. Just by installing apps that were on my old trophy.

Yeah same thing happened to me, put in a SD card and found out you can't install apps on a card...how stupid is that??

It's not stupid at all. The card doesn't perform the same as the internal memory and can get corrupted much more easily. Bottom line - your phone starts crashing and doing weird crap because of a bad sd card. Microsoft has learned from mistakes Android on this one.

So maybe not the apps themselves, but what about the app data? Those offline HERE maps for instance? And whatever else is in other storage.

Well I now have the 822, but my wife has her upgrade coming in July. Maybe just maybe she will take my 822 and I will get this sexy beast.. ♡.♡

So yes I want it but I'm also thinking I should wait. I also needed the Sd slot because my 16 GB is filled almost with apps and games and I have a 32gb SD card for music. Yes its a nicer phone but I need as much memory as possible. Also with Windows Blue or the two major updates poised for this year, I feel like new devices will be coming out in November that will probably be better anyway. Now of course devices are always coming out but sometimes you should wait.

I won't want  Xenon flash at all cos it will be a super BIG battery Drain. those like to complain that L920 is a big drain on battery, they will complain even more if it have a  Xenon flash

You act like the flash is on permanently or something lol. That's only when taking a pic (or using flashlight app) and even then its a fraction of a second

Flashlight apps will probably use LED. I believe this includes both. LED for focusing and xenon for actual flash. I could be wrong.

You have no idea how a xenon flash works do you....this will definitely not be a large contributor to battery drain. Other posters are correct, the LED portion of the flash will be used for flashlight apps.

Its nice to have a backup carrier. I dont plan to leave AT&T for a while but if i ever need to change carriers, ill be in good shape.

What are the chances that this will be totally unlocked like the 8X? I want to buy it off contract and use it for TMO because I just started a new family plan recently :x

You can wait for Catwalk it said it will have aluminum body for T-Mobile. I'm waiting for this one also.

Spec wise 928 is not a significant upgrade from the 920, most likely end of the summer we will start to see some higher end specs.

Yes, it will have a SIM slot, LTE network is based off SIM cards. Verizon is moving towards the use of SIm cards with LTE. Just like the Verizon HTC 8X has a sim that is also unlocked for all carriers but, I would bet that this one will be locked to Verizon.
Now, if it will support all the freq of all carriers, is a different story...

Microsoft requires all WP devices to be world phones and each of the ones on Verizon supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900 & UMTS 2100 (per VZW specs pages). That said, the 8X apparently has a 'pre-installed 3FF SIM card.
Also the leaked case had a gap at the top similar to where Nokia usually places SIM card trays. Though if that turns out to be a microSD slot you won't hear me complaining :).

Can anyone tell what SIZE SIM it is from those renderings?  Mini / Micro / Nano
Just curious

This is the WP8 phone i've been waiting for, been holding out on L920 so i compare them myself to see which one works better for me. Man, this is taking SOOOO long to release...hurry up already Nokia!!

its not nokia that is dragging their feet. Verizon is notoriously slow with EVERYHING! The take longer to release updates, and longer to release phones. The 928 has probably been finale spec hardware for months.

It's a matter of too little too late for me. I am still rocking my HTC Trophy and while my roommate's 920 is really nice, I am not interested in a 6 month old phone that just happens to be a little thinner. There will have to be something special about it to prevent me from going with a GS4 or the HTC One varient that is expected.

Dam, just a display, Would loved to see a replacement case for it, as this would answer the MicroSD question once and for all...
Still cool, My only question is, when will soon be now ????

8X is the second best windows phone. Best choice right now on Verizon minus no expandable memory and only 16GB. But an amazing phone. But it will take the 928 to pull me into windows phone.

Love the fact that Nokia updates and improves on their phones consistently. Yes Nokia put all their eggs in one basket with Windows Phone but at least they understand the importance in making this oS successful.
I'm no longer sure if I'm a Windows Phone or Nokia Fan Boy...

Looks really good. I don't live in the USA but I can't wait to see the next GSM Lumia high-end device. I'm already saving money for it.  So far this CDMA phone looks awesome!

I still need Nokia to start making expandable memory a standard. 16GB is not enough especially since games like Modern Combat 4 are like 1.2 GB.

The pictures from Etrade Supply look exactly like the picture evleaks posted a few days back.  I guess now we know they were legit.

I am really torn. I have a 822 and I love it. I would have preferred to get a 920 (flavor) but they didn't and officially still don't offer it. If a "928" comes out on Verizon, it will probably be the same exact CPU/GPU/RAM as my 822. What I get is a phone with a nice hib HD screen, probably will have inductive charging built in... And thats about it. So why not wait till the next major upgrade to upgrade? Of course if you are still on a WP7.x  or something else and looking to upgrade, waiting for this 928 is probably the best way to go if you want that phone.